388 Arletta Avenue ( 2011 ) – Stalker Horror Movie

stalker horror movie

388 Arletta Avenue is another stalker horror movie which has similarities to Alone With Her (reviewed here earlier this week!). Both of these Found Footage films seem to have been able to attract decent actors to play the main roles in each film. This time Nick Stahl was given the chance to shine and he pretty much took the film on as a one man show!

Simple Plot Well Executed

Again this was a simple enough plot that was really well executed. Stahl and his wife (Mia Kirshner) seem to be a normal enough couple set up in a nice, quiet suburban area. What they are unaware of is that their every move is being documented by a rather creepy character.

At first the stalking takes place from a distance as the stalker films their comings and goings from his car outside their house. This doesn’t last for long as we soon see Stahl giving away the hiding place of the house key (in the plant pot outside the house – can’t get more obvious than that!).

So now our friendly neighborhood nutcase has access to the couple’s house and he quickly kits it out with little spy cameras – this all American couple are now well and truly ‘under the microscope!’.

Messing With Their Heads

This is where I thought this particular stalker horror movie stood apart from Alone With Her – it seemed a lot more psychological overall. The intruder starts to play with the couple’s minds by messing with stereo players and resetting the alarm clock to go off in the middle of the night.

All this seems to effect Stahl a little bit but his wife seems pretty carefree about it all, but not for long…………

Hots up Kinda Quick!

Yeah the movie speeds up really quickly and jumps gear relatively early in the film. To cut a long story short the wife gets abducted really early on and Stahl is left trying to find out what has happened to her for the rest of the film.

Again this was a pretty bold move for a stalker horror movie – I was wondering how the next hour was going to pan out with something so big happening so early.

I didn’t have to worry about it dragging out as the story becomes more and more creepy as the stalker begins to let Stahl know he is in the house. We find him constantly messing around with the stereo players and the computers then disappearing in quick time.

Some Confusing Aspects

I did come across a few confusing aspects in this stalker horror movie that were not really explained – these mainly centered around the secret cameras!

First off – how the hell did the stalker manage to get a camera into Stahl’s computer at work? Yeah he does follow Stahl into the office building at the start but we are talking about a busy workplace here – seems a little far fetched at best!

Then there’s the camera’s inside the couple’s house. To me they all seemed to be in fairly obvious places – don’t this couple ever dust? If they did they would find the cameras straight away!

But this was the only downside to the stalker horror movie – overall it was spot on in it’s planning and the way the story line developed…..


As the film moves along Stahl becomes more and more paranoid as he tries to find his wife and figure out who has abducted her. We get introduced to one of his school friends that he tormented when they were younger. Stahl tries to measure up whether or not he is responsible for his wife’s disappearance.

He also charges into his sister in law’s house believing his wife may be hiding out there for some twisted reason – we begin to see cracks appearing in his personality.

The Fuzz!

Up until this point Stahl has neglected to get the police involved that much. This comes to a head when he discovers his cat beheaded in his mail box and a lookalike cat left in his house.

He files a missing persons report but obviously the local fuzz start to suspect him…….


Whatever Stahl does in this movie the psycho always seems one step ahead of him! It’s a stalker horror movie that will keep you guessing and keep you on the edge of your seat.

I already feel I may have revealed a bit to much of the plot to you and I HATE being a spoiler so I’ll wrap things up!

The acting is spot on and I thought Stahl was an excellent capture for a Found Footage movie – he is experienced and he carries the whole film pretty much by himself.

There were some stupid confusing aspects in the film (the cameras) but that’s usually the way with Found Footage movies – I’m just a picky sod!

If you have the time I definitely suggest checking out this stalker horror movie – it offers a different perspective to Alone With Her. Eerie, chilling, well thought out and original – a good addition to the Found Footage genre!

If you have any opinions on this stalker horror movie or if you have any suggestions for similar films please leave them in the comment section below……


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