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Welcome to Top Found Footage Films – the place to be for all the best found footage horror movies out there! Our passion is your passion and we aim to please….

Whether you are stuck in the woods with some old hag battering your tent, trying to catch some paranormal activity at home with your wife’s camcorder, stuck inside an abandoned asylum or simply searching for Bigfoot….you’re all welcome here!

Ah I still remember the days when a pirate copy of Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County sat proudly on my bedroom shelf…..how things have changed since then! These days all you need to do is pop down your local store, pick up a HD camcorder, grab a few friends and smash out a YouTube Blockbuster!

And the coolest thing about this genre of horror movie….you don’t need to be able to act! A few ‘is anyone there?’ linked to a few ‘did you hear that?’ and bang – top found footage films at their best!

Seriously guys it ain’t about the acting any longer ( although granted, it does help! ) as the best found footage horror flicks rely on atmosphere. This is where the genre comes into it’s own – where it evolves above the other horror genres and grasps us all firmly by the neck!

Our site Top Found Footage Films owes it’s existence to a couple of visionary directors who bent Hollywood over a barrel and went to town! I’m talking about Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez – directors of a little known 1999 horror flick called The Blair Witch Project.


Who would of thought that three so-called students disappearing in a forest in Maryland would have kicked up so much of a stir! Widely considered one of the best found footage horror movies ever made – this is the benchmark all newcomers try to reach.

But that was back in the nineties – things have moved on a little since then! Studios are beginning to realize the cash cow that top found footage films provide. All of a sudden C.G.I. and half decent actors are making their way in front of the camcorder…..are things changing for the better?

Hell yeah they are! It doesn’t matter if the film budget is $20 million or $5 – if done correctly you will crap yourself! New producers are now using this format of horror to get noticed on a budget – how cool is that? I stick to my principal that the top found footage films are the ones that manage to capture the atmosphere – and that costs nothing ( well maybe the price of petrol journey to a forest at night but that’s about it! ).

So sit back and enjoy the ride friends – I know I will! Here at Top Found Footage Films we plan to bring you the best found footage horror movies available. We don’t care the about the budget, the country of origin, the language or the quality – if the camcorder shakes we wanna review it!

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