10 Scary Filming Locations That You Should See In Person

The best filming locations can help give the scare to audiences during a horror movie. A good filmmaker can make use of the creepy vibe of a house and add that layer of mystery to the horror film.

Come to think of it, filming locations from horror movies can be considered a character in itself, as it provides the place where unspeakable horrors happen to the main characters. That being said, these locations would be fun to visit for anyone who is a fan of horror movies. Here are 10 scary filming locations that you should see in person.

Scary Filming Locations

1) M Street Stairs in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

These stairs will give you the creeps if you’ve seen The Exorcist, which is probably the scariest movie of all time. The steep stairs is where Father Karras fell to his death thanks to the demon. Don’t worry though, as long as you’re careful in climbing the steep stairs, you won’t share the same fate with the father.

2) Bishop’s Park in London, England

Bishop’s Park is a nice place for a run, clearing your mind of all the problems that are troubling you, and of course, telling people that their adopted son is a demon. Imagine receiving news like that in a beautiful place like this. That’s what Mr. Thorn experienced when Father Brannan told him about his son in The Omen. Unfortunately, it was too late for him.

3) All Saints Fulham in London, England

Continuing from the previous filming location on this list, bad turns to worse after Mr. Thorn receives the news on his son. He runs towards the church near Bishop’s Park, but this was apparently a bad decision as moments later, lighting rod drops on him during a freak storm. Talk about bad luck. Lucky for you, random rods won’t come falling to your head when you visit this wonderful church.

4) Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Timberline Lodge is a wonderful place to stay in and have a relaxing time with your family. At least that’s what one family thought in The Shining. The creepy vibe that the location gives made it a brilliant choice for the movie. It also has a long history behind it that dates back to the American Frontier. Now the lodge is a national historical landmark and a treasure to the people of Oregon.

5) Grand Central Cafe in Kingsland, Texas

Who knew that this unassuming cafe was the place where the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed? Apparently the new owners are big fans of the movie, since they actually moved the entire house from Red Rock to the Antler Hotel’s resort, brick by brick.

6) Seneca Creek Park in Montgomery County, Maryland

Despite its reputation as the park where The Blair Witch Project was shot, you won’t need to bring any protection with you since this place is actually a scenic park with lots of activities to choose from. You can go for a run, go to a hike and even go fishing.

7) The Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor, England

Are you a big fan of the famous dance number ‘Time Warp’ in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? If yes, then the place where Time Warp was filmed is worth a visit. Just make sure you have the cash. This wonderful hotel features 118 rooms and a beautiful indoor pool.

8) Mission San Juan Bautista in San Juan Bautista, California

The Spanish mission in San Juan might be recognizable to Hitchcock fans. This is a location from one of his best films, Vertigo. Although you won’t get vertigo, you will be amazed at the beautiful gardens that are found in the mission.

9) Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Feel like the FBI agent Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs when you visit the Carnegie Museum of National History. Take a look at their historical artifacts and perhaps identify the strange moth that Agent Starling found in the movie.

10) 1428 N. Genesee Avenue in Los Angeles, California

The once creepy house of Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street is now a lavish residence that is worth almost $2 million. Although this house has been refurnished and given a different interior so you probably won’t recognize anything from the movie when you enter the house.