100 Ghost Street ( 2012 ) – Great Low Budget Movies Exist!

great low budget movies

The Asylum are not well known for making great low budget movies – they are more well known for releasing some of the worst low budget horror films around. Whenever I turn on a new movie and see an ‘The Asylum’ caption I get up and turn it straight off again. I know it sounds elitist but this film company usually suck at most things they do!

What Was Different This Time?

There are many great low budget movies I have reviewed for this site and 100 Ghost Street ( The Return of Richard Speck ) was up there with them. So why did this film rise above the rest of the garbage released by The Asylum and why am I including it’s review on this site?

Well to start off there was no indication that this was an Asylum movie – it did not announce it at the start of the film. This is a good thing as I probably would of switched it straight off!

The film actually had a great Found Footage horror start – a camera man being dragged into the dark in a rather large pool of blood! This was a DAMN GOOD sign to me and I eagerly carried on watching.

Grave Encounters……..Maybe!

I’m alright with the idea of great low budget movies taking a bit of influence off the more successful films in the genre…….as long as they do it correctly!

Did 100 Ghost Street take any influence off the impressive Grave Encounters? Hell yeah it did but this is an Asylum film after all guys! To be honest about 75% of Found Footage films released have ripped off The Blair Witch’s setting and story line!

There are obvious similarities between the two movies but both of them have differing stories so in my book – that’s ok!

We Get Thrown Straight Into it……

So the film is all set up and the cast seem pretty competent from what I can see – we get thrown into the action very quickly and the cast respond to this well.

Great low budget movies need to catch your attention earlier on otherwise most viewers will turn off – this managed to do that in style! It was what I considered a pretty violent Found Footage movie and this worked in it’s favor. They opted for the ‘buckets of blood’ type effect system which worked well overall and suited the camera work.


To create great low budget movies you need a half decent cast otherwise you are stuck trying to polish a turd. Thankfully 100 Ghost Street had managed to attract a group made up of actors that could pull this off.

The producer of the film crew first caught my eye as he played the complete dickhead well – heartless and only in it for the money!

Sure there were the stupid female characters included that were only there for nude or scream scenes but they seemed to fit to. I mean why was the first female victim walking around an abandoned asylum alone? They had already made some sort of paranormal contact so why the hell would she decide to take a little walk alone?

I suppose these kind of stupid scenes are what makes great low budget movies work! We like people copping it after all don’t we?

Nice Touches

There were some nice touches in this that only reinforced my belief that this could evolve into one of the great low budget movies. For starters they indicated when the spirit was near by introducing us to some ‘clicking’ or ‘clucking’ noises. These noises were simple but damn creepy at the same time – they worked!

In other scenes they were making use of a remote controlled car with a camcorder attached to it – this allowed us to get a whole new perspective on the film by getting us into tight enclosed spaces!

By using this car they create a really effective ‘he’s behind you’ scene in the movie which again is really quite freaky!


Don’t listen to the bell ends on IMDb who have taken time from their morbid lives to review this film – it works! Great low budget movies are popping up all the time but unfortunately independent reviewers are kicking them back into touch before they have a chance to blossom.

The film is nice and violent and moves along a timeline well. The actors are better than most Found Footage actors out there and there are plenty of ‘make you jump’ scenes to enjoy.

The constant clicking/clucking scenes when the spirit is near really get you going and the effects are pretty decent for this genre.

I personally think The Asylum should stick to this genre as they seem pretty good at it! This movie surpassed all their other garbage with ease……….

If you have any thoughts on this film or any other great low budget movies that are similar to this offering please leave them in the comment section below 🙂



  1. Impessed with this one, watched it a couple days ago. Pretty gory too.

    It was released as Paranormal Entity 4 in the UK.

    • Yeah that’s right – I’m based in the UK as well but I reviewed it when watching it online ( one of those dodgy streaming sites! ). I didn’t know which title to go for so I stuck with the more widely known one 🙂

  2. i actually liked this flick and i’m not too into scary movies. Any other independent horror movies released within the past 5 or so years that are as gnarly as this one? i’m trying to watch something that isn’t just like “aah” scary but also more along the lines of eerie that really pulls me into it

    • Hi Bob!

      Well there are a ton of independent choices right here on this website. Why don’t you try The Ghost Footage or House of Labrys in our free film section – HERE

      Other than that you can check through the reviews and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy – most of these films can be found for free viewing online now!

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