909 Experiment ( 2000 ) – One of The Top Paranormal Movies?

top paranormal movies

This is a very little known film in regards to Hollywood but it is actually looked upon as one of the top paranormal movies in the found footage genre. Most people who find this film online will probably not get past the first ten minutes of the movie due to the quality and the budget but it’s their loss – this film played an important part in the development of found footage horror…..

Remember That Irritating Bird and Her Boyfriend Micah?

One of the top paranormal movies of all time owes it’s success and it’s whole existence to the 909 Experiment. They might not want to admit it and they might well deny it but in horror circles we all know the truth. Paranormal Activity rose from this measly low budget found footage film.

The ideas and the atmosphere all drew a breath from this film – period! Now I’m not going to sit here and argue my case because quite simply…..I don’t have to! Any horror fan that is worth his or her salt already knew the truth a long time before I posted this article.

So What’s The Problem?

Well the real problem here is that they are both top paranormal movies ( in my eyes ) but only one had the resources to see it through ‘the right way’. It’s often the case in this genre but it is an ugly truth. Paranormal activity had better actors, better directors, better cameras and better funding! ( which is why it’s considered one of the top paranormal movies of all time! )

Worth a Shot!

Yeah this film is worth a shot – if you like this genre and you like horror in general you will enjoy this offering. The story and the atmosphere are sound but the delivery is not quite there. I have been told that the male character in the film is also the director and producer – that probably explains a lot!

This is an indie offering ladies and gentlemen – sometimes top paranormal movies start off life this way!

It’s worth a shot because it has some creepy qualities, it makes you think and it created the ideas that Paranormal Activity took one step further. It’s a decent, worthwhile found footage horror film that may look a little dated now.


Well the camera quality was a little bit of a disappointment to be honest. Much like Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County the actual camera quality suffered from being a little ‘consumer’ at best.

The song at the start of the film was probably one of the worst mistakes in horror history – terrible tune and they actually decided to use the whole thing!

The two main characters in this film seem to take quite a hammering over their performances but to be honest – I can’t see why? Sure in parts the script and the reactions were a little cardboard but overall they seemed realistic enough.

Most top paranormal movies have a babysitter or a mentor that carried them through their infancy and this is what 909 Experiment is….nothing more! It’s not going to win any Oscars and it’s not going to set the world alight with C.G.I. rivaling the next Tom Cruise effort. It’s just good because it is what it is and it delivers.


I loved parts of this film even if they were strained and forced! The scene where he is walking around sleepwalking with a knife is hilarious but also a little frightening at the same time. He also has a short section of laughing whilst staring into the camera – surely I’m not the only one who finds this freaky?

One of the top paranormal movies of all time was created on the back of this film so it’s up to you to see the beauty in it. If you’re one of those people that turns a film off after ten minutes then so be it – you deserve what you get out of this film ( nothing basically ). If on the other hand you respect the film making process and are willing to give this indie flick a go then I think you may find some good in it!

One of the top paranormal movies of all time?

No…..but what followed in it’s footsteps was!



  1. I’m going to have to go see this movie! I’ve never even heard of this film, which is surprising after reading what you have to say about it. I’m a sucker for paranormal movies, and I like horror movies that make you think, so it seems like this would catch my interest.

    Found Footage films are a really interesting sub-genre and I thought this review was a really great introduction to exploring these kinds of films further.

    I find this genre ever-expanding at the moment – it seems to come up with new ideas…new angles constantly!

    What is your favorite Found Footage film Chris? Do you have a favorite?

    I bet you’ve been asked this question a million times on this site right?

    Great website and great article – I’ve bookmarked this baby and I will be back to read some more of your reviews…find a few hidden gems! 🙂

    • Hi Patrick – great to have you here mate (welcome!)

      Ohhh my favorite Found Footage movie????? A terrible struggle for me to answer this as I have so many I like. I suppose I could go for Grave Encounters or maybe Incident At Lake County…but then again there’s always The Blair Witch Project!

      Impossible for me to answer I’m afraid…I could be here all day posting options!

      Anyway, it’s great to have you here and thanks for the bookmark – enjoy the rest of the site!

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