The House On Mansfield Street (2018) – Movie Review

The House On Mansfield Street (2018) - Movie Review

This film is late getting up on the site due to it being a bit of a ‘double take’ from my side of the fence. I did initially try watching it late one night about a month back, but one of the early scenes in the movie put me right off…and I wasn’t in the mood for sitting through shite!

Anyway, it’s s scene recorded in a car, where the filmmaker has obviously dubbed over the audio lines later on (i.e. after the car scenes were shot).

Not the end of the world – but on that particular night…it got on my nerves.

It was left up to one of you lot yet again (I can’t remember who?), to remind me about it’s existence…

The Plot

Nick Greene is a documentary filmmaker recording his move from London to a smaller city. As he films his life he starts to notice paranormal activity in his new house and a possible demonic presence. The House on Mansfield Street is a chilling found footage to keep you awake at night.

A £300 Version of Paranormal Activity

Seriously – that’s the budget behind this movie, £300 (that’s just under $400!).

Now, I’m not having a go, if anything the low budget is a plus point on the film, and the filmmaker (Richard Mansfield) should be commended for his effort.

It’s just important to point out that this movie is yet another low, low budget version of Paranormal Activity.

It does try and go it’s own directions now and again, and some of the ideas are really quite cool, but I couldn’t really shake the feeling of the PA franchise looming in the background.


Well, it’s a British film, so you know you’re not going to get a shit-heap put together by a bunch of spoiled film students from LA. It does have that sort of dark and cloudy undertone that most UK-based Found Footage movies carry.

I kinda like the way Richard Mansfield got a little adventurous with the plot, and tried to throw a kind of “what was all that about?” vibe into the conclusion of the movie (no spoilers – so I can’t go any further on that point!).

For the most part, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of cinematography throughout the film…except for the car journey scene early on, of course!

I kinda got the feeling the movie would do really well if they had opted to release it on YouTube instead of going for the big bucks. It’s got that aura around it, and I feel it would have got a much better reaction if it had been handed out in the ‘cheap seats’ instead of a full big boy release.

Anyway, that didn’t happen, so it has to be judged against it’s peers!

The acting was pretty decent, not really that many cardboard moments where you can tell they’re ad libbing to make up the movie run time. The plot was decent as well…although certain elements and directions reminded me of the third Paranormal Activity offering.

All in all – not too bad.

The low budget has obviously hampered some of the good ideas thrown into the movie – but £300 is £300 at the end of the day!

I did like the way the main the protagonist is your typical English twat (I’m Welsh, can’t you tell?). This unlikable, almost posh quality to his character means that many of the viewers will enjoy watching his ‘demise’, and get a bit of fun out of it!

So…is it worth watching?

Yeah, I’d say so. Just don’t expect too much when you go into it.



  1. Right on with The House On Mansfiield Road review. I can see a lot of found footage heads getting bored unfortunately real fast. I happened upon it on the perfect night to watch it though. Fully awake and in the mood for a claustrophobic one man show. There was definitely a thick goey ominous atmosphere shrouding the entire movie. Obviously not American made. It takes a special knowledge to create such a shadow of doom. Wasn’t my favorite. Will I visit it again sometime. Ya. Probably.

    • Yeah -‘one man show’ is probably the best way to describe it Howard. Not that bad overall, better than the shit I had to post here today (aka Panteon Woods)

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