Neil Armstrong Confession – Does One Exist?

Neil Armstrong Confession - Does One Exist?

I happen to be one of those feeble creatures that up until recently adored the whole idea of the Apollo missions. Now before you jump all over me I’m not one of those filled with national pride – I’m not even American! I just grew up with the knowledge and the idea of it being a fact and as a kid I loved this!

In recent times I have come across many different sources claiming to have seen a Neil Armstrong confession (of sorts!). I took my time and I trolled through these claims one at a time and got nothing really solid back in return.

Most of these idiots who claim to have a confession have nothing more than rather cryptic statements made by Armstrong at various points in time.

A Short Video – But Not What it Seems…….

Now, take a look at the video below that I came across last week. To me this was a little different to the normal Armstrong conspiracy theories as they manage to place the elusive astronaut on the spot……

Now before you jump on the bandwagon and claim this is just as good as a Armstrong confession we should first cover a few points…

First of all – I am not one of those that believes this man is an outright liar!

I firmly believe that if he has lied in the past then he was ordered to so by the powers that be!

Second point – Neil Armstrong is NOT a Christian, he’s a Deist!

Now these are two very different religions but one thing is clear – swearing on a bible would not be something Neil Armstrong would go out of his way to do! 

Point three – Neil clearly states that he thinks the bible is a fake anyway!

Now For The Other Side of The Coin….

Now for those of you that believe this constitutes as a Neil Armstrong confession……

I admit that certain points of this video seemed to leave a bad taste in my mouth – there is an element of doubt that arises when someone can put the whole subject to bed very easily……but chooses not to!

Then there’s the charity aspect of things – he was very clearly offered $5000 to give to a charity of his choice if he swore on the good book.

Now I don’t know about you, but I would have sworn on the bible anyway and took the money for charity – even if I hadn’t walked on the moon! Some charity is $5000 better off so I’m pretty sure god would forgive me………..

It seems to me that a lot of these Apollo astronauts don’t seem to help themselves much when they act so defensive and elusive with certain issues. If you ONLY talk about the moon landings at official gatherings and one-off interviews then people are going to ask the question why?

The Interviewer

But at the end of the day what leaves the sourest taste in my mouth was the interviewer pressing for a Armstrong confession. I know his name because I’ve watched the video clip (as have you) but I don’t want to grace my site with it – I think he’s a dick!

I get why he is doing this and I get the idea behind it to but you are basically harassing an old man and pushing a bible in his face. I actually think Armstrong did quite well in remaining polite in this situation – I would have smacked him one!

A Neil Armstrong Confession?

So will we ever get one? I seriously doubt it! There have been Apollo astronaut confessions on witnessing alien life on the moon and in orbit – how would things look if we found out they weren’t anywhere near the moon in the first place? These guys would probably end up in straight jackets and rightly so!

Apollo astronaut confessions

There is evidence that they did land on the moon and there is evidence supporting that they did not!

Until we get a clear admission one way or another we will have to let the conspiracy theorists drip feed us their versions.

As for the video I guess we’ll never know why he decided not to swear on the bible – if he had he would of made the whole incident disappear in a flash! But that’s his right and his decision…what do you think?


  1. This is very interesting! I’ve read How NASA mooned the earth before telling that those Apollo landings were a fake. The arguments are quite agreeable but I don’t really care. What I know is that we have already landed a man made space craft on a comet.

    One very important fact I learned from your blog is that Armstrong does not believe in the bible. That’s new knowledge for me and very interesting. It changes my perspective on the man.

    Another thing, the video is not working anymore because of some issues with Youtube. Please check this as I would love to see what the documentary has to say.

    • Hi there rule2020,

      Unfortunately the channel this video was uploaded to on YouTube seems to have been taken down…so I am left looking for another video on the subject. This happens from time to time with YouTube but it’s completely out of my hands.

      To be honest – it would probably be easier to remove the video from this article!

      If you want, you can simply go on YouTube and look for a Neil Armstrong Confession yourself – I’m sure there’s more than one version floating about out there 🙂

      Good luck.

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