21 Days (2017) – Movie Review

21 Days (2017) - Movie Review


Pretty good this one guys (and gals), pretty good!

I thought I’d start the whole thing off with a positive comment for once…and it makes a nice change!

My top ‘research’ man Howard threw this title my way about a month back but when I sat down to watch it online, every copy was about 0.5 seconds out of sync!

There’s nothing worse than finding a new Found Footage film, getting comfortable with your own personal vice (beer, weed, whatever floats your boat!)…and then realising the movie is near enough unwatchable!

So I waited a week or so and bang – the movie turned up on Kodi.

Now, I’m not promoting Kodi here because I’m fully aware it’s now illegal to use in some countries (mine for starters – but I couldn’t give a shit!).

But, if you do own a device with Kodi on it – use the ‘Audio Offset’ and pull it BACK about 0.05 of a second. It’s a bit fiddly but you’ll get there in the end…

The Plot

Three filmmakers embark on a paranormal challenge by barricading themselves in a house so haunted, no one has been able to live in for more than 21 days.

Seamless Editing

Over the last few months I’ve been paying more and more attention to the editing side of Found Footage films. I have come across more than a few hidden gems that have ended up average at best…due to shitty editing.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes this type of editing can really enhance a Found Footage experience…but more often than not it just hinders it and leaves a amateur taste in the mouth.

21 Days is the brainchild of a female filmmaker named Kathleen Behun (I’ve never heard of her before either!). Now this girl seems to have done her homework on the genre, and is currently reaping the benefits.

The movie is pretty much seamless from start to finish – much like the original Paranormal Activity was.

For once I felt like I was living the experience, and the plot. It  felt like Found Footage used to feel when it first broke on the scene (before every amateur filmmaker on the planet gave it a go).

Now I’m not saying this was a classic – far from it really, I’m just saying that Behun has managed to mix in the right ingredients and avoid the more common mistakes.

It’s makes for a pretty decent viewing experience.


This film does have it’s minor drawbacks, but I can overlook them quite easily in this review due to the end result.

As a whole, it managed to avoid pulling any paranormal Found Footage ‘cheap shoots’ – which makes a pleasant change really.

The special effects relied more on stunts really, as opposed to demonic figures popping up in the corner of your eye. There are a few on-screen entities but they are used in the correct manner – sparsely.

I like the whole rocking chairs, levitation and paranormal investigators being thrown across the room – it gives the film a much more believable angle overall.

The actors were all pretty decent as well – a few dodgy scenes at the start of the film but each one eventually came into his/her own.

Cinematography and general direction on the film were top notch – no complaints there, and quite impressive overall.

There’s no getting away from the fact that there are too many ‘paranormal house’ movies in this genre…but every now and again a little beauty breaks through.

You can probably put this film in that category.

Not a classic, but well worth watching.



  1. My wife and I watched this after seeing your review on here. We liked it, although sometimes the characters acted dumb.

  2. I came across this on Terarium this past weekend. I’m a sucker for FF, even the cheesy stupid ones. This one had me paranoid and uneasy like I was during paranormal activity. I actually liked it. And don’t get me started on rocking chairs. Especially with people in it. Lol. Have a good one!

    • Hey Candice – great to hear you enjoyed it! (and watch out for those rocking chairs!) 🙂

  3. Watching it now. It’s on the Roku channel for free at the moment! (But it is a week before Halloween 2019… 🎃).

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