La Cueva (2014) – Movie Review

La Cueva (2014) - Movie Review

Okay, before we get into La Cueva, I was wondering if you lot could help me – I’ve actually been searching for a Found Footage movie for the last two months and I can’t locate it anywhere!

I suppose it would help if I could remember the name of the fucking thing – but I can’t!

I watched it about three years ago now, and I can remember it getting panned by online critics…although I thought it was quite good. It’s an alien/UFO based movie that sort of ends up with a group being chased through an abandoned desert facility/industrial town.

It’s in English, the aliens are decent CGI and of the Greys variety…and that’s about all I remember!

It’s the ending that gets me – aliens on the tops of buildings, all over the place, and a couple of surviving group members trying to hide from them…

Anyway, no idea what it was called, or where I can find it these days – if you have any suggestions, throw them in the comment section below!

The Plot

So, onto La Cueva

Five friends go unannounced on a vacation. Soon they discover a cave entrance, which they decide to explore. Turns out it was not the best of ideas…

Frighteningly Believable

Yep, that’s the problem with about 80% of modern Found Footage efforts – they don’t end up being that believable. It may be down to shitty actors, poor writing, or dud effects – it doesn’t matter, they fail to convince

La Cueva is frighteningly believable, from start to finish, and that’s why it stands out head and shoulders above many of it’s counterparts.

I should warn you that it is a Spanish film, so the constant darting of eyes downward does ‘cloak’ some of the scenes, but there is still more than enough to get your teeth into (when you’re not reading the subtitles).

I love it when Found Footage films manage to slightly disturb the watcher without the use of a supernatural menace. The ‘bad guy’ in La Cueva is a wonderfully scenic cave that is located on the idyllic island of Formentera, by Ibiza.

Now, this may not sound like much of a fright-fest – but the (nightmare) situation develops well and the friends soon split up into various factions, like they would in real life.

We get the more human characters trying their best to get away from the friends who will do anything to survive – it’s amazing what the lack of food and water can do to the human mind.

Long story short – it works on a psychological level, and that’s what makes it frightening.


Really enjoyed it – and I can’t really find any faults in it that are worth posting here!

Okay, it’s got subtitles, but that’s a cross many of us have to bear when we are watching good foreign horror. To be honest with you – I’d much rather read subtitles than listen to the cast struggle in broken English and end up over-acting.

The most impressive element of the setup, is that the use of the camera becomes more and more essential as the film goes on. There are only a handful of scenes when you are left trying to figure out why the camera is still rolling – which makes a change!

The cast work extremely well with the idea of dehydration and claustrophobia. Their initial attempts at survival are well thought out and pretty smart really, but then the panic sets in and vicious desperation kicks through – nice! 🙂

Wonderful location, excellent cinematography and a strong cast. More importantly – it’s believable.

I have no problem in recommending La Cueva to any Found Footage fan (that can handle subtitles!).



  1. Hey Chris,
    Enjoying your latest reviews! In regards to the Alien/UFO movie you mentioned, I can’t say with complete certainty but the only one I can really recall with that type of ending is Hangar 10 (2014). If that’s not it, I can skim through my library and see what else I have Alien/UFO wise (I think I have most of the better ones). Hope this helps.

    • Hey Jon!

      Yeah that was suggested a few times to me…but it wasn’t the one! It ended up being Report 51 (I just put it up on the site today HERE)
      Cheers for getting in touch with us!

  2. Re your question: Are you thinking of Evidence (2012)? Confusingly, there are two films by this name, both of which came out around the same time, and both are all or partly found footage. This one is the one that DOESN’T star Radha Mitchell and Stephen Moyer. Here’s the link to the Amazon Prime entry:

    It’s not exactly about aliens, although I can see why one might remember it that way.

    Anyway, it does end up with a couple of characters running through an industrial-type landscape. I loved it, especially that last part, but many online critics found the typical FF set-up – annoying guy filming unlikable friends on a camping trip – to be off-putting.

    • That was a good movie Essex – I remember it well…but it wasn’t the one!
      Ended up being Report 51 (I threw it up on the site today HERE)
      Cheers for chipping in with the suggestion! 🙂

  3. Okay so this was pretty good. No complaints here whatsoever. I liked the character development as it really helped the horror of reality set in. As for the subtitles….allot of great stuff has them in foreign films, especially FF ones. Just look at Troll Hunter. In fact there’s a new FF movie I can’t wait to be subbed. A Korean flick called “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.” It’s new so it’s still theaters so I may have to wait a while for it.

    • I like the sound of that Korean flick Albedo – that bunch are nuts when it comes to horror!!!

  4. Awesome find here, got a bit weird at the end, I guess i have a hard time believing exactly how far a person would go after days of food and water.. was wondering if anyone new the location of these caves/ if they’re even real, couldn’t find it anywhere online

    • I think the cave system actually exists in Formentera Kevin (near Ibiza)

    • “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”
      -Alfred Henry Lewis

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