First UFO Sighting Documented – Earliest Alien Sightings

First UFO Sighting Documented - Earliest Alien Sightings

I’m pretty excited to have been chosen to write this article as it is a brilliant subject and one we love to cover here at This article will be covering the ​first UFO sighting documented in America.

Kenneth Arnold was the man who witnessed one of the earliest alien sightings on record back in June 24, 1947. Who would have known that this sighting would lead to an absolute explosion in interest and a snowball effect that would never lose pace…..

The First UFO Sighting Documented

So this is the precise date the world stood up and noticed the possibility of life somewhere else in the universe – June 24th, 1947. All of the earliest alien sightings originate from this point!

Kenneth Arnold was a an amateur pilot that lived in Idaho, USA. He often took trips in his CallAir A-2 across the skies of America and this day was no different!

He was making his way to an airshow in Oregan but he had taken a little detour to follow up a mystery that had surfaced on the news recently.

A marine transport plane had been reported to have gone down somewhere in the area he was flying so he thought he would check things out for himself.

There was apparently a $5000 reward for anyone who came across the location of this marine plane, so why not?

Kenneth Arnold

Kenneth Arnold

Without any warning – the first documented UFO sighting was born! Arnold was confronted with a bright flash of light that had a blue tinge to it.

He immediately freaked out thinking the flash was from another plane – was he flying to close to this plane?

He quickly scanned the area and spotted a passenger jet but this vessel was over ten miles away…it couldn’t of caused this extreme flash so close to him!

He relaxed back into his seat and put it down to the sun playing tricks on him. Without warning – the flashes returned!

This time he counted at least nine full flashes in rapid succession…….

Five Miles Long

So this was the first UFO sighting documented? Did Kenneth Arnold witness one of the earliest alien sightings recorded?

Many years later Arnold claimed that the flashing airborne objects stretched out over a distance of 4 to 5 miles. They remained horizontal in formation but every now and again one of them would flip and perform a fast banking technique.

He reported that the line of craft moved in unison so he at once put it down to the military testing new fighter planes.

One of the earliest alien sightings recorded?

He turned to follow the strange crafts to try and find out more about them but realized their speed was basically off the chart.

He did a few rough calculations against landmarks and determined the UFO’s were clocking up speeds of 1,700 miles per hour.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this was faster than any human aircraft was capable of at the time!


This was the first documented UFO sighting so Kenneth Arnold was obviously a little worried by what he had seen.

He would tell friends and colleagues that the sighting always filled him with an ‘eerie feeling’ whenever he thought back to it!

first UFO sighting documented

At 4 p.m. that day Kenneth Arnold landed his plane in Yakima, Washington. He instantly went about telling his friends and staff at the airstrip what he had encountered way up in skies and they took great interest in his tale – after all this was one of the earliest alien reports so it was news to everyone!

The story did not take long to develop into the first public UFO sighting. Reporters somehow got wind of the story and there was huge interest in what had actually happened.

The interviews that followed between Arnold and the reporters created the ‘flying saucer’ tagline. In one of his interviews Kenneth Arnold had told reporters the objects had a saucer or disk shape to them.

The funny thing is that Arnold later claimed the reporter that published the ‘flying saucer’ term had completely misquoted him. There was evidence that the editor of the paper and the reporter in question had come up with the term themselves!

The Aftermath

Kenneth Arnold would later claim that he had not had a moments peace since he told the story to friends and workers at Yakima, Washington.

The story gathered pace and because of the ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect that happens naturally in life it’s hard to tell which part of this first UFO sighting documented is true.

Was this one of earliest alien sightings recorded? Well we’ll never really know but one thing is for sure – the whole idea of UFO’s and alien life was introduced to Americans that day in June, 1947.

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  1. UFO sighing have really captured the imagination and wondering of several generations of earthlings. My son just returned from training in San Diego and we drove through the Nevada desert on our way home. We went through several sleepy little towns built around marketing the theories surrounding Area 51 and other UFO sightings. The memorabilia was 50+ years old and still packed in the visitors.

    • That’s a pretty awesome area to be driving through Wendy – steeped in UFO history. I’m very jealous of you actually!

      It’s mad that the US government still claim that Area 51 is nothing more than a simple military testing base for flight…even after all the whistle blowers came forward!

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