2Survive (2015) – Movie Review

2Survive (2015) - Movie Review

Have to admit – I nearly, nearly, NEARLY turned this effort off after about 10 minutes…but my shameful ‘fondness’ of reality show-based Found Footage kept me hanging on in there!

I don’t know what it is, but the cheesy setup of the vast majority of these ‘reality’ setups really appeals to me – and most of them are not exactly well put together.

Take this one for instance – more holes than a fishing net…but I still had to sit through it because I wanted to know what happened to the rather pathetic characters (shame on me!).

I’ll warn you in advance – some of you are going to HATE this film with a passion, but some of you are probably like me…you enjoy these types of experiences…even though you know you shouldn’t…

The Plot

I was going to steal this section from the IMDb film synopsis box but this is as far as the filmmaker’s effort went…

“A desert survival reality show goes horribly wrong.”

Seriously, that’s all the crew behind the film decided to put up on IMDb – doesn’t exactly fill the perspective viewer with confidence, does it?

I’ll try and elaborate a little bit for you…

A group of ‘contenders’ are gathered for a challenge-based reality show in a desert setting (comprised of a nurse, an animal psychic, a former marine, a desert biologist, a gay Buddhist, and a pretty hot blonde bird with a hidden talent!).

They are given minimum amounts of supplies and clues they must follow to the next checkpoint, which holds more supplies etc.

Anyway, things don’t really go according to plan, and the dead bodies start mounting up – who or what is killing off the contestants?


Okay, this movie really struggled to figure out what genre it was landing in – for long periods the watcher is definitely going to be struggling to define what direction the film is going to go next (and not in a good, organized way).

This didn’t exactly put me off, after all I like this kind of reality-based movie, but I can imagine that those of you with more brain cells than me (that’s most of you!), are going to be shouting obscenities at the screen.

I’ll admit – it was a bit of a scrambled mess overall.

After a little bit of research, I discovered that the director/writer, Tom Seidman, was involved in Dead Poets Society and Ordinary People – no idea what part he played in the making of these films…but they ain’t exactly horror, are they?

I think this was probably the main problem with the sub-genre setup of 2Survive – it hadn’t been written by an experienced horror/thriller writer.

Whilst I found it quite enjoyable (shame on me!), I was constantly aware that the movie’s attempts at misdirection were not working out well…at all!

The actors were about 50/50 – some of them fit well…and some of them were probably taken straight off The Shopping Channel.

This wasn’t really a problem from my point of view – I expect bad accents and overacting with this kinda thing, but others may not be so tolerant.

The cinematography was pretty much bang on – you expect this high level from a reality show setup. Most of it was filmed through high quality headset cameras that the contestants were wearing.

I should warn you that even though I shamefully enjoyed parts of this film…I wasn’t exactly filled with anticipation for the next scene – the film failed to get my pulse racing and there were very few moments that counted as memorable Found Footage scenes.

I also have to point out that the director decided to include a reality show soundtrack throughout the movie.

Now, if you have footage of a group of contestants that are dying, one by one…why would you bother adding a soundtrack to the finished article?

This didn’t make sense to me at all!

Anyway, as I pointed out above – I have a guilty pleasure for this type of Found Footage setup, so I kinda enjoyed portions of this film.

BUT please don’t let this convince you that this movie is something special – it ain’t!

Some of you will enjoy it…and some of you will laugh your way through the experience…



  1. Man oh man! We must share the same taste in cheesy, so bad its good, FF Films. I actually enjoyed this and because I watched it blindly without knowing anything about the movie at all I was expecting a skinwalker to appear and start killing people off. So naturally I was pleasantly surprised I was wrong(doesn’t happen much with movies for me). Reality TV acting was played its part here. Where you wanted to turn it off 10 minutes in I was already hooked. During the character “introductions” I was laughing to myself going “oh I gotta see this through!” Thanks for the upload. Got anymore reality show gone wrong movies to recommend?

    • Yeah there are a couple of others on here but I can’t remember their bloody names! Hopefully someone will comment here and leave a few more suggestions (glad you enjoyed it as well!)

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