Raakavedos (2016) – Movie Review

Raakavedos (2016) - Movie Review

Okay, time for another completely independent offering in the Found Footage genre – this time from Finland!

Last week I was contacted by an independent film maker from Finland named Elmo Rautio about his new release named Raakavedos.

This was pretty cool timing from my point of view as I’ve been struggling to locate any new Found Footage releases over the last fortnight or so (well…releases that were watchable at least!).

The film had already received a decent enough reception from certain quarters and I like it when filmmakers contact me directly…

The Plot

Raakavedos is a Finnish found footage horror film about a filmmaker exploring an abandoned reformatory that has a slightly troubling past.

There have been constant reports of paranormal activity at the location, and our Finish adventurer wants to find out more…

Elmo kindly provided me with a layout of the production credits so I thought I’d include them in this section:

Raakavedos (2016)
Director: Elmo Rautio
Written by: Elmo Rautio
Starring: Elmo Rautio, Hanna Louhimo, Saara-Emilia Rautio & Elli-Noora Rautio
Production company: Asemafilmi (independent)
Country: Finland
Running time: 51 minutes (with credits and post-credit scene)

Filling in The Gaps

Well I should start off by pointing out that this was a pretty decent watch – don’t expect Hollywood here (this is a shoestring budget project), but expect something that is watchable from start to finish.

I’ve been really surprised by the amount of indie Found Footage films that have managed to reach a quality level that keeps the viewer connected since I launched this site.

It all started off with The Ghost Footage (this site’s first review) and more recently the epic House of Labrys and atmospheric Moth (the list actually goes on and on…).

Acting is key in indie productions – it’s what makes or breaks a film.

If you can tolerate the lead actors in a Found Footage film then you are likely to sit through the whole experience…which is a god thing…because most of the ‘juicy stuff’ happens near the end of these movies!

As with most indie directors in the Found Footage genre – Rautio decides to take the lead role on himself…and does a pretty good job overall.

The backup actors, Hanna Louhimo, Saara-Emilia Rautio and Elli-Noora Rautio, also fill up the gaps well but they are mostly ‘paranormal’ characters (so they don’t say much…as you can imagine!).


Considering this film was not in English, I was pretty surprised at how effective it was. I always feel that films with subtitles have to try a little bit harder to impress than their English counterparts.

The cinematography of the film was pretty much spot on and the plot was nowhere near as simple as I first thought (decent twists and turns but no spoilers here!).

It wasn’t a classic, but it offered more than enough to indicate that Elmo Rautio has a decent future in this genre…if he chooses to take it!

Before watching this film make sure you have the subtitles set up correctly in the YouTube player – I had a bit of a fight with mine due to YouTube making this process so f##king confusing.

There is an opacity control within the subtitle’s settings – make sure you use it as it really helps the text shine through.

All in all a decent first step into the Found Footage genre…and FREE to watch (you can’t ask for more than that!).


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