Kecksburg Crash Site

Kecksburg Crash Site

The theories surrounding the Kecksburg crash site are discussed almost as often as the conspiracy surrounding Roswell.

Personally, I feel they both hold a lot of truths that have been systematically covered up over the decades and both are as fascinating in their own right.

When it comes to UFO crashes these two are the big boys…….but today we are going to stick to the slightly less known Kecksburg UFO crash!

Frances Kalp

On December 5, 1965, Frances Kalp phoned in to a local Greensburg radio station to report she had just witnessed a ball of fire crash into the woodlands near her house in Westmoreland County.

She then proceeded to tell the host John Murphy that she and her children had walked to the crash site to find out what had happened.

When they arrived there they found a strange object that looked similar to a star with 4 points to it.

Frances Kalp and the UFO

The radio host obviously thought there was some clout to this story as he immediately contacted the Pennsylvania State Police.

They were concerned with the report so they contacted Frances Kalp and arranged a meeting.

The Search

John Murphy knew there was something special about this report and he just couldn’t leave it alone. When the police were looking into the crash site in the woods, Murphy took the opportunity to interview Kalp and her kids.

After he had concluded the interview he anxiously awaited the return of the police to find out what the crashed vessel actually was.

When the police finally did emerge from their search within the woods they seemed tight lipped and would not make any comment on the subject.

Enter The Military

The only information that the Pennsylvania State Police would reveal was that they were contacting the U.S. Military to take over the case.

Murphy was not having this and he could smell a rat – some sort of cover up was taking place!

Kecksburg Crash Site

He took it upon himself to ring the police captain and arrange a meeting regarding the Kecksburg crash site. He jumped in the car and raced down to the station only to find he was just too late – the army had already arrived.

Nothing to be Found at TheĀ Kecksburg Crash Site

Murphy knew something was up – something was very wrong with the whole affair. He awaited the full military report and when it came he was stunned.

Apparently nothing was found at the crash site.

This means the police had called in the army to handle something they thought was above their pay grade……..and it turned out to be nothing!

Not likely……not likely at all!

Pulsating Blue Light

Murphy stuck around to witness a second military trip set off into the woods. It was at this point by chance he overheard a police officer talking about a ‘pulsating blue light’ in the woods.

Turns out there was something within this dark forest after all…..

The Kecksburg Crash Site

Within minutes the military started to seal the whole area off! Murphy stood there dumbfounded at what was happening right in front of his eyes.

TV and newspaper reporters from various media outlets were turning up in large numbers only to be turned away by the military.

They all knew something was up – but the military would not budge!

More Witnesses Come Forward

Despite all the military’s efforts of secrecy it turns out there were other witnesses that had beaten the police into the woods that day.

A UFO researcher named Stan Gordon had been lucky enough to corner these witnesses and they talked about a bronze-colored object that was about 9-12 feet in length with a gold band surrounding its bottom part. It appeared almost “acorn” shaped.

The ‘Official Version’ of Events

It wasn’t long before the U.S. Air Force released their official report on what had happened at the Kecksburg site.

Turns out it was nothing more than meteorite that had crashed into the forest after all (do you smell something brown?).

The public seemed to take this explanation in and the whole thing started to die down a little – but not for Murphy!

He knew that what had happened at the Kecksburg crash site was something very special but he knew he was in danger if he did not bide his time.

The 'Official Version' of Events

After his death many years later his wife let the full story out. She claimed that Murphy had actually managed to take a photo of this object as he was one of the first to get to it.

Unfortunately the photo had been seized by the military and Murphy was threatened with severe consequences if he ever discussed the object with anyone!

So what really happened at the Kecksburg crash site?

Are we to believe that Murphy’s widow had nothing better to do with her time than lie to the public in her old age?

And what about the other witnesses that were first to the scene – was the ‘acorn shaped object’ nothing more than a trick of the light?

The military are not known to seal whole areas of forest off to go fishing……..what did they seal the Kecksburg site off for onĀ December 5, 1965?


  1. This is such an interesting read! I love to read about UFO stories and how the military goes to great lengths to cover them up whenever they arise. I thought it was surprising that Kalp and her kids would actually go and investigate the wreck without first calling the police themselves. I believe they actually found real UFO’s! What do you think about this story?

    • Hi there Jesse,

      Yeah I’m also with you on this incident – there are far too many theories floating about for this to be an elaborate hoax. As I pointed out in the introduction to the article – this incident is discussed almost as often as the conspiracy surrounding Roswell…

      Thanks for reading the article and taking the time to leave your own personal opinion on it!

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