7 Nights of Darkness ( 2011 ) – Film Review

7 Nights of Darkness ( 2011 ) - Film Review

About six months ago I received a contact message through this site from a director named Allen Kellogg. He was plugging a sequel to a Found Footage film he had released in 2011 named 7 Nights of Darkness.

He pointed out to me that I had not covered this 2011 release and I agreed – I had not even seen it!

So I eagerly awaited instruction on how to watch this movie for review purposes…but it didn’t come!

At the end of the day I love it when directors get in contact with me but I do actually require one thing before reviewing – the film itself!

Simply put – I ain’t paying for it!

Anyway, a subscriber to this site sent me a link to the film last week and I finally got to see it. Here we go…

The Plot

A group of six lucky contestants are picked to spend 7 nights inside an abandoned building named Madison Seminary.

There’s a million bucks up for grabs to those contestants left inside the spooky building after the seventh night.

Over the 7 night period the contestants are required to film everything they do ( except for toilet breaks obviously! ) and complete various tasks. If these guidelines are not stuck to the million dollar baby becomes void.

It’s ain’t long before the spooky shit starts to kick in – who has the guts to remain there for the full seven nights?


Sometimes I’m quite amazed at the amount of Found Footage haters who basically live on IMDb. I think they sit there all day long waiting for a new FF title to pop up so they can have a smash at it!

7 Nights of Darkness is not a classic by any stretch of the imagination but it was put together with the measly sum of $5,000 (estimated).

But the wise old heads that frequent IMDb have only given this film a 3.9 rating ( at the time of writing this review ). That’s an average score from 731 users?

I mean come the f##k on!!!!!

I wish these idiots would piss off back under a rock to watch the Twilight Saga or something – why give them a platform to voice their opinions if they have no idea what a low budget film is?

This is NOT a bad film.


I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this film but the $5000 seems to have been spent really well. I was able to sit through it from start to finish and look forward to the next scene.

Kellogg as a director does a nice job of working well within his budget and I applaud some of the ‘atmospheric’ horror scenes he was able to put together.

The actors were all low-grade but they knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing – their reactions and general demeanor was spot on throughout the film!

If I had to pick out one irritant from the film I would say that it’s probably a handful of script lines that Kellogg gave his own character ( yes he plays Carter in the movie! ).

At times he seemed a little cardboard when a spooky situation crept in – “don’t go in there”, “you shouldn’t go in there”, “wait, wait”, “stop, don’t go in there”…

Okay! Okay! We get it – don’t go in the f##king room or something bad ass will happen!

Other than that I really couldn’t find anything wrong with the film – in fact I actually enjoyed it!

If you’re an indie filmmaker with a $5000 budget I’d definitely suggest checking this film out for a few pointers. 

Worth watching! 

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  1. I’ll surely look for this one too! Chris, i was wondering… What about a top 10 found footages of 2015? Please, do it, really looking forward to see your list!!! \o/\o/\o/

    • Hiya Christian, I should really look into that – there were A LOT of decent titles released over the last year….

  2. Hey Chris. I watched the sequel to 7 Days Of Darkness. It’s called the Devils Toy Box. I enjoyed very much. Still a lower budget but it’s better than first. I found it on sockshare.com.

    • Yeah watched it a couple of weeks back – nearly overlooked it because of it’s super-low score on IMDb but noticed it was a FF film. The director, Allen Kellogg, visits the site from time to time – he contacted me and introduced me to ‘7 Nights…’
      I found this sequel by complete accident though…

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