Third Man Phenomenon – We Are Not Alone!

Third Man Phenomenon - We Are Not Alone!

I’ve come across many people in my life that don’t particularly care for being on their own. I’m not one of these people – I enjoy my own company at times. For those of you that prefer constant company the following article should be right up your street as we look into the third man phenomenon…

Being Alone

I often wonder why people fear being alone so much – after all it’s near enough impossible to get any sort of peace these days.

With social media networks such as Facebook taking over everyone’s laptop and phones turning ‘smarter’ by the day it’s impossible to feel alone (isn’t it?).

So what about this third man phenomenon? Where does it come from and how does it effect you? Well I’m not so sure it’s aimed at the lonely people on the planet but I am sure of it’s growing interest in scientific circles.

The Third Man Phenomenon – A Comforting Thought

The Third Man factor or Third Man syndrome covers the reported situations where an unseen presence such as a guardian angel provides comfort or support during traumatic experiences.

Now it’s hard to know where to go with this when you think long and hard about the mentally ill people out there. I mean they often have friends or personalities that nobody else can see.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if this third man phenomenon covered them? Who’s to say it doesn’t……..

And then there’s those kids who grow up with imaginary friends causing their parents to seek help in the form of child counselors ( whatever they are! ). Who are these companions that keep them safe at night and protect them from whatever’s under the bed?

John Geiger

I had come across the third man phenomenon on many an occasion but I was not moved to write an article about it until I stumbled upon a book by John Geiger called Third Man factor.

I suppose some things are just so well written it’s hard to ignore them right?

Geiger first learned about the third man phenomenon when he encountered the writings of Sir Ernest Shackleton – the Antarctic adventurer!

This explorer claimed to have been accompanied by a strange presence through one of his vigorous treks. This unseen presence helped Shackleton and two of his fellow colleagues back to safety when the journey became to much for them.

Sir Ernest Shackleton

So Geiger looked deeper into this and found many other testaments all saying the same thing – they felt as if there was another being with them!

For example – Charles Lindbergh made a solo flight across the Atlantic way back in 1927 and he claimed to have various unseen forces on board the plane with him. He was convinced that these phantoms were the reason he was able to stay awake for the length of time he did.

There was another more recent incident that Geiger uncovered that I found really interesting. This one involved the last man to walk out of the South Tower on that fateful day of September 11 (World Trade Center).

This final survivor claimed he was guided out of the burning building by an unseen force. This force whispered in his ear not to be afraid of the dangerous flames and to walk right through them – he would be alright.

Are We All Going Mad?

So what are the reasons for this third man phenomenon – are we all steadily going around the bend? Geiger again has an interesting take on this!

He thinks that this third man has evolved with us from caveman times. When we used to go out hunting alone we would spend many hours by ourselves in dangerous surroundings.

He say’s that primitive man would have had a great advantage experiencing this third man phenomenon – I tend to agree!

The Deceased

Personally I look towards the deceased in our families whenever I think about this third man phenomenon – it comforts me and it makes some sort of sense.

I lost my sister suddenly and tragically and my cousin and mother still swear she is with them constantly. I am yet to experience that feeling but I always seem to know she is not gone – that there is an outline of her somewhere that won’t ever fade.

What are your thoughts on the third man phenomenon? Do you ever feel like you have an extra person on board in life? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject so please feel free to leave them in the comment section below….


  1. I remember one night something like 20 some odd years ago. It was around midnight and I was sharing some cold brews with two friends of mine on the street of the neighborhood we claimed as our “turf” Yeah we were young men growing out of delinquent years. Anyway, I had a nagging feeling to just go for a walk. It was insistent to the point I really had no choice. So I walked. I was gone maybe half an hour. When I returned to where we were hanging out my friends told me how right as I had turned the corner a carload of guys from another hood pulled up, got out and began to fight with my two friends. My friends got the upper hand and the other thugs left. I had goose bumps because I knew that someone (third man?) guardian angel, whoever just talked me away from danger.

    • That’s an awesome example George! We love that kind of story here. Thanks so much for taking the time to include it here – it makes the whole article evolve further! Hope to see you back here again! Cheers!

  2. The brain is one crazy organ and it plays tricks on us all the time. Considering all the crazy things that drugs can do to us, sleep deprivation, schizophrenia and just being sick can cause you to start hallucinating like crazy.

    Don’t think there’s anything supernatural occurring and it’s an evolutionary instinct that humans and I’m pretty sure other animals have as well. Fascinating to see what humans can do within their own mind

    • No problem Darren – your opinion is welcome here! 🙂

      It could well be an evolutionary instinct that is built into mammals.

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