Welcome to Top Found Footage Films

Welcome to Top Found Footage Films – the place to be for all the best found footage horror movies out there! Our passion is your passion and we aim to please….

Whether you are stuck in the woods with some old hag battering your tent, trying to catch some paranormal activity at home with your wife’s camcorder, stuck inside an abandoned asylum or simply searching for Bigfoot….you’re all welcome here!

Ah I still remember the days when a pirate copy of Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County sat proudly on my bedroom shelf…..how things have changed since then!

These days all you need to do is pop down your local store, pick up a HD camcorder, grab a few friends and smash out a YouTube Blockbuster!

And the coolest thing about this genre of horror movie….you don’t need to be able to act!

A few ‘is anyone there?’ linked to a few ‘did you hear that?’ and bang – top found footage films at their best!

Seriously guys it ain’t about the acting any longer (although granted, it does help!) as the best found footage horror flicks rely on atmosphere.

This is where the genre comes into it’s own – where it evolves above the other horror genres and grasps us all firmly by the neck!

Our site Top Found Footage Films owes it’s existence to a couple of visionary directors who bent Hollywood over a barrel and went to town!

I’m talking about Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez – directors of a little known 1999 horror flick called The Blair Witch Project.


Who would of thought that three so-called students disappearing in a forest in Maryland would have kicked up so much of a stir!

Widely considered one of the best found footage horror movies ever made – this is the benchmark all newcomers try to reach.

But that was back in the nineties – things have moved on a little since then! Studios are beginning to realize the cash cow that top found footage films provide.

All of a sudden C.G.I. and half decent actors are making their way in front of the camcorder…..are things changing for the better?

Hell yeah they are! It doesn’t matter if the film budget is $20 million or $5 – if done correctly you will crap yourself! New producers are now using this format of horror to get noticed on a budget – how cool is that?

I stick to my principal that the top found footage films are the ones that manage to capture the atmosphere – and that costs nothing (well maybe the price of petrol journey to a forest at night but that’s about it!).

So sit back and enjoy the ride friends – I know I will!

Here at Top Found Footage Films we plan to bring you the best found footage horror movies available. We don’t care the about the budget, the country of origin, the language or the quality – if the camcorder shakes we wanna review it!


  1. Hey man,i think i found my new favorite bookmark..It’s nice to see,for a change, reviews made by someone who really loves the genre,and not some uptight generic-horror pundit who usually is overcritical at the ”motion sickness and bad acting”.-Things that i like to think all people watching these kind of movies are aware of since…i don’t know..the early 00’s ?
    Best regards,
    A romanian FF fanatic.

    • Hey Vlad how’s tricks!

      Nice to see you here! Glad you like the site 🙂 If you ever find any FF films we haven’t covered here let us know and we’ll review them. There are a load of fans on the contact page ( they usually leave their opinions in the comment section there! ). Feel free to subscribe, leave a comment or even send us a mail whenever you want!
      Speak to you soon

      • I recently saw ”The Conspiracy(2012)”..and it managed to get my girlfriend relatively hooked on these movies ..Don’t think a review about that one is here..yet.Would like to read your thoughts on it.

        • Yeah that was a good film – gonna have watch it again for review purposes here. I have a huge list of films to review but I end up having to watch them over and over again ( this list is pretty big and by the time I get to review them I’ve forgotten most of what happened lol )

          • Hey man. I just came across your blog. I love found footage and now i realize how much there really is. Your write great reviews. Now i just have to find the films. Haha. Theres some on a private site I’m on but not many.

          • Hi there Andrew – great to have you here!

            Sorry for the delay, I get a load of comments on here I have to get through every week. Try Sockshare or Putlocker for most of the films, Amazon Prime has a load as well! 🙂

      • totally agree-i check this site reguarly for new ones. Very grateful to site owner 🙂

  2. Hi, do you ever watch V.H.S. movies?? The first is really good for me, specially for the breath-taking finale!! And how would you rate “Borderlands” a really interesting Brit movie??

    • Hey Alessio!

      Yeah I’ve watched the V/H/S movies and thoroughly enjoyed them – I found the second offering the most entertaining! We recently posted a review on the third installment which was nowhere near as good as the first two offerings but still enjoyable. Borderlands is a pretty awesome film, you’ll find our review on it here – Borderlands
      Cheers for stopping by – look forward to speaking with you again soon 🙂

  3. hey Chris
    Love the site
    Wondered if you have had the chance to watch and review 2 films you may or may not have heard of. Unaware and Absence – both alien found footage films which i hear are pretty decent but not had the chance to see myself. be good to hear your thoughts on them 🙂

    • Hey James, sorry for the late reply!

      Yeah I’ve watched them both and they are on the list to be reviewed ( which will involve me having to watch them again! ). From what I can remember I thoroughly enjoyed the pair of them. Nice to see you hear and glad you enjoy the site 🙂

  4. Hey.
    I randomly stumbled on this bookmark whilst trying to find Find Footage films to watch, it’s super helpful. I’ve been a Found Footage fan for as long as I can remember, dating back to the Blair Witch. I know that movie gets a lot of flack these days, but there are just simply some people that don’t understand what this genre is meant to be about. It’s never about brilliant acting, the Blair Witch was just simply terrifying in such a simplistic fashion, and it felt so real. That made me just fall in love with this genre.

    I’ve seen a lot of shit in my time, and evidently you have too judging by your recent reviews LOL, but there’s always an underrated gem you find that barely anyone else has seen. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen something done, I’ll consistently watch FF movies, nothing is able to terrify me more. There’s just something about feeling like I’m there in the 1st person, and like I’m the person holding the camera.

    Other Horror movies have just never been able to make me want to hide behind something as much, as this genre does. Thanks for giving me a place to find my passion, and introducing so many more people to this amazing genre.

    • Hey there Brandon, great to have you here!!!
      Glad you like the site – feel free to interact with the other followers here ( there are quite a few now! ). I didn’t realize how many Found Footage freaks like me there were out there until I started this site up about a year ago, it’s gone from strength to strength. We are currently looking into running a forum from this site as well so keep an eye out!
      Nice to meet you 🙂

    • totally agree. I just shook at the cinema with knuckles in my mouth for
      the duration of the entire film. Great genre great site

  5. A few more good FF films I have came across are The Sacrament, Raised by Wolves, Possession of Michael King, Grave Encounters 1&2, Area 51, Always Watching, The Atticus Institute, As Above so Below, The Pyramid, and Hollows Grove. Thats just to name a few 🙂 I have a hard time finding good FF films but with all of these I found a little something that was just satisfying to say the least. Now I feel as if I have left myself with nothing else to watch. So anyone with any ideas sling’em my way!

    • Hi there!
      All of the films you mentioned have been reviewed here except for The Pyramid…because it isn’t Found Footage ( well part of it is but that doesn’t really count! ). Have a look through our archives or categories on the right side of the page to find something new – we’ve reviewed about 200 titles so far so you’re bound to find a load you haven’t seen yet 🙂
      Whenever you spot a film you don’t think we’ve covered here make sure you let us know so we can get on the case and get it reviewed!
      Nice to have you here

    • Grave Encounters is my fave ff movie. Actually went to the old hospital in Vancouver where it was filmed and took a bunch of pictures of the building where the main entrance in the film was shown…

      • An awesome film Michael – loved every minute of it (and love re-watching it!)

  6. Love this site, Chris! I’m a huge fan of horror films and actually created an amateur one with some friends a couple of decades back when I was young. I’ll be sure to suggest your site to any of my HalloweenPartyExperts.com visitors who might express an interest in making their own film or finding the best found footage movies out there!

    • Hi Patrick,
      Glad you enjoyed your visit here as much as you did! Feel free to spread the word on us as often as you want – the more visitors/members we get here the better 🙂

  7. Just want to say thank you for all of your work! This site is awesome. Keep up the good work. I have found some real beauties here, most of them I never even knew existed. You rock brother!!

    • Hey Gabriel!
      Nice to see you here mate! Glad you’re enjoying the site and don’t forget to spread the word 🙂

  8. Very happy to have stumbled into your site! I’ve been watching a new POV/FF/Mockumentary horror flick every night, and was running out of contenders. When I found you, I was pleasantly surprised to see titles that, not only had I not yet discovered, but very appropriate and useful summaries of those films. Just finished Encounter: Contamination, aka, Encounter 2015, and enjoyed it… Lest the few issues I happened upon. Looking forward to hearing about new horror films in this subgenre!!! ✌

    • Hi there Amy,
      Welcome aboard – glad to have you here!
      We try and get through as many films as possible so there are usually a couple of new reviews popping up over a weekly period. Look forward to seeing you here again soon ( and if you discover any FF beauties – give us a shout! )

  9. One I didn’t notice on here that you should check out or at least give a review of so others can look into it is “Devil’s Pass/The Dyatlov Pass Incident”, watched both that and Skinwalker Ranch on the same night a couple of years ago at a drive in, I actually enjoyed Devil’s Pass more than Skinwalker but they were both high quality productions.

    • Hi Dom,
      Yeah I’ve watched both of these movies ( it’s got to the point where there’s very little I haven’t seen in this genre lol ). The problem I have is there’s so many out there now to review I get a huge backlog after I’ve watched them. This means I have to re-watch them to give them a proper review process!
      I especially enjoyed Dyatlov Pass – I remember it was quite an awesome ending! Skinwalker Ranch was reviewed here about seven months ago – should be able to find it through the search bar at the top of the site ( unless I deleted it by accident!!!! ).

  10. Thank you so much for this site. What I appreciate most is that your reviews are always honest.

    Inner Demons is one of the best movies i’ve discovered on your site.

    • Hi Ian,
      Well thanks for saying so 🙂
      Glad you like the site so much – don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be kept up to date with our latest publications!!!!

  11. Nice blog. Excellent for my current found footage kick (Wont see a “proper” horror movie for quite a while).

    Have your reviewed Houses that october built? I liked the movie and would love to know your opinion. Would also love you to trash Mockigbird, i regret deeply seeing that movie.

    Aniways great work and keep doing it.

  12. Hey Chris, hope all is well! Been checking in with your reviews for the better part of a year now, just been very silent. Anyhow we just finished our first found footage horror movie and it’d be an honor if you took a look at if you ever got a second.

    It’s sort of our love letter to the found footage sub-genre, so I’m sure we can probably relate on alot of the same favorite movies. Anyhow if you want to check it out it’s available to watch right here http://www.REELHorrorMovie.com

    Cheers Chris – Keep the good fight going!

    • Hey Chris,
      Sorry for the delay – haven’t stopped this week and this site just won’t stop gathering pace!
      Thanks so much for the link. I’ll review the film on this site but the other regulars will see your comment here and also pay a visit ( I will include the link again in the review! ). You are actually the second indie filmmaker to contact us this week so I have two films to go through now ( which is pretty awesome! ). Contact me if you need any more help.
      P.S. I will be reviewing both films asap – we had an advertising problem with the site over the last few days and that has caused us to have a bit of a backlog.

    • Hey Chris – tried watching/reviewing the movie last night but the Vimeo version won’t stop buffering! I’ve got a super-fast connection but it still buffers like mad. Do you have another version online somewhere? Really want to review it!

  13. You should check out and review Legend of the 5ive, embedded, and House of 100 eyes. Pretty good stories and progression. Let me know what you think.

  14. Fantastic website! Thanks for all of the great suggestions!
    Finding a gem in the Found Footage genre is much like finding a needle in a haystack, but the great ones are some of the best horror films ever made.
    Just when I thought I’ve seen all of them, I’ll come across yet another one that blows my mind.
    I agree with most of what’s reviewed here and for all of you running out of titles to watch like me, here are some you don’t hear about too often that aren’t too shabby:
    Apartment 143
    Area 51
    The Conspiracy
    The Hunt (2006)
    Amber Alert
    Skinwalker Ranch
    The Sacrament
    Into The Storm
    Final Prayer
    Delivery: The Beast Within
    The Dirties
    The Possession of Michael King
    Atticus Institute
    Digging Up The Marrow
    The Gallows
    Hopefully I didn’t repeat too many of those mentioned on the site.
    Now, please send me some hidden gems! haha.

    • Hi Randy,
      There are actually a couple of films on your list here that I don’t think I’ve seen – will be looking into them this week 🙂

  15. I’m not sure if you got my first comment so I’ll try again. You are so cool and you inspire me because of your reviewing talent. My parents say I should do reviews since it combines two of my passions: writing and watching movies. Horror is definitely my number 1 favorite genre. I hope you got my lengthier comment because that said a lot more.
    Also you haven’t done the Triple F’s The Bay and Chernobyl Diaries yet, I didn’t them in the search. They came out in 2012 and Oren Peli/Jason Blum worked on them. If you do them please do reference me for the suggestion, it would mean a lot.
    Also check out my mini review on the Unfriended review, you might like it.

    An American Fan

    • Hey Christine, how’s tricks?

      Great to hear you like the site so much – the huge amount of followers I get here make it all worthwhile! I have watched both The Bay and Chernobyl Diaries but I’ve got such a large backlog it’s impossible to catch up at the moment – I end up watching films once then again about 2 years later just to refresh myself before I review. Just last night I had to watch The Bell Witch Haunting for the second time! ( I’ll probably be publishing it’s review this weekend! ). Don’t worry – I’ll give you a mention for reminding me about Bay & Chernobyl ( both great films from what I remember! ).

      As far as reviewing goes why don’t you start up your own blog? It’s actually not difficult to learn…but it is a lot of work! The online university where I learned my trade is now FREE ( tutorials, tools and two FREE blogs! ). You can find them HERE if you want a look around.

      Don’t forget that if you do decide to start something up I can help you along the way – you can get me direct through the contact form on this site!

      Anyway I’ll leave it in your hands, think about it and get back in touch 🙂

  16. Hi Chris, I’d just like to say, your site has been my go to place to get found footage horror films ever since i discovered you by accident a few months ago. At this point I’m basically scrapping the bottom of the barrel of found footage films (I have seen every film you have reviewed) and right now am looking forward to your new reviews. To be honest, by this point I’ll take anything that you even remotely consider to be watchable. I’m starting to feel like this has turned into some sort of addiction with me checking your site every few days haha


    • Great stuff Yad – nice to know we are being used as a reference. We have a backlog of about 20 films at the moment but finding the time to review them all and keeping the site running is proving hard, hard work ( I write every review myself! ). There should be several new ones reviewed and published this week ( famous last words but I’ll try my best to get around to them all! ). 🙂

  17. Please please please PLEASE remove the social media side bar from the side. It single handedly deters me from using this site. :/

    • Well no I’m afraid we can’t LOL. Social signals are what makes a website look worthwhile in Google’s eyes – we rank extremely well due to the amount of social shares we get on a daily basis. Websites cost money to run and social activity actually brings us in this money – we need it to keep the lights on around here!
      Besides, out of the tens of thousands of visitors we get a week – you are the first to complain about them LOL! 🙂
      They are actually the most widely used social buttons online – billions of blogs are using them!

  18. This is my new favorite movie site. Found footage is my favorite guilty pleasure. I’ve found some great ones (You did Emergo! I loved that one! And some stinkers, Yellow Brick Road, ugh). But found footage is always in my netflix searches!

  19. Did an yon see NIETZERMANN ?
    The conspiracy started with this YouTube Hoax showing a psychic in the 80s announcing the end of the world — The complete story is in the movie.

  20. Mentioned before but you definitely need to see “embedded”- look up trailer for it and u will see why. And Legend of the 5ive. Slight acting issues in embedded but great directing and moments all throughout. Legend of the 5ive is just pure fun to watch I thought.

    • Cheers for the heads up – I can’t seem to find that Embedded anywhere online…

  21. Hi Chris ! Ive been checking your whole blog and ive found some great movies. I love this genre, and every review ive read is pretty accurated. Keep it up, im waiting for new movies to come up cuz i think ive seen em all ! lol

    • Hey Jordan,
      Nice to have you on board! Great to hear that you like website so much! 🙂
      ( Remember – sharing is caring so spread the word! )

  22. Check out the 2014 Blackwater Vampire!
    Pretty different and fresh ff take on vampires.

    • Yeah it’s on the list – watched it about a year back now but it’s caught in the backlog of reviews I have to complete 🙁

  23. I some how stumbled across this blog and I love it. I would usually use imdb or ask friends about films first but I appreciate the opinion of someone who genuinely enjoys movies. Thanks again!

    • Hi there Des!
      Great to hear that you enjoy the site so much – welcome to the community! 🙂

  24. Awesome site, as for a recommendation: have you seen Devil’s Pass (2013)? It’s about the Dyatlov Pass incident – something I was always fond of reading about as a kid, great spooky campfire story but based in reality, thought it was cool somebody made a movie involving it.

    • Hi Nath,
      Yeah I’ve watched Devil’s Pass a couple of times now but I’ve not got around to reviewing it yet. I have a huge backlog of films to review here on my list and it’s pretty hard getting through them all! I agree with you though – it’s a great film! 🙂

      • Haha oh wow after checking the comments on here I must apologize, you’ve been asked that one a fair few times before. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to do this site, I love this… genre(?) and have gotten a few interesting ones I hadn’t found already from here such as The Phoenix Incident; was pretty OK – I’ve watched so many documentaries on that event over the years and it’s still puzzling, so it’s always hilarious to see someone’s evil alien take on things >:)

        Not sure if it’s up your alley, but if you’ve run out of FF for the time being there’s a great archive of stuff which may be of interest to wade through (if you haven’t seen it already). Linked in the website section.

          • Hi Chris,

            I didn’t compose it myself, no (if that’s what you meant). I don’t know who did, but I appreciate their effort. Not all of it will be worthwhile, some links will be dead etc, others a bit too far-fetched, but for the most part -particularly the ufo/paranormal wikipedia articles- it can stoke the ol’ imagination.

  25. I’m totally going to bookmark this site. I LOVE the found footage genre. Not enough films marketed for it and it sucks. I wish someone would attempt a found footage “UFO footage captured by an abductee Government worker” type thing. Sounds weird but can you imagine where it could go. Like pans of inside of a ship, heavy breathing, hiding. I dunno, I’m weird.

    • Hi Kevin!

      Great to have you here! “heavy breathing, hiding. I dunno, I’m weird” – this made me laugh! I like the idea though 🙂

  26. so ausome to see a site devoted to my fav type of horror movie! def found a few here i havent seen before. i have a large collection of dvds in the found footage genre, if there are any films i have seen that arent on ur list i will be sure to let u know. keep up the good work hun x

  27. These aren’t found footage but wondering all the same if you have seen/enjoyed these series.
    The Fades
    Bedlam S 1-2
    Misfits S 1-5
    Afterlife S 1-2
    Apparitions S 1
    Being Human S 1-5
    Paradox S 1
    Luther S 1-3 (soon to be 4:)
    Also I love league of gentlemen, psychoville, and Inside No9 (comedy but dark tone throughout, got to love shearsmith and pemberton!)
    You Brits seem to have beaten everybody else when it comes to unique horror/drama series (especially comedy – any graham linehan show, spaced, hyperdrive, the smoking room). I’ve always been disappointed in most of U.S. Options for tv, with a few exceptions (Fargo, anything Chris carter, Fringe)…(though I guess half the x-files and mileneum would be considered Canadian..). Just wondering what else besides found footage you are interested in.

    • Ahhh a Misfits fan are we Brandon – top man! I liked the first few seasons but then they lost the Irish lad to more feature length films etc…
      I dunno – it just sort of went downhill from there!
      I like anything really that is horror or Sci-Fi based – I’m just a regular geek at the end of the day!
      I’m smashing through the second season of The Leftovers at the moment – pretty clever stuff from the guy who did a lot of writing for Lost.

  28. If you like lost than have you seen Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes? Same ending but thought Ashes to Ashes was a little mor concrete and satisfying as an explanation. Also a huge Doctor Who nut here S 1-9. What do you think of Steven Moffat era vs Russel T Davies era? Personally prefer Moffat. Plus his Sherlock adaptation is fu*^ing superb. Also you will love What we do in the Shadows. Directed by Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Concords and is true Found Footage format. I can’t believe you haven’t heard of it before. It has unique style and hilarious script.

    • Ahh I also like the good doctor – have done since I was a kid in the late 70’s! I actually live in Cardiff near the BBC studio where they film the more recent episodes of the program. Steven Moffat owns a property in Lisvane about 3 miles away! I also prefer Moffat but it’s a close call. Russel T Davies is a fellow Welshman after all! 🙂

  29. Hi everyone, tnx to this site i have found a few FF movies i haven’t seen before and im sooo happy 🙂 although i did watch Tape 13 against your advice! what a pile of S**T! absolute nonsense.
    But i have found a few gems tnx to you :))
    i keep meaning to put a list on here of FF movies i have or have seen just in case u haven’t seen them, im sure you have but u never know you might find one or 2 that u missed 🙂 if i remember or have time between watching horror movies i will do a list tonight 🙂 x

    • Hi there Rachel – great to have you here!

      Any lists are always welcome, there are always one or two titles that have slipped past me! Post them here whenever you feel the need 🙂

  30. I’m gonna start making a list soon but I did watch an Ff movie last night that u can’t find mentioned on here. It’s called devils backbone texas, it’s part found fotage part mocumentary. Not the best I’ve seen but not terrible. The ending did leave a bad taste but equally it made me laugh and pissed off at the same time, hard to explain but if u see it u will understand. Let me know if u or anyone here has seen it I would love to see u thought of it 🙂 x

    • I did start watching Devil’s Backbone Texas but I got interrupted by my toddler son – I thought it was gonna be shit so I didn’t go back to it…yet! 🙂

  31. ok heres my list of FF films i have in my collection, i left quite a few out like the PA Films and Blair witch etc

    Found Footage films –
    alien outpost
    always watching
    amber alert
    apartment 143
    area 407
    area 51 (2015)

    bigfoot tapes
    beckoning the butcher
    borderlands/back from hell
    bell witch haunting
    bucks county massacre
    chasing the devil
    classroom 6
    cohaset snuff film
    collingswood story
    creep (2014)
    digging up the marrow
    hangar 10
    hollow (2012)
    house of 100 eyes
    hollows grove
    hooked up
    hunting the legend
    the hunt (got that guy from babylon 5 in it so i like it hehe)
    in memorium
    inner demons
    lake mungo
    the mirror
    mr jones
    night in the woods
    ouija experiment
    pigman murders
    phoenix incident
    project almanac
    ploughkeepsie tapes
    houses october built
    the taking of deborah logan
    the tunnel
    the visit
    wicksborough incident
    willow creek

    A few of my favourite horror films (not FF) –
    absentia (I looovvvvveeee this movie!!)
    the hallow
    last shift
    mum and dad
    we are still here
    starry eyes
    yellow brick road
    confederate states of america
    coherence (not horror but gave me nightmares lol)

    sorry about any spelling error etc 🙂 i got plenty more FF and horror in my collection that i didnt add plus lot of FF ive seen on youtube which i will try and find again and post them here.
    hope you like the list and hopfully there are one or two u havent seen 🙂 x

    • Great list Rachel – ‘pigman murders’ sounds familiar but I can’t remember watching it…I may have to look into that one a bit further!

      • Pigman is about a group of Irish lads going camping or somthing in memory of their dead friend. It’s not to bad a movie.
        Devils backbone is a hard watch but worth a look, some of the acting is terrible especially the main guy, I say watch it in the background while doing somthing else and just watch the interesting bits. That’s what I did and I kept having to rewind bits lol. I finally finish watching the hunt, ugh that was hard to watch! Dreadful film, if it wasn’t for that babylon 5 actor I love I don’t think I would have sat through it lol.
        One more I want to mention is megan is missing, had to order that dvd from America coz I don’t think it got a release here in the UK, really liked that film the ending really creeped me out and apart from the annoying “Valley” girls I thought it was a great film 🙂 x

  32. Hi Chris. I’ve been a die-hard horror fan for many many years but I’d taken a break from ‘found footage’ for a while. Getting back into it and came across your site whilst looking for recommendations – looks like a fantastic and valuable resource. Thanks for all the effort you obviously put in – I’ll be a regular visitor! Cal.

  33. Well Shit… Steadily been going back through your blog downloading all the ones that sounded decent, and they have delivered almost everytime (Mockingbird.. just bleugh at the ending) Four left to watch, but I came to the end of your blog suggestions (well, the start really but all the same)
    What am I supposed to do now? waaaaaaaaaah!

    • Don’t worry Marc – I’ve got a load more here to publish ( just running a bit behind at the moment! ) 🙂

      • Hope so, almost done. Really liked Exhibit A and Alone with her, both very unnerving

  34. Merry Crimbo!!! Producer just got team a MacBook Pro for principal editing on House of Labrys! Editing process has begun!!! Hope to have first segment posted by end of January 🙂

  35. It’s one of these movie genres people either hate or love. I personally love them, even though I’ve watched some awful ones, I’m still grateful people are still making them (same for horror movies). I’ve bookmarked this site immediately and am following you on Google+ as of today. Thanks for your work and site! Happy New Year

  36. Found pretty much the only other found footage TV series (other being the River) called Siberia. Kind of like 2survive in its setup of being a reality tv show that goes horribly wrong. Has elements of “Lost” mixed with survivor (except not shitty like survivor). Should check it out if havn’t. I didn’t even know it existed till week ago…lot of fun and has insane build ups in plot. Thought acting was quite well done too. Btw that Doctor Who/River song Xmas special was amazing!! And Sherlock is right around the corner!!!

  37. happy new year 🙂 had a break from FF over the holidays, though i would catch up on the hollywood films (what a waste of time that was! apart from mad max ofc) found gallows,borederlands and wer in one of my local charity shop today for pennys so gonna have a FF marathon tonight lol. tnx for the review of blackwater vampire gonna check that out too 🙂

  38. Lil update for you. Looks like January 15th is release date of House of Labrys: Segment 3. Saw a rough edit and think it turned out quite well. It will be just under 18 minutes. Segments will be posted in this order: 3, then 2, then 1, then 4, 5, and then 6. Reverse order for first half and forward for second. When all finished can obviously watch in order but Producer wants it to be like puzzle audience has to piece together. Segment 2 will be posted just after March 7th and Segment 1 on April 1st. There will also be mini-segments in between the main 6 that are from the villains cameras (those are like 4 minutes a piece). Filming rest of project during spring break and summer as am in school for Surgical Technology major so luckily the producer is allowing me all the time I need to finish as long as do it right :). I know you can’t do a review until all posted (every segment and mini-segment will be online by summer 2016) but would love to hear what you think of Segment 3 after it is posted.

    • Sounds cool Brandon – let me know more about the release date of the third segment! ( the first one that’s being put out there )

  39. Segment 3 should be posted by afternoon on Friday, January 15th. Segment 2 has already begun editing (all of 2 filmed except last minute and 45 seconds which is filming along with all of Segment 1 during March 6-13th). All villain perspective mini segments already filmed as well. Segment 2 and 3 both use 3-4 different cameras. Got cellphone footage, “the beast” which is a Canon GL2, a mini action camera, and a modified full spectrum cam. 2 was fun to film as have 3 cameras rolling during whole segment 🙂 while segment 3 is more of one shut off and another one then turned on kind of thing. You are not going to really know what’s going on after see Segment 3 as was made to be kind of like a silent film (only segment like this except part of 4) No real dialogue for 18 minutes, just get from A to B to C and then D. Will make you ask bunch of questions which will be answered in other segments (why is he here, what is he doing? Who is attacking? What’s in the book?) can see behind the scenes pics on Project’s Instagram page HOUSE_OF_LABRYS

    • Great stuff – make sure you pop back here to remind everyone when it hit’s the net!

  40. Invite to my new channel and series!
    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCx_CNiOnUUWxSO8o_OO6Wow Don’t forget to like and subscribe. If can’t have the link on here then just leave in rest during moderation. If type in House of Labrys it won’t show up directly yet as search engine results take longer to post than actual channel (will pop up eventually when search but takes longer to put on site, especially with celebrity deaths just happen I’m told..) If type that in go like 7 vids down to No Through Road playlist or RackaRacka found footage playlist. Both of those are under my channel House of Labrys. Can go to video section of channel from there and there u go. Link will take straight to channel though ;). Enjoy and hit me up with email or comment on what u thought of it as I value your opinion. Little info and hints in description and about section. I’m excited. It’s finnally officially begun!!!

    • Cool stuff – I’ll be on this when I get back home this evening! It’s fine to leave a link to this site wherever you want really 🙂

      • U get a chance to see it? Editing one of the mini-segments now for the next release 🙂

        • Hey Brandon, been working all weekend so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and concentrate on it ( without any bloody interruptions ) yet! Will be watching it within the next couple of days! 🙂

  41. Also, I put a link to your website on my page if that is alright 🙂 if not then let me know and I will take it down, no worries.

  42. I am honestly speechless…
    This site is fantastic. I can’t wait to work my way through all of these films. Also, just reading through some of the comments, I can already tell this is going to be a bookmark that I frequent almost daily. Thank you so much to all parties involved! Please keep up the great work!

  43. Hey! Just wanted to suggest a movie re quick.
    The Frankenstein Theroy | http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2646378/
    This is probably my favorite of the “Frankenstein’s monster”-type movies. It was on Netflix for a while, but I’m not sure if it’s still there. You may have heard of it before, but I just wanted to share this since I didn’t see it anywhere on the site.

    • Hi Stephen, yeah I watched it many moons ago but I just haven’t got around to reviewing it yet. I remember that I loved it ( even though many other critics didn’t! )

  44. Hey Chris,
    wow, great side. I appreciate your review-style: well-balanced & straight to the point. Really fucking brilliant. Keep up the good work!
    Cheers from Bavaria!

  45. Oh, I almost forgot…
    I am curious. What do think of Dabbe: Cin Çarpmasi?
    Personally, I would rate it as outstanding next to Trollhunter or Cannibal Holocaust.

    • Not sure if I’ve seen that yet, or I’ve completely forgotten about it – one of the two! Will look into it this weekend!

      • Hey Chris,
        always a pleasure to swing by. Feels like home by now, sorta-kinda. Browsing through your reviews usually ends up with a binge-fest. Thanks for that!
        Found a cool oldie the other day: Septem8er Tapes (2004). Never heard about it before. You?
        Last but not least, I had prioritize my horror films before my collection explodes. So, I started a love-list on imdb (http://www.imdb.com/list/ls033236982/), heavily inspired by your site.

        • Hi Stefan,

          I did watch Septem8er Tapes a few years ago but I’ve completely forgotten most of it – another one to put on the re-watch list! 🙂

          Great list BTW

  46. First post! Fantastic website! Great reviews! More importantly; I feel a hell of a lot better knowing that I’m not the only person out there who really enjoys FF Movies.

    Keep up the good work Guys!

  47. Should watch and review “occult” by director of Noroi. I know you had issues with overacting in his other effort “cult” but this is more in the vein of realism captured in Noroi. Amazing acting, plot progression, and fu^^ing awesome climax. Continues story from Noroi as a side-quel of sorts.

    • Hi Brandon, loved the last episode of Labrys!
      I watched Occult about a year back with dodgy subtitles on YouTube. Looking for a better copy before I review it for the site ( the subtitles seemed to be too transparent at times! ).

  48. Segment 1 to begin filming soon! Holding auditions and casting this week. Releasing a couple of mini-segments in the meantime. Next to be posted will probably be House of Labrys: Segment 0.25. Lil hint…get to see unexplained origin of camo villain and a list of rules.

  49. Thanks for the support btw!!! Long time fan of your site. It’s rare to find attention given to anyone/everyone that posts a comment or question. Whenever I bring up my project to others, Allways make sure to point them your way for some more found footage goodness 🙂

    • No problem Brandon – love the series so far!
      Love responding to other fans as well. If I kept quiet the site would just be like any other shitty film site out there, and I never wanted that! I work online for a living and this was only going to be a sort of side project! It currently ranks on the first page of google under the term ‘found footage films’ due to the interaction between visitors in the comment section. I started it as a ‘labor of love’ but now it’s getting out of hand (in a good way!) 🙂
      You guys make it work – without you lot visiting the site would never rank!

  50. You really need to see Camera Trap. One of the best found footage movies ever made.

  51. Have you seen “What We Do in the Shadows” yet? Directed by Flight of the Conchords actor Jemaine Clement. Is a comedy horror hybrid (mainly comedy) that hits every spot.

    • I seem to remember the title but I can’t remember if I’ve watched it or not! Will have to look into it again this week!

  52. I really do love this site but I may have to be annoying and keep pushing Camera Trap on you! I’ve seen all the movies you reviewed plus then some. That’s why I’m dying to find out what you think about Camera Trap. I’m not going to give anything away so I don’t want to give details. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to read about it before hand. On a side note although not a found footage film Dark Woods 2 is pretty decent. Strangely enough the first Dark Woods was a found footage film. Dark Woods is just the Americanized title. They’re actually called Villmark and Villnark 2.

    • I’ll have a look for that one tonight Howard – don’t suppose you have any links for it do you? 🙂

  53. hello Chris, this is such a wonderful site which I discovered lately. I am a filmmaker with three feature films and my new found footage film ‘House of Temptation’ won the Best Supporting actor award in a festival here in San Francisco. Film has an amazing cast and we have 8.4 rating on imdb. Would you like to review my film ‘House of Temptation’?
    here is a trailer. I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi there Doc, thanks for reaching out!
      Would love to review your Found Footage film for this website. Do you have a copy I could use temporarily for review purposes?

        • Sorry lost this message in the mass of comments I get every day! Will send you an email now!

    • 0.25 removed from main channel and will be added as a deleted scene on extras page if anyone tried to follow link..rewrote the beginning and producer approved. Have to pay for reshoot on my own dime but going to be worth it :). Side note: getting the English translated into Hebrew by particular scholar/Rabbi soon as he get back from Israel (only few bits in Hebrew, but some hidden treats for those who bother to translate)

      • Good stuff Brandon – looking forward to covering the complete set on here ( we can showcase it pretty easily! )

  54. Hey there, love the site have had it bookmarked for some time, this is my first time with a suggestion for a review though.
    It’s a new movie called, “They’re watching”
    I think its quite good but it is definitely worth watching.

    • Cheers Jordan,
      Watched it the other night on Putlocker – will be trying to get it reviewed asap ( but there’s a bit of a backlog here at the moment…as always! ) 🙂

  55. Should see Dabbe 3, Dabbe 4 (only ones in series that are found footage-amazing stuff-Turkish). Also “They’re Watching” just came out and is so much fun (monumentary stylez) Set in Maldovia I think bout a girl who buys rundown house and fixes up in Maldovia and turns out she is a witch. Watch trailer for it soon as possible and you will see what I mean by “fun”. Was a surprise and a joy to watch-lots of cgi in finale-EPIC. The Dabbe movies are like Turkish paranormal activity movies-cept involving Jinn (besides a hiccup in a single special effect in 3 they are both outstanding. I recommend watching Dabbe 4 first as they are not directly connected (none of same characters). Enjoy :). Also just saw “slender”. Really enjoyed it, but not sure exactly how I feel about the end product, would have to watch again.
    Dabbe: Bir Cin Vakasi
    Dabbe: Cin Carpmasi
    They’re Watching

    • All good options Brandon! 🙂
      I’m at the point where I’ve just about seen everything ( except Hotel Hollywood – which I’ve recently been informed is Found Footage but I can’t find it anywhere at the moment! ). The problem I have is trying to find the time to review them all – I have a list of over 100 Found Footage films I’ve watched but haven’t got around to reviewing for this site yet! So this site is at least 100 reviews down on what it should be at the moment…
      I’ll get there in the end ( I hope! )

      • If u can find hotel Hollywood let me know. Been looking for that one for 3 years now and no luck. No download, stream, or option to purchase…why make a movie if you won’t let anybody see it? Hear it is based on real event of quarantine in Japan or China of a wedding party trapped in building.

        • I think it’s disappeared somewhere into the Bermuda Triangle – really pisses me off when I’m looking for this one! I know scammers are making a fortune out of promising the movie after a ‘sign up’ so it’s safe to say it’ll never be re-released…and I have no idea why?

        • hey bro , I was just reading your comment and HAD to reply to it , only because I had gotten into such a heated argument with someone a week or two ago about just that statement “why make a movie if you won’t let anybody see it?”. Also because Im having the same issue , I have a really good playlist ( IMO) lol, of 348 FF movies Ive watched & listed with another 35-50 on deck that Im watching and adding every few days, the problem is , the OTHER LIST I have of FF movies that I havent seen yet and that is because I cant find them ANYWHERE, and I meN IT , iM OUT OF IDEAS AND i CANT GET ANYONE TO HELP ME FIND THEM … ITS BEEN MONTHS..

          • OK Chris here it goes, like I said these are the movies that I havent seen yet because I just cant find them anywhere, and believe me , Ive tried!!
            The Nobodies
            Mr Biffo’s Found Footage
            Factory of Paranormal
            Cold Ground
            Boots on the Ground Murder in the Heartland: The Search for Video X
            Behind the Sightings
            Crone Wood
            The Malibu Tapes
            Trial of Leaves
            The Tulupa Effect
            Whispered Faith
            The Record of Stan Frederick
            Limestone Burning
            The Life of Riley Venn: Ghost Magnet
            Nature, Carmilla
            Alt Manheim
            Five Find Your Limit
            Cage Dive
            Kerb Crawlers
            Night Shot
            O. Unilateralis
            Weeping Thorns
            1972 Yellow House
            The Black Door
            Devils Door
            The Ghost is a Lie
            The Stuart House Recordings
            The House on the Wrong Side of the Tracks
            Skinheads 88
            The Paranormal Disappearance of Ailyn Jesick
            The Locals
            39: A Film by Carroll McKane
            Tontine (Massacre)
            The Fiji Tapes
            Caught Not Sleeping
            The Dark Hunter
            MLAndersen0: The Andersen Journals
            The Rejected
            Hotel Hollywood
            Video X: The Dwayne and Darla-Jean Story DarkHarvest00
            The Legend of the 5ive
            The Big Finish
            Last Ride
            A Necessary Death
            Strawberry Estates
            Under the Raven’s Wing
            the Ghost From Hovrino
            No. 32
            B District
            Paranormal Proof
            Rulers Of Darkness
            Dark Life’s
            Black Wake
            The Vampire Show
            The Crying Dead ( I think Ive seen this , but its called “The Whispering Dead”)
            Bloody Legends: Yara
            The Trick or Treaters
            Sorgio Prakov, My European Dream
            Outtake Reel
            The Dark Area
            Bxx: Haunted
            The Lock In
            Stone Markers
            ?: A Question Mark
            The Dead Will Rise
            The Dead Will Rise 2
            File Box
            Unknown Project
            Monster Movie
            Monsters in the Woods
            Semper fight
            The Borneo Incident
            The Disappearance of Jenna Matheson
            Il Mistero di Lovecraft: Road to L…
            Pursuit:The search for Bigfoot
            House of Temptation ( On youtube I think)
            Dabbe (Dab6e)
            Thats my hunting list , I just cant seem to find them anywhere , and I know sometime FF film turn out to be complete shite , but I watch them ALL because I know that for every 10 I watch there will be 6 shitty films 3 really good ones and 1 great one, but I appriciate every single one I watch. please let me know if you know where I can find any OR ALL of them…, you have my email.

          • Ah finally found this Dave – great list (I can see thousands of my subscribers running through this the moment I post it on the site!) 🙂
            Off the top of my head, NIETZERMANN is on iTunes (I was sent a screener by the director with a password there!).
            The rest are going to take some homework over the next few days!

          • WOW !!! I so happy that we’re actually able to communicate back and forth even though it took a few days to figure out our communication issue. Ive also got my playlist up to 362 FF movies that I’ve seen since the OP and can be viewed and shared with you and any new friends I meet here on your page anytime , plus I’ve got about 45 on deck that I’m currently going thru and watching in the next week or so , but just have been on the back burner because I really can’t stand sub-titles which quite a few of them are so 1 of them a day is enough , lol. If you’d like access to them please shoot me an email because Im sure Im watching them in places where it’s not so cool to post the name of the site if you know what I mean , but if you want I could show you the list of movies I have available to share ? Ill try and copy and paste it below in alittle while, other than that ,thank you SOOO fuckin much for helping me search and complete my list , it has been a treasure hunt that has been fun and agonizing at the same time , and I must give you credit for introducing me to a nice size handful of them that I was unaware of in the beginning, and an occasional gem every few months recently that you have heard of before me. If you are able to find some of the movies on my list , how will you inform me? Will it be thru an e-mail, or will I have to come back to this comment section occasionally to see? sorry for all of the questions , I’m just excited you’re actually willing to help, I talked to someone at another site that I will not name here and they basically told me to fu cough and that I shouldn’t use certain sites to watch movies and a bunch of other things I can’t discuss openly.

          • Haha, I can guess the other site, and the person you spoke to there 🙂
            Na I couldn’t give a fuck where people watch the films – I don’t have Putlocker links etc on here because Google frowns on them – and will punish the site! But yeah, I use illegal streaming sites to watch 99% of my films!
            You can contact me directly through the contact form on this site – it’s linked directly to my email, or you can leave a message here! (whichever’s easier for you!).
            That list sounds cool!!!!!!

          • oK Im gonna send you my playlist of the movies I have viewed already via email and then Ill post it here next . Again , this is so great to have some FF peeps to shoot the shit with I feel like I’ve been watching these flicks all alone , lmfao. I’m your newest regular, even though I have been checking in here a few times a week , now I have a comment presence as well. ( double entendre coming right up…)

          • Hey Chris 1 more quick thing , please let me know if you got the list via e-mail , because I forgot to cc it to myself , Shit, I don’t even know if that was a possibility !!??

          • Shit, I’m looking for the list here and I cant see it anywhere! Did you send it through the contact section of this site?

          • Yeah , I sent it thru the ” contact” area , HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!! , SEND ME AN E-MAIL ( YOU MUST HAVE IT WITH ALL THE COMMENTS/REPLIES WE’VE HAD ) AND AS SOON AS i RECEIVE IT i’LL REPLY BACK VIA EMAIL, BECAUSE i REALLY WANNA GET YOU THIS PLAYLIST BRO..!! whoa sorry about caps , 2 tired to fix them right now, lol Ill be watching for your email bro..

  56. If anyone can point me in the direction of, “In Memorium”, I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for it, but so far, no luck. Dying to see it, so any help in doing so would be greatly appreciated☠

    • Hi Amy,

      Have you tried putlocker(dot)is yet? They are usually my first port of call when it comes to Found Footage. I remember watching this particular film on a site named Solar Movie!

  57. This is definitely a new favorite blog! It’s nice to find a guy who likes found footage more than I do.

  58. It’s me again. Just trying to pressure you into dropping everything and watching Camera Trap!

  59. Hey there again. I’m the same guy who suggested Camera Trap a few months ago. I really hope you don’t mind but I was just looking through the web for reviews of a movie i fell in love with called You Are Not Alone. A great p.o.v. Flick that just grabbed me by throat and took me on a wicked horror ride. I was blown away by everything. The directing, the acting, the cinematography and even the music is all first rate. I highly recommend this one to anybody who hasn’t seen it! Anyway the first review I found started like this- “I hate found footage films.” Which this movie is not. It’s p.o.v. I had to read the first paragraph because I actually thought he would go on to say, even though I hate f.f. films this one was brilliant but of course he goes on to say how unwatchable and dumd it was. I don’t usually take case with what most reviewers have to say about f.f. movies because they are ignorant and have no taste. This one I did take offense to. I wrote the reviewer what I thought he missed about You Are Not Alone. I’m not expecting to hear back from him. I had to come to your site and complain a bit. I apologize but hey now you know of 2 new movies that you really got to watch. Unless of course you already saw them. One is Camera Trap and the other is You Are Not Alone 2014. Love the site!

    • Of course I don’t mind Howard! I included these comment sections so all the Found Footage freaks (like me!) could interact with the site and each other 🙂
      I quite like the sound of this You Are Not Alone as it doesn’t ring any bells, aka, I don’t think I’ve seen it! Do you have any online links to it?

  60. Hey Chris. I was wondering what you think of the game outlast? I know it seems out of place for a site about films but I really loved outlast because it felt like an interactive found footage film. Again sorry if this seems out of place.

    • Hi there!
      I’m sorry I haven’t actually played that game – I spend so much time running websites my eldest son has now stolen my Xbox One off me (the little shit!).

  61. Hi Chris!
    Great web site, i really enjoy it. Already downloading couple of titles, and i am getting excited…they are almost done. Your list is OK, of course we all have our own impressions but mine is ” Possession of Michael King”…after 1st time iwe seen it, i was blown away! Apart from great website, the additional values are the comments, which i found interesting and sort of educating as well.
    I tought i have seen them all, or 99% at least but i was so wrong. The one u specially point out, in one of your articles, is Alien Abduction…something. Downloading now. Yes i do prefer ghosts and “ghost busters” like in legendary Grave Encounters 1&2, but since u point it…will check it out.
    Unfortunally for me, i do need the subtitles as well, but they are most of the time available.
    Stay cool, keep your good blog running!
    Regards from Belgrade!

    • Hi Oskar, nice to meet you! 🙂
      Great to hear that you enjoy the site so much. As you pointed out there are quite literally thousands of comments here so don’t forget to check out each section at the bottom of each page – there’s always some extra cool film suggestions there!

  62. Hey Chris, sorry to bug you again, but I have another one that might be worth your attention: Crowsnest (2012). Great backwoods/cannibal/survival mash-up!
    Cheers, Stefan

    • Hi there Stefan – you’re not bugging me! 🙂

      I have watched Crowsnest but it was quite a while back now – I’ve forgotten most of it! It’s one of those films that’s getting harder and harder to locate online so if you have a working link to it….send it our way!!!!

  63. Yeah I saw Megan is missing but it wasn’t that good …. There is an indian found footage movie called 6 – 5 = 2

    • That sounds pretty cool Kashish – don’t suppose you have a working link to it?

  64. This might sound weird but do u know any nice movies which has good sex scene I mean can u tell me many of them

    • LOL
      Not really mate no, there are ‘specialized’ sites that show that kinda thing! 🙂

  65. Just found this site today and it us awesome. Ive always enjoyed FF because it feels like your in it and always worrying about whats going to happen next unlike the big hollywood films. So far I think my favorites would have to be vhs 1 and 2 and the inside. I dont think you have the inside review on here so you will have to definitely watch it. I found it on hulu plus and said screw it and have watched it 3 times now. Anyways ill be using these reviews on what to watch every night.

    • Hey Allen, great to have you here!
      The Inside rings a bell but I can’t be 100% sure I’ve watched it – will have to look into that later this week! 🙂

  66. What are your thoughts on the new Blair Witch sequel? Do you think it will be a “Found Footage” film?

    • To be honest Felipe I had no idea they were making one! I hope it’s in the Found Footage format otherwise it’ll end up like that shitty Book of Shadows they came up with….

  67. Hey brother. I’ve written and suggested some movies (you’re not alone) and others. I just watched the Levenger tapes on demand and was happily entertained. In fact it was better than most of the found footage that has come out in the past year. It had big budget and really good acting. It wasn’t perfect but if you have not checked it out yet you should! You wont be let down, for once! I don’t want to give anything away so I leave it to you to find out about. Like I said its on demand but it’s also on Purlocker.is.

    • Hey Howard – good to hear from you again!
      I hit up Levenger Tapes a few months back but I just haven’t got around to covering it here yet – I had a few unknown indie films to go review first! Will get it up here shortly – it’s a pretty good film isn’t it?

  68. Don’t forget to watch The Inside. The cover picture will have a red pentagram on it. It starts out kind of annoying because of all the crying but once you get into it it’s so awesome. I want to see your review about it.

    • Shit I keep on forgetting about that one – you introduced me to it before right? And I was struggling to find a film to watch last night….
      Will get onto this one asap (and keep on reminding me LOL) 🙂

  69. Hey buddy, how do I write to u about checking out a new FF flick that maybe I’ve seen that u haven’t caught yet?

    • Hi there Dave!

      There’s a contact page on the top navbar of this site HERE. It links straight to my email so I see all messages!
      Don’t be afraid to hit me up when you find something new – people do it all the time! 🙂

      • look see thats me above you, some of my messages go thru , and some dont.. wtf right.. btw my names either DAVE NYCE , DAVE KATULAK,OR JUST DAVE

  70. I found you page looking up happy camp, seeing it was a real place. They made it seem quite believable. I like to know there are other people who like the genre. If the owner of the page has a Facebook group, could they email me the addy? Search for my name listed here. I own the profiles with a unicorn and a black wolf as the pro pic. Just tell me where you came from, tho. I don’t add just anyone. I like the FF films that seem so real, I can’t look away! Can someone PLEASE tell me which ones are on hulu, Netflix and crackle? That’s my way of watching movies and tv….

    • You might want to watch one thats mixed ff and regular called THE INSIDE. No bigfoots or ghosts, just evil people hurting party girls. No spoilers… just watch it. It’s messed up.

      • Hi Rebecca, I actually re-watched Inside about a fortnight ago – forgot how good it was and how the plot changes so quickly! As for where I find the films – I usually use the Putlocker-based sites (which aren’t exactly legal but they get all the titles in one place…for free!) 🙂
        I don’t have the site on Facebook as there’s too much ‘noise’ there – you can find us on Google+ though and Pinterest!

      • Ive been telling him to watch The Inside also. Movie gets you on the edge of your seat when that guy finds the tape

        • Yeah it’s on the list to go on here guys – I originally watched it about three years ago on Sky’s Horror Channel. The problem I have is that I get new films sent to me all the time, I have a backlog of about 40 – 50 Found Footage films to get on here so I try and get the ‘new’ releases published first. The Inside was pretty cool though – surprising twist halfway through!

  71. Hey Chris, it’s Howard again. I went to go see the new Blair Witch this weekend and was thankful that movie at least tried to be scary as the first. Which I knew couldn’t possibly be better then the original Blair Witch. It just didn’t have the same low budget feel that made Blair so freakin scary in the first place. Anyway. As usual your reviews seem to me spot on. Especially with the Triangle. What a great movie but the end was a let down. Looking forward to more reviews from you in the future!

    • I tried watching it last week Howard but the screener I was given was cropped top and bottom – good quality HD picture but I was only getting 80% of the screen! Anyway, couldn’t risk spoiling the experience so I’ll have to wait until Wednesday when another screener is shipped…

  72. Have you had a chance to watch “Blair Witch” (2016) yet? And if so what are your thoughts on it?

    • Hey Felipe

      Had a screener copy sent to me for review purposes but it was cropped top and bottom – perfect HD quality but half the screen on show! I stopped it before I ruined the experience for myself. I will get back around to it but I’ve got about 6 new movies to get through here!

  73. Hey Chris this is Noel, a Kraut from Germany who not really like to eat Kraut 😉

    Forgive me if my english is not so propper! I just wanted to say that you run a fantastic website and i´m really glad that it exists!!! Literally everytime i´m looking for a new Found Footage Movie i visit your wensite first to check out whats new.
    You do a really good job and i can say, that i watched almost every movie you rated on this side. I must confess that since a couple of Years, i am following you and feel a little bit of shame bout myself that i never wrote a comment or so! But – Here i am 🙂
    So, the first step´s done and i try to be a more loyal follower from now on. Keep it going Chris much respect for you work, really appreciate it!!!


    • Hey Noel – great to meet you!

      Nothing wrong with Kraut – my girlfriend is from Bulgaria so we eat loads of it! 🙂

      Great to hear that you are enjoying the site – thanks for your continued support!!!!

  74. Hey Chris. I tried leaving a comment a few days ago on the site but I haven’t seen it. So instead of repeating everything word for word just in case you did get it somehow, I’ll get right to the point. I have found my new favorite found footage film. A new one called Hell House LCC. Basically you got a group of young adults who find houses and turn them into haunted house for Halloween. I guess they make good money doing it. They find a new house where they plan on creating a scary haunted house for the public. Only this house is scary already and haunted as well. I’m giving nothing away! Not only was this a great movie but it was actually freaky! Hands down the best found footage film I have ever seen! I hope you get my comment and I hope you see Hell House CLL as soon as you can! Holy crap it’s good!

    • Hey Howard – you sent the comment to me directly from this site LOL – it ended up in my private email account and I replied to it! Check out the latest review I did in the blog section…your name is mentioned a couple of times….

  75. Hi.?its Howard again.I hope I’m sending this to you the right way this time! I watched yet another good found footage flick. In English it’s called, u.f.o. It is here but I found it on an illegal site and it’s just called UFO. There is nothing new to the plot but it plan just kicks ass. Good direction. Good acting and creepy. I don’t like giving much away. I’ll leave it to you how much you want to find out about it. It’s a German film from 2016. It’s German name is UFO Es Ist Hier! Surprisingly good!

    • Hi Howard!

      I spotted UFO a few weeks back but I didn’t realize it was a Found Footage! It’s on Putlocker at the moment – I’ll give it a try tonight! So it’s in German with subtitles right?

      • One site has film without subtitle but there’s another sited that does indeed have subtitles except for the beginning when they have words before the movie that probably just explains that filmmakers went out to film and then disappeared but it does have subtitles! I think I may watch it again tonight!

        • Hi Howard, watched it last night – not bad at all really. I think I ended up on Putlocker watching it, Kodi had no streams available!

          • I was surprised with how far they took the violence and not to mention the way they showed the monster but never really in a defining way. When I first started it I though, “ok I’ve seen this before in Encounters but they went in a totally different direction. Unfortunately now I don’t think there are any more found footage films out right now that I haven’t already seen but I will search the web like a fat kid eating cake!

          • No I’m running a bit dry myself Howard – I have about 9 reviews to put up here then I’m back out looking for more films…

  76. Hey buddy. It’s Howard again, (Hell House LLC) and I’ve been waiting for a new found footage film for a bit now. Well I found one called RWD on putlocker. I have not watched yet but I did a little digging into it and of course came across mostly rotten reviews crapping all over found footage but I did find a couple of reviews that highly praised it. One reviewer wrote ‘this movie is too low budget to be good.’I get annoyed even though I haven’t watched it yet! So I’m watching it tonight and if I like it I will go back to the said reviewer and send him a nasty opinion of his stupid opinion. Ok. I feel a little better now.

    • Ah I came across that myself on Putlocker but for some reason I didn’t watch it…and I can’t remember why? Maybe it was the reviews online or maybe I watched the first ten minutes and turned it off….Have you watched it yet Howard and if so, what was it like??

      I may give it a go tonight when I get some time!

      • RWD definitely had some pretty great scenes and the plot itself was actually pretty cleaver. Indeed it was a low budget film that had problems with handling some other scenes that were just confusing. I will admit that I remained interested in the movie all the way through though some parts annoyed me. The kids in movie did a decent job with acting. Some scenes were actually hysterical though it’s not a comedy horror. I mean I was laughing out loud at some of the cleaver set ups. It was a difficult film and sometimes my love for horror found footage might make me more patient than the normal veiwer. I’d love it if you watched and reviewed it, if you ever get a chance. It kept me watching and there were some seriously good ideas in this joint!

        • Good stuff Howard – I’ll get on it this week and give it a watch before the madness of this weekend (Xmas).

  77. Hey guys, nothing like a FF movie night…that scene from REC is terrifying, but I got one for you Steve, Cannibal Holocaust this is from the1980s I think.

  78. Ok. I’m writing you way too much but I did realize, as I’m about to start watching it myself, I never mentioned or asked if you have seen the movie Man vs? It’s good. You’ll like it. Man vs, it’s on vodlocker. Heh. I’ll shut up now.

    • No I don’t mind you writing mate – the reason this site ranks so well in Google’s results is due to you lot (the visitors) commenting so often! The more ‘new’ content a site gets the better it ranks – comments count as fresh content and Google loves ’em.
      So come here and comment or chat as often as you like – it’s what keeps the site successful!!!! 🙂

      I have seen Man Vs and I really quite enjoyed it – I can’t remember why I didn’t review it????? Is it full Found Footage or a hybrid?

      • I realized as I watched Man vs it wasn’t a full fledge found footage film. It was a hybrid. A good one but doesn’t really belong on the site. Anyway. I’m hosting a found footage film marathon on Saturday. The problem is, I’m not sure which flicks to show! So far I got on my list to watch definitely, Blair Witch 2016. Hell House LLC. Encounters and that’s it. I need to pick at least 2 other movies but I’m finding it hard to pick ones that are universal enough to entertain 5 different personalities. Well, im going to take a close look through your blog and find them. Hey! Just thought of one! The Conspiracy was great. Just one more!

        • There’s some good titles you’ve covered there (it’s Sunday so you’ve probably watched them all by now!). I did really enjoy that Man Vs BTW!

  79. Hey Chris. It’s me AGAIN! Just realized I suggested a found footage film to you a while back and haven’t seen it in the blog yet. Maybe it’s one you saw and are waiting to review it or maybe you watched it and didnt like it? If you have not yet seen Camera Trap- Putlocker- you should check it out when you get a chance. It easily one of my favorites. It’s a bit of a slow burner but I found the characters to be interesting and what they were doing fascinating. I hate giving to much away but it seemed like one of those rare found footage films that had a decent budget but just never made it to the States at least. A group of scientists and a photographer go across the globe to set out to find a rare cat that has been seen by villagers near the mountains. The whole movie takes place in the rugged woods and of course they eventually realize that something else might be watching them! I freaking love this movie. If you have not seen it yet then when you have the time you should check it. If you have seen it and didn’t like it let me know either way? Thanks Chris!

    • Camera Trap seems to ring a bell with me – I’m sure I watched it???? Or was it the film that was completely out of sync (audio)? Anyway, if you find a decent link to it send it to me – I need to see whether I’ve watched it or not!

      • I lost the good the good version of the Camera Trap. Or I should say that shady site was closed unfortunately but I will keep my eyes out!

        • Yeah I know what you mean there – these Putlocker sites are hunted down by the feds all the time. Whenever I find one I enjoy it’s gone within 4 to 6 months….most of the time they just move server to another country and start again (like Iceland!!!) 🙂

  80. Hey just wanted to drop a comment saying I love your site and I appreciate your dedication to FF! It’s awesome to find more obscure FF films, I especially love the youtube offerings and shorts and I appreciate you weeding through them so I know which ones to absolutely skip. Great website, you’re doing awesome work keep it up!

    • Hey Robbie – great to hear!

      I like the YouTube offerings myself but unfortunately about 99% of them are complete sh#t (as you’ve probably found out for yourself!). Still there are always the diamonds out there…it’s just finding them…

  81. Ok. I found a new found footage film called Wolf House. I’m not going to say much about it except that it kicks ass and when you get the time you got to watch it. Here’s a flimsy plot description. A film crew go out in the woods to make a found footage film but things don’t go as they planed. There it is. You’re gonna like this one I think

    • Hi Howard – I watched a Wolf House last night…did I maybe watch the wrong film? It was alright and stuff but I was super-confused by the ending of it. Acting was pretty decent etc. but I still have no idea what all that creature shit was inside the house??? Anyway I think I’ll watch it again this week and pick up on the holes I missed…

      • I watched 2 ff films this week. One is wolf House which you saw. I don’t know, I thought it was pretty good. At least compared to the many crappy ff films. The second I watched was Moth, which I thought was going to be really good but ended up being just alright. On the bright side of things I have seen some promising trailers. One is called Screamers 2017. It looks maybe even classic. I don’t have any clue when it’s coming out but I’m looking!

        • Hi Howard,

          Yeah I thought both of the mentioned films were decent enough – I know the director of Moth so I kinda enjoyed that more (I had positive vibes going into it!). I have heard of Screamers but it’s not up anywhere yet unfortunately…it does look good mind!

  82. Hi Chris
    I have found a really… intriguing found footage film that was not yet reviewed on your site. It is called Snuffet and you can see it here:

    If you don’t know anything about it, don’t google it and let it surprise you by the crazy concept it is based on 🙂

    • Cool one Marek – this message ended up in the spam folder of the site so sorry for the late reply (it had a link to a dodgy site in it so the security hit it up as spam!). Will check this one out ASAP 🙂

  83. I got a great one! Never heard of it before. I didn’t know much about the movie going in and that actually made it even better. The movie is called Savageland! It’s not found footage but it is a really well done mockumentary. I can’t remember being so creeped out in awhile! It’s on Watchfree.to. Basically it’s about an entire town that is murdered over night and they have one suspect and blame the whole thing on him. Except a few days after the massacre the survivors roll of film is found and may explain a more insidious plot. That’s all I knew going in. I hope you get a chance to watch Savageland as soon as you can. This one might be considered a classic!

    • Hi Howard, sorry for the delay!

      Yeah I came across Savageland about a month back but the audio was slightly out of sync – I went ahead and watched it anyway! I’ll try the version on Watchfree instead and review from that! 🙂

  84. Ok. I’m not sure if you got my comment about Savageland yet but I found another found footage film that’s getting pretty good reviews and it was directed by a 16 year old. Which worried me a bit but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. It’s called Therapy. I’m watching it tonight but I thought I’d throw you the movie title so you can check it for yourself.

  85. I still haven’t watched Therapy yet. My week got crazy but I hope to watch it tonight. You said you saw a trailer for #Screamers and Shark Tank? Any idea when those found footage movies are coming out. Or if they’re ever coming out? I’ll let you know how Therapy is soon!

    • Hey Howard,

      No I don’t know any exact dates for them but I’m pretty sure they are far along the production line now…and they will be coming out. I can’t remember where you said you found that Therapy film? I should really look into it tonight…

      • I saw Therapy on Watchfree.to but I still haven’t watched it yet. You know what? I’m going to watch that s.o.b. right now. To be continued…

        • Any good Howard? I tried watching it myself but my internet was playing up (f##king thing was buffering every 3 minutes or so!)

  86. There’s been f.f. film drought. I watched one on Netflix last night and it wasn’t so good. I can’t even remember the name! I watched Therapy and it’s really just pieces of the film that have foun footage moments so I was disappointed but all these trailers for upcomig f.f. movies look insanely great. The Dark Tapes. #Screamers. Shark Tank. I did find a found footage film called Voodoo on Watchfree.to which I’ll check out tonight. I have no idea how good it will be. I’ll write tomorrow to let you know what I thought

    • Any news on that Voodoo Howard – I haven’t f##king stopped over the last ten days so I haven’t really watched anything!

      • I did watch Voodoo and it’s funny because it got a lot of good reviews from viewers. I watched it because I’m a found footage freak and I can say I got my nights worth. I could complain about the same old. Acting is meh. Pace is meh. Here’s the funny part. I did like it. Maybe I’m sick? You have to take a look because it’s pure in its form and it’s pretty low budget. I don’t want to ruin it so I’ll keep this short. I’m still pretty psyched about #Screamers coming out. Whenever it comes out. If it comes out. You know how it goes…

  87. Hey Chris. Just some info I found on promising found footage movies coming out soon. One of them is directed by Adrian Tofei who did Be My Cat. It’s called We Put the World To Sleep and it is a complete mystery what the plot is. I’m pretty sure the director is keeping a tight knot around the plot of the film so it will be that much better when it comes out. The movie I’m most looking forward to is the sequel to The Tunnel. All i could find was that the plot consists of Tangel’s sister searching for her brother in the hellish tunnel from the first movie. No idea when these are being released but thankfully they’re being made!

    • Yeah I know Adrian Tofei well – he contacted me about ‘Cat’ after I reviewed ‘Moth’ for one of his fellow Eastern European directors/friends (both really nice guys!). I have heard about his upcoming release but I have to wait until he sends me a password to his screener before I can watch it!

      I like the sound of a sequel to The Tunnel mind…

  88. Hey I just watched a ff called the dark tapes. Pretty sure they did exactly what’s v/h/s dId entirely but it was a pretty good movie. check it it.

    • Hi Allen,
      Yeah the review was posted up here today – not a bad film at all! 🙂

  89. aaaaannnd it’s me again. Sunday night. Bored. Really wanting to watch something new. I’m going through all the illegal sites to see what was newly released. I come to a horror movie called Land Of Smiles. I check up on it. Found an article that the director wrote. He states it’s a found footage film. I get excited. No more boredom. I’ll let you know how it is.

  90. Just finished watching the supposedly found footage flick called Land Of Smile. It’s shot in a p.o.v. type style. Plus there is some legit found footage as well. It was a good production with solid acting and even some twits and turns I didn’t see coming. Then the ending happened. I know some may like the way it ended but I hated it. I felt like i was going on this entertaining enough journey just to get punched in the face. I don’t know if you could even put this movie up because it’s not pure found footage but if you do decide to take a look, let me know what you thought? I’m still looking for a site that has the f.f. film Therapy that has English subtitles. I keep hearing its great. To be continued…

    • POV is alright – that fits the bill of Found Footage when it comes down to it! I’ll try that one out. I’ve been lucky over the last few days – found a few hidden efforts that I’ll be posting up to this site in the near future….

  91. Not sure if you got my message about the film The Void? While not found footage and not for the site but you should check it out for you. It’s easily a classic horror film. Part early John Carpenter and part H.P. lovecraft. With great monster effects. Check it when you get chance.

    • Hi Howard,

      I did try watching the void on Kodi about 2 months ago but for some reason I stopped…maybe I thought it was shit? I dunno – I’ll give it another go tonight as it sounds as if I stopped watching it too soon!!!!

  92. Possibily. Or maybe it’s not your kind of movie. I’m talking about the Void. I’d be a little surprised if you didn’t like it all but maybe I’m going soft? Getting older makes me more accepting of bullshit entertainment. Though I hope not? If you give it another shot let me know! I’m about to watch Chupacabra Territoy. I’ve read the usual ratings. People either loved it or hated it. No middle ground. I can’t remember if you wrote a review on it. Well. That’s where I’m headed next.

    • Watched it last night Howard – I ended up watching a completely different movie named ‘Void’ last time (Kodi giving me screwed up links again!). I loved this one – good old fashioned horror like back in the 80’s! Shitty green screen effects in the final scene otherwise an excellent indie horror offering (good actors too!).

      Hope you enjoyed Chupacabra Territory more than I did!!!! 🙂

      • Ok. No. I didn’t like Chupacabra Territory. More specifically that actress in it had to be the most grating and insanely annoying presence ever in film history. Afterwards I so badly needed to flush her out of my memory that I decided to watch Devils Backbone, Texas. I had seen it previously a couple years ago and didn’t think much of it. However. This past viewing I found a new appreciation for it. I dug it! Unfortunately no new found footage this Friday. I may actually motivate myself to go to the theaters and catch Phoenix Forgotten. I just hate spending $12 on movie ticket.

        • I actually followed your lead and watched Devil’s Backbone again Friday night Howard (I was bored and on painkillers!). Nope, still think it’s pretty long-winded but I do like the final scene more and more every time I watch it! I know what you mean about cinema tickets – add a Pepsi and you’re looking at $20!

  93. Hey, guys, I need some help. I want to find a movie I watched a year or two ago but unfortunately, I can’t remember its name. It was a horror mockumentary about a school girl went missing and her friend. She was going almost every day in one and the same place in the park, making video diaries or something until one day she was kidnapped there apparently by the same killer who took her friend. He dragged her in some kind of basement, her phone fell on the ground and captured her last minutes being tortured and photographed by that guy. That last footage we see after her phone was found by a policeman in a trash bin at the end of the movie. Please, tell me what was the title of that movie?

    • Hey Denny, great to have you here!

      I’m thinking maybe ‘Megan is Missing’ – does this sound familiar to you?

  94. Hey, Chris! You are absolutely right! Thank you so much, my friend! I’m happy I found this nice and interesting website dedicated to my favorite movie genre. Greetings from Bulgaria!

    • No way – my partner’s from Bulgaria! (we live in Wales though, UK). Where about in Bulgaria are you from?

        • Ahhh she’s from Veliko Turnovo (I think I got the correct spelling). I’ll be going over there twice this summer.

          • I lived in Veliko Turnovo for 8 years, studied in the University, there, too. My best friend is from VT but I also have many others. I really love this town and I’m sure you’ll like it very much. Everybody loves it! 😉

  95. Have you seen the Presence yet? It’s a German found footage movie made in 2014. Basically you have a couple and a friend who managed to get keys to a very old castle. Once they are there it becomes clear that their purpose is to try and record paranormal activity. So obviously it isn’t very original and to be honest it was pretty by the numbers the whole way through. Also while not the best f.f. flick. I found it to be pretty entertaining. I mean believe me when say I’ve seen my share of crap. Although I will say this! On a rainy night when there is absolutely nothing to watch, The Presence is more than watchable. It’s not a zero budget but definitely a small one. Not to be confused with the American movie with the same name made in 2010!

    • I haven’t no…well it doesn’t ring a bell. I actually got excited the other night because I thought I found a new FF title and started to watch it…about 20 minutes in I realized I knew what was coming next, again, and again, and again. It actually ended up being on this site so it shows how f##king stupid I am sometimes!

      Will defo check this Presence out Howard – cheers for that mate!

      • I checked to see if you had Cannibal in the Jungle on here and I didn’t see it? I could be wrong. I’m pretty spacey. I saw the Animal Channel original movie when it originally aired 368 years ago. Or however long it’s been. I remember not being so impressed. I think? Either way it faded from my memory until last night for a second viewing and I really liked it. A lot in fact. Great acting. Cinematography. Direction. Plus it creeped the shit out of me. So if I’m not a lame brain and it’s not already on here, then you should check it out. It’s a fake doc.

        • Watched it for the first time the other night Howard (after reading this message). Really enjoyed it and I will be putting it up on the site this week! 🙂

  96. Howdy! Well it looks like today’s found footage search paid off. Hopefully. Watchfree.to now has a new movie called Heidi 2017. Instead of reading prejudiced reviews or reviews that give too much away I watched the trailer and right off I became interested. I have no idea if it will actually be good but in the trailer I noticed that they pay more attention to the creep factor and paranormal aspects than Child’s Play movies which were more slasher fair with the doll spitting out one liners. This doll don’t talk and it does look pretty freaky with no eyes. A little worry that the trailer showed mostly teenagers running around but that could be just my hang ups? Anyway. Wanted to let you know that there’s a new found footage out there!

    • Heard of it a couple of weeks back but the only version I could find was about 2 seconds out of sync – and I hate that shit! (hear a bang 2 seconds after it’s happened). Will give it another search tonight – on watchfree

      • No new movies to report but I was fishing online for upcoming found footage movies and came across one called The Monster Project. I couldn’t find much on a release date but read enough to know it sounded like a cool project. Next I looked for a trailer. I found only a teaser trailer but it’s a solid 2 minutes. What I saw was potentially another classic in the making. I’d put The Monster Project up there with the likes of the 2 other upcoming found footage movies that look wicked good. #Screamers and Cage Dive now The Monster Project. Quick description: You-tubers want to make a documentary on three different subjects that think they’re actually monsters. They set the documentary in old abandoned mansion stuck out in the deep woods. Of course as the night progresses the three subjects turn literally turn into monsters. Anyway. When you get a chance check out that trailer!

        • Hey Howard!
          I’ll be looking into that trailer this weekend now. It’s pretty dry on the FF movies front at the moment. I’ve watched a few online series but they all seem to be stuck in the Slenderman myth…so they get boring as f##k after a while. I’ll be throwing them up on here at some point soon anyway – maybe someone will enjoy them…

  97. Hey! I’m pretty sure it’s been well over a year, maybe two, since I last contacted you. I just wanted to hit you up again to reiterate how much I appreciate all of the work and effort that you put into this site! I don’t have the time or patience to sit through all of the shit found footage efforts to try to find those rare gems. Thanks to you and your passion & respect for the genre, I don’t have to. You rock brother!
    Oregon, USA

    • That’s cool to hear Gabriel – glad you enjoy the site mate (and nice to hear from you once again!)

  98. So I found 2 more found footage flicks off of good old putlocker. First one is 21 Days. I’m pretty sure it was made a few years ago but the site just got it the other day. on the record 21 Days is pretty amateurish but I still enjoyed it. The next is another Amityville found footage. I think this makes 3 now. The third being the big screen Amityville that was supposed to come out 2 years ago but it’s been constantly rescheduled. I haven’t watched it yet, I’m watching it tonight, but I watched the trailer and it looks to be low budget. Though instead of being filmed inside another house, this one is set in a haunted forrest. I’m a sucker for found footage movies in the woods. I let you know what I thought after I watch it. Unless of course you have already seen it.

    • Hey Howard,

      Gave up on 21 Days because it’s about 50 milliseconds out of sync with it’s audio (very irritating as it looks quite good). I did find an Amityville FF movie but MAN was it bad!!!

      • Jeez. Found another. It’s called Altar. There was another movie called Altar a couple years ago. So watch out for that! This one was made in 2016. Strangely IMDB gave it a pretty high score and it’s getting good reviews! I’m watching it tonight. You’re absolutely right about that Amityville found footage being total garbage by the way.

  99. There is now the following found footage movies out. There’s Strayed 2014 on Netflix. As for our friends at Watchfree.to we have Creature Lake 2017. The other movie, which I have to watch again, is Altar 2017. I can’t remember anything from Altar. So tonight I’ll focus a bit harder, and maybe less brain altering substances.

    • Sounds good! I didn’t realise that Creature Lake was FF. May try and get round to that one tonight!

      • Did you get a chance to watch Creature Lake? I realize now why I couldn’t remember much from the first time I watched it. I felt a little bit like I was watching some drunk friends in the woods. Not that my friends are that obnoxious nor would they make fun of Native American beliefs. I’m not sure why the director decided to put in that silly computer graphic monster. Beside all these things, I won’t lie, I actually enjoyed some of it. Enjoyed in a B movie kind of way.

        • Hi Howard,

          Na I tried, but it was completely out of sync again! (they all are these days!). I usually wait until they come up on Exodus because that has an audio offset function – lets you put it back in sync with the picture. Did that with 21 days the other night – enjoyed it as well!

          • That’s awful when the movies audio is out of sync. They were working alright when I watched them. Another thing I can’t stand is when a movie has a similar name to some other movie and the sites mess up and end up putting on the wrong film. I dealt with that with a movie called the Trick Or Treaters. A found footage movie that looks promising. Well, all the sites said they have it. They had the right poster up but when you click on it some kids cartoon pops up instead. Lame.

          • Oh Exodus does that all the time – got really excited the other night because I thought I’d found a perfect copy of that Tom Cruise ‘Mummy’ film…when I loaded it through it ended up being that shitty The Mummy film from the early 2000’s (I was not fucking happy!). I think I ended up on that cartoon as well mate – probably looking for the same film as you were!!!

  100. Hey Chris. Have you watched the sequel to 7 Nights Of Darkness yet? It’s called the Devil’s Play Box. If so what did you think?

    • Yeah I watched it a few weeks back Howard – it was pretty decent, much like the first one. I didn’t think there was much between the two of them but I did enjoy (the second one’s plot was slightly better in my book!)

      • That’s how I felt about Devils Toy Box as well. I’m not sure if I’d recommend either movie to a friend but strangely I’d probably watch Devils Toy Box again for my own weird personal entertainment. Also the Gracefield Incident finally comes out on the 21st!

        • Oh I’d watch them both again – they had enough going in them to keep me interested overall (they certainly weren’t classics though!). Found any other hidden gems over the last few days?

          • I did find a pretty good one called Strayed 2014. Its in Spanish. Nothing original here but it was well done and well acted and pretty creepy. Instead of a haunted house or abandoned mental hospital, we have an abandoned bath house. Where a group go looking for, what else but the paranormal. Though instead of spirits they bump into a particularly evil demon. I dug it!

          • I think I tried watching that but couldn’t find a copy with subtitles…

  101. Hey! I got a pretty good one. Although not found footage. I watched a deranged movie called Tonight She Comes 2016. It was a blast. You should check it out!

  102. watchfree.to has a perfect copy of Phoenix Forgotten! Finally a found footage flick that I will watch tonight and knowingly that it won’t suck!

    • What was the copy like Howard? In Sync? I’ll be giving this a go tonight!!!

      • Did you catch Phoenix Forgotten? I thought it was pretty darn good. I know that putlocker’s site has good quality copy. These things are not why I’m writing you though. I nearly lost it a moment ago. You may think I’m a bit nuts but I must of checked putlocker at least 6 times today to see if they were going to put on anything new that looked good. On my 6th check of the day I actually leaped up in joy to find they had they had put on The Gracefield Incident! I remember watching the trailer for that 5 years ago and thinking to myself that I would never get to see it. What a great surprise. Although it’s another alien found footage I don’t even care. The trailers made it look so good. So now we have Phoenix Forgotten and The Gracefield Incident! To bad you probably won’t see this for a couple days. Otherwise you could watch it tonight. Then again maybe you’ve already seen it?

        • Hey Howard,

          Yeah I saw your message the same day but was so snowed under I couldn’t reply. Phoenix was good – makes a nice change to get a decent ‘alien abduction’ FF film – the others over the last 2 years have been a little bit flat. I’d say this is probably the best one since Lake County (one of my favourite FF films!).

  103. It’s just me again. I read today that the Houses That October Built 2 is set for September!

    • That sounds promising – what did you think of Gracefield? I was really disappointed by the script and the actors – I thought the effects and the cinematography were top notch though…

  104. Yeah. I was definitely disappointed in Gracefield. There were some good effects and action sequences throughout. Plus I’m not sure how I feel about the end.
    Phoenix Forgotten on the other hand I really liked. I actually felt bad for the kids and was rooting for them the whole movie.
    Random thought. I think so far this year my favorite found footage movies have been so far- Hell House LLC
    – Savageland
    – Phoenix Forgotten

    • Yeah I’d have to agree with those choices. I also enjoyed the new Blair Witch (to a point) and Unfriended…but I can’t remember if that was 2016 or 2017?

  105. Ok. I couldn’t find Paranormal Diaries: Clophill on the site. Maybe it’s known as something else? A Different title perhaps? It occurred to me maybe you haven’t seen it? In case you have not I’ll explain. Far from being the best found footage and yes it can be slow if not in the mood. It takes the usual documentarians and places them in Clophill England searching for paranormal activities. So not very original either but I think it’s considered a sort of classic found footage movie. When I first watched I got bored and didn’t finish it. A year later I watched it again and I liked it a lot. Now it’s become one of many that I watch repeatedly. Enough on that because I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen Clophill. Actually I’m giving you a heads up on the movie The Trick Or Treaters. A new found footage flick I just found on YouTube of all places. My guess is that it won’t be there for long. Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s any good. As I have not watched it yet. It’s getting good reviews though. I’ll find out tonight

    • Hey Howard, yeah I’m sure that’s on here somewhere…I think it came under a different name in the UK…but I can’t quite remember what it is? I don’t think I enjoyed the film much though…
      On a side note – the director of Conspiracy Theory left a comment under the rather negative review I gave it – hate it when that happens and I feel a complete bastard now LOL.
      He was nice enough and explained what he based the film on – makes more sense now. He’s in the comment section HERE

  106. Man. That’s gotta be tough. Critiquing someone else’s art. You sure aren’t doing this to hurt anyone but I have to say. I’m sure your followers, myself included keep coming back because you’re honest with your reviews. Plus you don’t give anything away. That way the movie still feels fresh. It drives me nuts when The New Yorker magazine writes a 3 page review on why they didn’t like As Above, So Below and end up telling entire story. Lots of reviewers are guilty of this. I think anyway. If I made a film. Especially a found footage horror film. I would expect a bad review from somewhere. Though it’s good that he could at least express how he feels about his own art. I watched it and could tell he definitely showed potential. I would check out his next movie. Unless it’s like a big screen movie version of I Am Jazz. Peace

  107. Hey. Wanted to let you know I found an interesting fake doc that sure seemed real. It’s called The Blackwell Ghost. It’s just about 60 min long. I found it on sockshare.com but I’m sure it’s on other tablets.

    • Yeah watched a few nights ago – probably going to throw it up on the site today. On the fence with it really…

  108. Wanted to give a heads up. Cage Dive came out on putlocker today. Of course the full title is now Open Water 3: Cage Dive. Which I think is stupid but whatever. It’s just a name. This is one that I’ve been really looking forward for

    • Watched it the same night you sent me this message Howard – really enjoyed it to be honest (review is up here today!)

  109. …and me again. Found out The Monster Project is coming out on the 18th of this month. Plus the makers put out a free web series called The Monster Project Web Series. From what I understand the web series is based on the events that lead up to the movie The Monster Project

  110. Dying to talk about Cage Dive. Of course I’m not going to say anything until I know you have seen it. I’m going to check out the free Monster Project web series tonight. I want to see them before Monster Project comes out this Friday

  111. I know you’ve been wicked busy these past couple weeks. I myself went on vacation and ended up with fish food poisoning the entire time I was there. Story of my life. I actually wanted to remind you that Monster Project is coming out tomorrow! Maybe you already saw it somehow? Think I’m gonna watch Cave Dive again tonight. Hope all is well with you!

    • Oh I know that food poisoning lark only too well – ruined me and my girlfriend’s Christmas about three years ago (it’s fucking horrible!)

  112. Awesome review on Cage Dive Chris! I think it’s going to help a little that you called out the found footage haters,(hating just to hate) and put up a well deserved positive review. My only complaint about Cage Dive is that some of the choices the characters made seemed a little on the slow bus side. Like your example: flares. Duh. But then again who can say how’d they react in a situation like theirs.
    You got my sir name perfect by the way and don’t forget Monster Project tonight!

    • Ha – it was a guess from your email address (it sounded like a surname but I couldn’t be sure!)

  113. Watched Monster Project last night. All I will say is that I did like but it was pretty nonsensical. I mean. You definitely have to leave your brain behind going into this one. I thought the set was great and the monsters were all pretty awesome. Although there were traces of amateur movie making through out i still dug it.

    • Watched it myself last night Howard – thought it was enjoyable popcorn for the brain! The ending was a bit meh but the rest of it was a decent ride!

  114. It’s Friday night and I’m supposed to wake up early so I can drive 3 hours with my pops to end up at my 5 year old nieces birthday party. With 20 screaming children. Just so I can drive 3 hours back home on the same day. On my day off. I know I’m a selfish bastard. That’s ok. I can admit these things about myself.
    I did cheer up a bit though when I desperately was searching for found footage movies that haven’t even been advertised yet. Bam. I found one called, “Followers” not to be confused with the other found footage film called, “The Follower”. Both were made in 2017 but I definitely thought “Followers” looked more like my thing. I started it and so far it’s a clean copy. Looks good. Only every once in awhile there is a written warning on screen in what looks to be the language of Klingon. Just kidding. It’s in Arab but goes away fast. So check out the trailer when you get a chance and then you can find it on putlocker.io.

    • Will have a look into that. I’m sure I tried watching it a week back but it kept on buffering…

      • I’ve tried watching “Followers” now twice and both times the site I was watching it on just stopped midway through. Both times it was late night and I just didn’t feel like trying to fix the problem. Bummer as the movie so far is pretty good. I’ll try again tonight.P

  115. I’m have to jump on with Stewart on the Rorschach movie. Though I was certain you already saw it? Well. If you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed. I mean in my mind Rorschach is classic found footage. Up there with Blair Witch and Grave Encounters. It’s pure genius and free on YouTube. I almost feel like I failed you by not noticing that you hadn’t seen it yet and bringing it to your attention. Oh well. At least Stewart said something. The actual reason for my comment was to tell you that a new found footage movie has come out on putlocker. It’s called the The Basement 2017. Have not watched it yet. But definitely watch Rorschach before you watch anything else!

    • It does sound very familiar but for the life of me…I can’t remember watching it! Will give it a go this week. Majority of the time I get about 10 minutes into a film and think “hang on a minute…I’m sure I’ve seen this before!”
      Hopefully it will be new to me as I need a FF injection this week!

  116. My found footage buddy Chris. I’ve been on vacation for the past couple weeks. I’m sorry to hear that you are slowly dying of Captain Trips. At least I think that’s what it was called in The Stand? Anyway. I found out that Found Footage 3D the movie comes out in October finally. As well as #Screamers. Hopefully it will be a good October for horror movies all around. Considering the last few Octobers have been crap. Get better soon! Oh. By the way. I saw Stephen King’s It and was pretty damn good!

    • Getting there slowly Howard – now been ill for 9 fucking days! Kids bring the wildest diseases into your homes at times (and he was over it within 3 days – little fucker!)

  117. Aaaaaaa! I’m screaming like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. I hope you get this by tonight. I have some good news! Of course you may know already but I had to make sure. Especially since you’re sick this could make you feel a little better. Well, I’ll just type it this way. Tonight I plan to revisit The Houses That October Built and after that I will promptly go to my computer and type in Putlocker and then I will watch The Houses That October Built part 2! I believe Houses That October Built 2 isn’t even supposed to come out until mid October! If you knew this then sorry. But I’m hoping you’ll get this and it will be a pleasant surprise. So… SURPRISED?

    • Yeah the review’s up Howard – not impressed by it at all (I guess we know why it hit the internet early now!). Pretty much lost for words on this one…

  118. Just discovered your site and glad I did. I am a big fan of found footage horror films and I have been exploring all the streaming sites for some new content. There is a lot of crap out there, so its nice to have a great resource here. Thanks to your site, I now have a whole new list of films to explore. Keep up the great work!

  119. Hiya, I just watched Badder Ben on Amazon and its worth a watch. The special effects arnt very good (Which is ok and can be looked past) and the movie rounds everything up nicely.

  120. Dum de dum. Feels like I’ve been waiting for the Halloween found footage horror to show up for a long time. Now it’s already October 22nd and the only ff movie that has come out is The Houses That October Built 2. Where is #Screamers? Where is Found Footage 3D? Where is Cold Ground? I don’t think even Creep 2 has come out yet? Most of them had an October start date. I did manage to find one though. It’s called The Speak. Made in 2011 I guess but it sure sounds new to me. I plan on watching it tonight. Hopefully it’s not terrible .

    • Hey there Howard my man!
      Just had a screener sent to me which I’ll put up on the site this week – very decent UFO effort. Your wait is over! (of course I can’t give out the screener link but it’s actually being released this week!).

      Got a sick 3 year old to deal with otherwise the review would of been up here today!

  121. Hi Chris. I watched Creep & Creep 2 last night back to back and in my opinion its one of those rare cases where the sequel is better than the original. Mark Duplass is fantastic in both films but I think he shines in Creep 2.

    • Yeah they’re good films aren’t they Stewart? He’s got a third one coming out apparently next year (trilogy)

      • I really hope so and I think the 3rd one should be the last because I dont want them to start getting silly and having a weaker plot.

  122. Holy crap! I’m assuming that you’ve seen Found Footage 3D already? I just finished it here in Boston just a half hour after midnight and I’m still smiling. I think it was released today. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m glad to say it’s really good. That’s all I will say. Yup. That was a great found footage film.

    • Yeah I watched it at some point last week Howard – think it was last Tuesday? Can’t be sure! Anyway!!!
      Yeah pretty good stuff. A little bit long-winded but the actors made up for that along with the humor – gonna watch it again at some point this week then get it up on the site. I have a ton of new titles to put up first that have been sent to me recently!!

      • I’m wondering if you have stumbled upon a found footage movie called Prankz. Made in the 🇬🇧 U.K. In 2017. It starts as a satire of web pranks played on the three central characters. A soccer player and his bud and his girl. The girl has had enough of the pranks and decides to focus on filming for ghosts in known haunted places. Then before you know it they’re stuck in some creepy (and it is creepy) underground factory. It is what it is. I like that kind of thing still. Almost old school found footage. Nothing fancy. Just the meat.

        • Yeah watched it a few weeks back but it’s sort of at the back of the queue at the moment – got so many films to get up here! It was pretty good – I liked the creepiness of it all, but I saw the twist coming a mile off! Still, a decent movie!

  123. Hey Chris. There was a movie on channel Destination America for Halloween called Helltown. The channel its self is 24/7 on all things supernatural. Bigfoot. UFO’s. Ghosts. Demons. All that stuff. Normally it’s reality tv based. Though they made their first movie and that’s Helltown. Now Helltown is a real place in Ohio. A town that was abandoned in the 80’s. Since then there have been countless tales of satanic rituals and sightings of some hairy monster and there’s supposedly a curse on the land. The movie is a faux documentary and a found footage movie wrapped up in one. I don’t know where one could find yet. Except on demand with Xfinty. I’m sure it will be released on other platforms soon. If you do find it! You should watch it!

    • This sounds interesting, but finding that channel could be a bit of a task over here!! Hopefully the film will hit one of the Putlocker sites.

  124. Ok. I’m not crazy. I’m actually writing you one more time today because putlocker just threw up a found footage festival. I’m just going to list the movies on the first page of the newly released horror section. The Last Witch. The Faith Community. I am alone. Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation. Project October. Mortal Remains and Turtle Island. I shit you not! Funny that a week ago I was complaining to you about the lack of f.f. releases and now there are more than I’ve ever seen in one place at the same time. So there’s the 7 new ones on putlocker but I still have yet to see Aliens: Zone Of Silence. That would be 8 new f.f. movies that I can watch. I’m so staying up all night and watching at least 3 of these bad boys. Then I may just call in sick tomorrow for work. Take a nap and get back to the binging. Obviously I also thought you should know,

    • Yeah I know – I’ve also been handed a load of FF title screeners from filmmakers for review this week. I basically don’t know where to start at the moment! Just threw up a review of ‘Default’ today – now it’s back to watching as many as I can fit in today (which is the best job in the world!!!!!) 🙂

  125. Hey Chris. With all the movies you still have to watch and all the recommendations from found footage fans that write you I hope the movie, Turtle Island doesn’t pass you by. Holy crap! I just can not stop thinking about it. I’m relatively sure you will like this title. Definitely don’t skip this one!

    • Hiya Howard,
      Yeah I watched it about a week back – not bad at all (which was a relief because I’ve sat through some complete shite over the last 10 days or so!). Ending was a bit fucked up from what I remember?

      • Howdy Chris. The end of Turtle Island was definitely out there. I liked the movie but the ending threw me off a little. Maybe because it went from settled hints to in your face so fast? One thing that stood out for me was the acting.
        I just finished watching Paranoia Tapes. I mean I just shut it off this second and my brain is still acclimating. Though I do know very well how it made me feel. I’m absolutely jumping out of my skin! The last time I felt this freaked out from watching a movie was years ago when I was babysitting my friends house in secluded Maine. All alone. Deep in the woods. The movie I had just watched then was a flick my buddy had left me to watch on VHS. It was called The Blair Witch Project. Also I had just eaten way too many pot brownies and I was paranoid as hell! I was not allowed to smoke insider the house. So I had to go outside. Into the woods. I was at the edge of totally losing it. Anyway. Back to Paranoia Tapes. That is sort of how I feel now and I’m dying to know what you think.

        • Yeah the Paranoia Tapes was quite interesting – some good sections, some not so good, but overall it was pretty fresh and brave (better than a lot of shit I’ve sat through over the last fortnight or so!)

          • I should of made myself more clear I realize about Paranioa Tapes. In no way was I comparing it to Blair Witch. I was just trying to describe the car crash like feelings I had after both movies. But I also agree with you that some of it worked while other parts didn’t. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that in Paranioa Tapes they began with showing some creepy real life YouTube videos. Tonight I’m watching the found footage movie Mortal Remains. I’ve been wanting to see it since the trailer first came out 5 years ago. Finally I can watch it!

  126. I am very happy to say that I watched Mortal Remains last night, after waiting for years of useless hunting. I thought to myself before seeing it that now my expectations were pretty high and there was no way it could live up to my standards. I was fantastically wrong. I dug the shit out of it. Maybe I’d go as far and say it’s up there with other fictional documentaries like Savagetown and The Bay. Did you get a chance to watch it yet?

    • It was the first one I watched on my massive list Howard! Loved it as well if I’m honest with you (great ending). Just a heads up – stay the fuck away from ‘Camera Phone’ (watched it last night and nearly put my head through a wall in despair!). I don’t know why all these shitty FF titles are appearing online at the same time?
      The Follower looks good, on Putlocker, but it’s out of sync with the audio!

  127. Hey buddy. I need to thank you for helping me dodge the ‘Phone Camera’ flick. I was pretty close to watching it the other night but your warning moved me away from it. I wasn’t hopeful about it anyway. Then again I wasn’t expecting that much from the movie ‘The Last Witch’ either but it’s nice to be wrong sometimes. I need to watch it again because reading subtitles and catching all the action on screen at the same time I end up missing stuff. I’m American. From the first viewing though I was impressed.

    • Ha no problem 🙂
      It was going alright until a tech filmmaker just turns around and goes “what was that?” – there was no fucking sound, I had the speakers on full and I was wearing headphones. From that moment on I knew I was in for a shit hour…
      The Last Witch suffered from ‘European over-acting’ but I still dug the story and the twists – not bad at all.
      In the process of getting a new header fixed on the website – the old ‘Top Found Footage Films’ is looking a bit dated now in it’s white block text!

  128. The new header looks sweet. I had to puke out my opinion of Welcome To The Jungle real quick. Before I had seen it I was told that it was garbage. Not to mention all the narrow minded haters that just shit on anything found footage just because it’s found footage. Of course I watched it anyway and I definitely dug it. Like you I don’t like Cannibal Holocaust at all. Sure it’s considered the godfather of found footage but it also has a bunch of cunts Killing and torturing real live animals. That makes me crazy! Then reading an interview with the director, who brings up getting in trouble for killing the “useless stupid” animals for his film. There. I’m done preaching. I only have a couple f.f. films left to watch. One is called The Faith Community. Which I know nothing about but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Faith Community is decent Howard…expect for that final scene where the female actor decides she is going to put in a shot at an Oscar this year (what the fuck was she on about?)

  129. I tried sending you a comment a few moments ago but it got lost. I think? My computer is kind of like HAL. Have you seen In Darkness We Fall aka La Cueva yet? Man. That there is a solid piece of filmmaking. The majority of them film is shot in a cave. One of my personal favorite locations for horror movies. I’m deeply in love with The Descent. The cave in La Cueva is one intensely gruesome location. It looks more like the inside of a human body than a actual cave. The plot is simple. A group of friends on vacation end up camping one night in a rural area. They unwisely get lost while exploring the cave. Soon they realize they’re lost. That’s just in case you have never heard of it. Which you probably have. Although the one last thing I will say is this movie is monster. No doubt. It’s often hard to watch. That’s because it’s pretty hardcore. Hardcore horror all the way through!

    • Hey Howard!

      No they are getting through – just an update on the WordPress platform (universal) that shows the blank screen – a pretty shit update if you ask me!

  130. Strange. I tried sending you comment twice now and my computer ate them up. They literally disappeared when I hit send. Weird. So I’m trying again. I wanted to ask if you saw La Cueva? It’s also know as In Darkness We Fall. I watched it the other night and I was totally blown away. First of the location was brilliant. Most of it takes place in a cave. This particular cave was gruesome. Looking more like the inside of a dead body than an actual cave. Plus it was found footage. Found footage in a cave! The plot is simple yet effective. A group of friends on vacation end up camping in a rural area. They end up exploring a cave system and soon realize they are lost. With little water. No food and the lights running out, what happens after a coupe days go by is utterly horrific. In fact it was so well done that some parts are really hard to watch or listen to. This isn’t a movie that’s fun and entertaining to watch. It’s a true horror show what we witness. Something tells me you’ve seen it. Can’t wait to see what you think about it. It’s not for everyone. That is for damn sure!

    • Yeah I watched it last night – loved it actually! I’m not a fan of caves or small spaces so it freaked the shit outta me at times. Some great acting in it as well (for a European Effort!)

  131. HELLO? Can someone please tell me SOMETHING? I think I’ve tried to comment about 2 times a few months ago and now 3 times in the last 3 days , where are my comments being posted???!!? They are not anywhere on this page that I can find , so I checked my Facebook just for the hell of it , and then my e-mail was the only other logical place , inbox and spam , and still nothing . After I leave my comment it says it went thru , so where are they ? I’m so lost?

    • Hey Dave – this comment has come through just fine!
      How many other comments have you tried leaving and on what article were they? I’ll look into them asap (could be a server issue my end!)

      • HOLY CPAP CHRIS!!! You actually got one of my messages, is the problem that theres a few days delay b4 they show up? , Ive sent a few and a couple of replies. My latest reply was a few minutes ago and was REALLY long , and it was a reply to YOU about a list of FF films I’ve been on the hunt for, lemme scan back for the date on it…..on a March 30th reply on dec.5th between you and me, and I just responded to you again on it and it didn’t show up.I was hoping it was just my comp. ignorance that was the reason I wasn’t seeing anything but Ive looked everywhere..

        • Yeah it’s the WordPress update for security – millions of websites are having this problem so they’ll probably reset it soon. It’s been a right pain in the ass as I get a lot of comments on here daily from regulars, and all of them were wondering what was going on!
          Sorry about that – rest assured all of the comments are now getting through (it just seems like some fucked up demon is eating ’em all!)

  132. A good day to you fine sir! Actually, today has been pretty sucky but who cares? I had to inform you, that is if you don’t know already. As usual I checked the illegal movie sites for found footage movies. I noticed right away that somebody made a Camera Phone 2. Now I didn’t watch the first one. Thanks to your warning. I just thought it was funny that they actually filmed a sequel in what seems like a week. Thankfully another new f.f. movie came out as well called, ‘Unlister Owner”. That is what I’m watching tonight. I think I’ll wait until you have watched Camera Phone 2 and can let me know if it was any better.

    • Oh fuck me no – the only way you’re getting me to sit through the second one is by nailing my hands and feet to a wooden chair, then placing me in front of the TV.
      Yeah I know about it – http://topfoundfootagefilms.com/camera-phone-2012-movie-review (it’s in the review there!) 🙂
      I did not however know about Unlisted Owner – I just saw the cover on watchfreeto but I didn’t realize it was FF – it’s going on now!

  133. I just found out something relatively interesting about the newest Blair Witch. Seeing as I’m probably one of the biggest Blair Witch fans alive. I honestly thought I had encrypted all the new mythology and hidden secrets awhile ago. Turns out I was wrong. It also turns out that the Monster we see in the hall in Rustin Parr’s house is NOT the Blair Witch! As told by Simon Barrett. The creature is actually another victim that had succumbed to the witches power. A human turned into a hideous creature to do the Witches bidding. That’s all that was said by Simon Barrett but there’s a massive amount of fans that believe the monster was actually Heather. After thinking about this some I’ve come to agree with this theory.

    • Yeah if you check out the review I posted here – Blair Witch, you’ll see a load of people commented on this subject. I personally hated the fact that you saw a creature on camera – dirtied the original for me. Still not sure where they were going with it, or whether the director is making it up as he goes along…

      The film was good until the last 10 minutes or so – it then sort of lost itself in Hollywood.

  134. Just watched Camera Phone 2 , and it was worse than the 1st one , and the only reason I say it was worse , not as bad as , is because I was dumb enough to try and give it a chance, so it gets one extra minus point for making me a sucker !

    • Haha – this made me laugh!!!!
      Well you took the gamble Dave, brave man (braver than me!).

  135. Hey Chris,
    Check out the new French FF called Cold Ground , my boy just uploaded onto the site I told you about in the e-mail.

    • Watched it the same night it was uploaded Dave! Do you know who uploaded it then? (I love the front cover to the DVD as well – so 70’s and retro horror!)

      • Yeah I do , please hit me up via e-mail , because there’s a few things I can’t say publicly and I don’t even know if you received it yet , it’s (the email) got a ton of info in it, once we clear up some things , than can and can’t be said , then it’ll be great to keep up all the back n forths on here

        • Check your email Dave – I sent you a mail last night through a AOL address (is it yours?)

          • YESSIR , Now we can actually talk like people not robots on a 3 day loop . lemme know what you think?
            BTW I just finished viewing a FF gem called “shopping Tour” outta finland I believe , I loved it , but I fuckin hate subs!!

          • LOL – I get over 100 mails a day (mostly from people wanting to buy the site off me!), so it probably won’t make that much difference! I do try my best to ruffle through every one…so I’ll always respond!!! 🙂

  136. Cold Ground on Putlocker! Just started it. It’s already too good to be true. I ❤️ the French. I do.

    • Yeah I watched it the night it came out – checked the 5th page of the horror section of Putlocker and it wasn’t there, went back to the page about half an hour later and someone had uploaded it!!!
      Decent film – some strained acting at the beginning but they got better and better as the film progressed – actually liked it, it had some decent scenes (I love the old fashioned front cover of the DVD too!)

  137. Hey Chris ,
    I hope I’m not being bothersome, or if this is how often others send posts and comments to you and the page.
    Check out the new FF “Devils Trail”
    Directed by
    Henrique Couto Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
    Jeremy Biltz Cast
    Henrique Couto Henrique Couto …
    Joni Durian Joni Durian …
    Witch 1
    John Bradley Hambrick John Bradley Hambrick …
    Rachael Redolfi Rachael Redolfi …
    Witch 3
    Erin R. Ryan Erin R. Ryan …
    Witch 2
    Produced by
    Kevin Bowerman … co-producer
    Jason Limberg … co-producer
    Chris J. Neal … co-producer
    Keenan Patrick Pryor … co-producer
    Eric Widing … producer Film Editing by
    Eric Widing
    I’m just starting to watch it now, the trailer looks pretty good to me, plus I live in New York in a town that borders New Jersey and have been to the Pine Barrens a few times myself hunting for the Jersey God Damn Deformed Devastating Demonic Destructive Desolating Diabolical Defiled Dirty Dick Douche DEVIL!!!!

    • No that’s fine mate – everyone contacts me through the site every day really! Whenever one of us stumble across a new film they post it here for me to see. Sorry about the delay – I’m in the UK time zone (Wales) so I don’t see a lot of the messages until the morning

    • And………. it sucked , It could have been good If there was an actual script written for the one guy , it seemed like he was constantly saying the same dumb shit over and over and when he wasn’t saying something stupid , he was complaining and bitching more than my wife on her period!!!! WTF meanwhile the other guy has a bunch of funny lines , a lot of quick comebacks and he acts like a dumbfuck also , they talk about all of “the other shows ” they’ve done in these far off dangerous places like Puru and the PCT in California , but they are in the dangerous woods of new jersey and are at the brink of death!?? come on .

      • I watched it myself the other night Dave – the acting was decent enough but I thought the ending was one of the worse cop-outs I’d ever seen (no spoilers for the others but man it sucked!). Actually, in one scene you can hear cars on a road going past…I thought they were supposed to be lost!!!

        • That’s so funny you said that , we said the same thing , plus there’s a few times were you can see a car’s tail lights for a split sec and yeah total cop out at the end . The other film was pretty good tho ,Cold Ground the french one. Shopping Tour was really good too from the post a few above^^^^^^^^.
          Here are a few more I just added to my to watch list :
          Pourquoi Nous!: (AKA Why Us?)
          Red like blood
          Escape to Entrapment
          hopefully those last 3 will be viewed by tomorrow night..

          • I have a bit of spare time tonight so I’ll try and cover a few of these films – I often come back to this page to check the comments when I’m looking for something to watch! If you go through all 400 odd comments you’ll find some right gems in there! 🙂

          • well, I just finished “Escape Entrapment” & although it sounded great on paper , it fell apart on screen . Everything from the reason they had cameras , to the fact they stayed in 1 place the entire film.. , Nice try fellas , I do have to say , I almost bailed on the film , but then it ended , soooooo there’s that..??

          • Yeah I sat through about 10 minutes of shite on 3 films last night – couldn’t last the course mind cos they were so bad! Ended up watching the finale of Fear The Walking Dead instead!

  138. What’s going down Chris. Three days ago I got 6 teeth extracted. The pain is unbelievable but it’s also given me time to catch up on movies. I watched a great mockumentary last night called Helltown. It’s based off of a real town in Ohio that was completely shutdown by the American government to turn it into a national park. Basically they gave the landowners money and kicked them out. For years it just remained a ghost town. With all the houses bordered up and a cave near by it became a place for urban explorers and many great supernatural stories came to life. Weird part is that the whole point was to make it a national park. Well, it was emptied out in the 70s and just a couple years ago did they actually turn into a park. Very strange. This is all fact. The movie starts out with typical teens breaking into the closed down ghost town and filming their exploration live on the web. Within a few minutes they are attacked by something massively large. Something unworldly. The movie then becomes a documentary on the town and what lurks there to this very day. Just some of things they document are a haunted road. A shady old slaughterhouse. The governments involvement and of course teen killing monsters. It reminded me very much of Cannibal In The Jungle. I don’t when it’s supposed to come out on platforms but it’s got to be pretty soon. You gotta check this out when it comes around your block.

    • Sounds pretty good Howard – there’s so much shit out there at the moment, this will make a nice change (sat through a diabolical film last night – so bad I can’t even remember it’s title!)

      • Yes. I too have witnessed eye rotting poop that’s labeled as found footage horror but turns out to be as entertaining as watching 2 rats having sex. I apologize for sounding naive but if I found Helltown on YouTube let’s say, could I some how send it to you?

        • Yeah Defo – can you leave a link here to it? Is it a YouTube film or is it from a more ‘dodgy’ source? 🙂

      • Hey Dave – I just replied to him now! Hopefully we’ll get it’s location by tonight. Sorry for the delayed responses – my mail box hasn’t stopped ticking over for days now (Xmas seems to get everyone moving online!)

  139. Howdy Chris and Dave. Ok so here it is on YouTube. https://youtu.be/JBQ6zRk1Dxk
    So it was originally filmed for a cable tv station called Destination America. Which pretty much runs paranormal reality tv shows. Pretty sure the Discovery channel owns it. You can expect the same quality as a Discovery channel special. In other words it’s very professional and looks beautiful due to the location being in the woods. Helltown was originally a Halloween special. Not going to give the plot away since I described as best I could without giving things away on the last post. I did do some digging on what other people’s opinions were. It did fairly well. Of course there is always the found footage/mockumentary haters but it did get solid reviews otherwise.
    One other thing I found out about. I’ve been facebooking with the guys that did Hell House LLC and they told me today that they just finished filming part 2!
    Oh. Obviously let me know if the address to YouTube worked for you guys?

    • Cheers Howard – this should show up fine in the comment section (I’m about to hit ‘publish’ so we’ll soon find out…)

    • yes bro !!! great shit , Im heading over to watch it now !!!! good news with the hell house guys too. Im sure the second one will be even better , hopefully with more of a budget and the same great minds came up with some scary shit !!

  140. just watched ” The 5th kind” new FF movie and I gotta say , it was disappointing , but if you wanna watch it , its on solarmovie

    • Came across this last night, but the ratings sort of put me off at the time – will have to force myself to sit through it later this week…

  141. Hey Chris , Howard , & any other FFFreaks !!!
    Here is My personal playlist , I hope you find some movies here that you havent seen yet that you can go and watch RIGHT NOW!!!!
    8989 Redstone ( 2016 ) – Remove
    VHS 2 ( 2013 ) – Remove
    #Captured ( 2017 ) – Remove
    100 Ghost Street The Return of Richard Speck ( 2012 ) – Remove
    13 Cameras ( 2016 ) – Remove
    2 Jennifer ( 2016 ) – Remove
    2Survive ( 2015 ) – Remove
    388 Arletta Avenue ( 2011 ) – Remove
    51 Degrees North ( 2015 ) – Remove
    666 the Devil’s Child ( 2014 ) – Remove
    7 Days in Hell ( 2015 ) – Remove
    7 Nights of Darkness ( 2011 ) – Remove
    8213 Gacy House ( 2010 ) – Remove
    84C MoPic ( 1989 ) – Remove
    A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Aarons House ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Abnormal Activity ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Absence ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Absentia ( 2011 ) – Remove
    AC1: Alien Contamination ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Afflicted ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Alien Abduction ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Alien Abduction Incident in Lake County ( 1998 ) – Remove
    Alien Origin ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Alien Outpost ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Alien Valley ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Aliens: Zone of Silence ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Alive in Joburg ( 2005 ) – Remove
    Alone with Her ( 2006 ) – Remove
    Altar ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Altergeist ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Amber Alert ( 2012 ) – Remove
    America’s Deadliest Home Video ( 1993 ) – Remove
    American Descent ( 2014 ) – Remove
    American Zombie ( 2007 ) – Remove
    An Irish Exorcism ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Anomalous ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Antisocial ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Apartment 143 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Apocalyptic ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Apollo 18 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Apparition of Evil ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Area 407 ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Area 51 ( 2015 ) – Remove
    As Above So Below ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Atrocity ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Awake in the Woods ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Back From Hell ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Bad Ben ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Bad Seeds ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Badder Ben: The Final Chapter ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Base ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Be My Cat: A Film for Anne ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Beckoning the Butcher ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon ( 2006 ) – Remove
    Bell Witch Haunting ( 2004 ) – Remove
    Best Night Ever ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Beta Test ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Beware the Slenderman ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Beyond the Pole ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Bigfoot County ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Blair Witch ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan ( 2006 ) – Remove
    Bruno ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Bryan Loves You ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Bury ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Camera Phone ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Camera Phone 2 ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Camera Trap ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Capture Kill Release ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Catfish ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Chasing the Devil ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Chernobyl Diaries ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Children of Sorrow ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Chronicle ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Chronicles of an Exorcism ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Chupacabra Territory ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Classroom 6 ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Cloverfield ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Cold Ground ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Conspiracy Theory ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Creature Lake ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Creep ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Creep 2 ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Cropsey ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Crowsnest ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Cursed: The Bell Witch ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Da Hip Hop Witch ( 2000 ) – Remove
    Dark Amazon ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Dark Feed ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Dark Mountain ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Daylight ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Dead of the Nite ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Death of a Ghost Hunter ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Default ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Delivery The Beast Within ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Demonic ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Devil’s Backbone, Texas ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Devil’s Due ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Devil’s Trail ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Diary of the Dead ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Digging Up the Marrow ( 2015 ) – Remove
    District 9 ( 2009 ) – Remove
    District 9 The Original Short Film ( 2006 ) – Remove
    Documentary Now! ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Documenting the Grey Man ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Dysmorphia ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Ejecta ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Encounter ( 2015 ) – Remove
    End Roll ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Enter the Dark ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Episode 50 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Escape to Entrapment ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Europa Report ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Everlasting ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Evidence ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Evidence 2011 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Evil Things ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Exhibit A ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Exists ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Exscind ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Extinction ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Eyes in the Dark ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Face ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Ferrell Takes the Field ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Followed ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Found Footage ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Found Footage 3D ( 2016 ) – Remove
    FPS: First Person Shooter ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Frankensteins Army ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Gang Tapes ( 2001 ) – Remove
    Ghoul ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Grace ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Grave Encounters ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Grave Encounters 2 ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Greystone Park ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Hangar 10 ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Hangman ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Hardcore Henry ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Hate Crime ( 2005 ) – Remove
    Head Case ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Heidi ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Hell House LLC ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Hi-8 Horror Independent 8 ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Hide the Monster ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Hollows Grove ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Home Movie ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Hooked Up ( 2013 ) – Remove
    House Swap ( 2010 ) – Remove
    House with 100 Eyes ( 2013 ) – Remove
    How to Lose Your Virginity ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Hulk Blood Tapes ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Hungerford ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Hunting Grounds ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Hunting the Legend ( 2014 ) – Remove
    I Am Alone ( 2015 ) – Remove
    I Am ZoZo ( 2012 ) – Remove
    I’m Still Here ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Incident at Loch Ness ( 2004 ) – Remove
    Indigenous ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Infection ( 2005 ) – Remove
    Infernal ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Infliction ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Inner Demons ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Into the Storm ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Invoked ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Jeruzalem ( 2015 ) – Remove
    June 9 ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Killer Legends ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Killing Gunther ( 2017 ) – Remove
    King Kelly ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Knock Knock 2 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Lake Mungo ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Leaving DC ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Less Than Human ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Life Tracker ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Lights ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Like.Share.Follow. ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Lilins Brood ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Little Big Boy ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Long Pigs ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Look ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Loss of Life ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Lucky Bastard ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Lunopolis ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Man on Wire ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Man Vs ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Meadowoods ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Media Studies ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Megan Is Missing ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Mermaids The Body Found ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Mermaids: The New Evidence ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Mockingbird ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Monster ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Monsters ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Mortal Remains ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Moth ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Mr Jones ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Muirhouse ( 2013 ) – Remove
    My Little Eye ( 2002 ) – Remove
    Nightlight ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Nightmare Code ( 2014 ) – Remove
    No Men Beyond This Point ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Nocturne Six ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Off the Beaten Path ( 2004 ) – Remove
    Operation Avalanche ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Outer Space ( 2000 ) – Remove
    Panteon Woods ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Activity ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Activity 2 ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Activity 3 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Activity 4 ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Entity ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Phoenix Forgotten ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Pizza Girl Massacre ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Play Hooky ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Population Zero ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Prank ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Prankz ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Preternatural ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Pretty Dead ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Project Almanac ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Project October ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Project X ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Prom Ride ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Quarantine [REC] ( 2008 ) – Remove
    Raised by Wolves ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Re-Cut ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Re-Kill ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Redacted ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Reno 911! ( 2003 ) – Remove
    Report 51 ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Rorschach ( 2015 ) – Remove
    RWD ( 2015 ) – Remove
    S&man ( 2006 ) – Remove
    Sanatorium ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Savageland ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Scare Campaign ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Semper Fight ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Series 7 The Contenders ( 2001 ) – Remove
    Severed Footage ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Shooting the Warwicks ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Shotgun Wedding ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Sickhouse ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Skew ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Skinwalker Ranch ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Slender ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Snow on Tha Bluff ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Snuff: Diary of a Serial ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Something in the Woods ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Special Bulletin ( 1983 ) – Remove
    Specter ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Spirit in the Woods ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Spirit Stalkers ( 2012 ) – Remove
    St. Osmund’s ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Stripped ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Subconscious ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids ( 2012 ) – Remove
    Super 8 ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Surf’s Up ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Surviving Evidence ( 2012 ) – Remove
    sxtape ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Tape_13 ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Terry ( 2011 ) – Remove
    The Atticus Institute ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Banshee Chapter ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Bay ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Before Time ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Bell Witch Haunting ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Bigfoot Project ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Blackout Experiments ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Blair Witch Project ( 1999 ) – Remove
    The Borderlands ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Brandon Corey Story ( 2007 ) – Remove
    The Bucks County Massacre ( 2010 ) – Remove
    The Cannibal In The Jungle ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Casebook of Eddie Brewer ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Coffin Footage ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Cohasset Snuff Film ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Collingswood Story ( 2002 ) – Remove
    The Conspiracy ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Crying Dead ( 2011 ) – Remove
    The Dark Tapes ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Den ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Devil Complex ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Devil Incarnate ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Devil Inside ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Dinosaur Project ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Dirties ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Documentary ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Dyatlov Pass Incident ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Encounter ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Experiment Who’s Watching You ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Faith Community ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Final Project ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Fourth Kind ( 2009 ) – Remove
    The Frankenstein Theory ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Garlock Incident ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Gerber Syndrome ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Good Neighbor ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Gracefield Incident ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Helpers ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Horror ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Houses October Built ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Houses October Built 2 ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Hunt ( 2006 ) – Remove
    The Hunted ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Inside ( 2010 ) – Remove
    The Jokesters ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Last Broadcast ( 1998 ) – Remove
    The Last Exorcism ( 2010 ) – Remove
    The Last Exorcism Part II ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Last Horror Movie ( 2003 ) – Remove
    The Legend of Boggy Creek ( 1972 ) – Remove
    The Levenger Tapes ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Magician ( 2005 ) – Remove
    The McPherson Tape ( 1998 ) – Remove
    The Midnight Swim ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Mirror ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Mitchell Tapes ( 2010 ) – Remove
    The Monster Project ( 2017 ) – Remove
    The Ouija Experiment ( 2011 ) – Remove
    The Phoenix Incident ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Possession of Michael King ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Poughkeepsie Tapes ( 2007 ) – Remove
    The Project ( 2010 ) – Remove
    The Purging Hour ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Pyramid ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Rake ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Ritual ( 2009 ) – Remove
    The River ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Rohl Farms Enterprise ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Sacrament ( 2013 ) – Remove
    The Secluded House ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Sighting ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Speak ( 2011 ) – Remove
    The Taking of Deborah Logan ( 2014 ) – Remove
    The Tapes ( 2011 ) – Remove
    The Triangle ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Tunnel ( 2011 ) – Remove
    The Unfolding ( 2016 ) – Remove
    The Unquiet ( 2008 ) – Remove
    The Vatican Tapes ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Video Diary of Madi O, Final Entries ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Warning ( 2012 ) – Remove
    The Warning ( 2015 ) – Remove
    The Wicksboro Incident ( 2003 ) – Remove
    The Zombie Diaries ( 2006 ) – Remove
    The Zombinator ( 2012 ) – Remove
    They’re Watching ( 2016 ) – Remove
    Timetravel_0 ( 2009 ) – Remove
    To Jennifer ( 2013 ) – Remove
    TrollHunter ( 2010 ) – Remove
    Turtle Island ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Unaware ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Undocumented ( 2011 ) – Remove
    Unlisted Owner ( 2013 ) – Remove
    Untitled ( 2011 ) – Remove
    VHS ( 2012 ) – Remove
    VHS Viral ( 2014 ) – Remove
    VooDoo ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Welcome to the Jungle ( 2007 ) – Remove
    Wer ( 2013 ) – Remove
    What We Do in the Shadows ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Wikus and Charlize ( -0001 ) – Remove
    Wild Men ( 2017 ) – Remove
    Willow Creek ( 2014 ) – Remove
    Winnebago Man ( 2009 ) – Remove
    Within Madness ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Wolf House ( 2016 ) – Remove
    World of the Dead The Zombie Diaries ( 2011 ) – Remove
    World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen ( 2015 ) – Remove
    Zero Day ( 2003 ) – Remove
    [Rec] ( 2007 ) – Remove
    [Rec] 2 ( 2009 ) – Remove
    [REC] 4 Apocalypse ( 2014 ) – Remove
    [REC]� Genesis ( 2012 ) – Remove
    There are a few more , but they cant be veiwed on my playlist , but on another site.

  142. very cool that you put the list up Chris , I hope it gives a few people hours of new material to watch , but I had 1 question, when you wrote ” I’ll also post it on a page here at the site and link to it in the reviews ” What did that mean ? where is this other spot and how does it link to reviews?

    • Sorry for the delays – things should be getting back to normal now…when I manage to dry the alcohol out of my system! I will put up a page on this site with the list – you can then add to it etc (I’m looking to make it rank as a list in Google’s results). The more people that comment below it, with more suggestions – the higher it will rank! I’ll link to it from some of the reviews as well!

  143. Hey Chris & Howard & any1 else, ( is there any1 else ?,lol)
    Check out this shorty called ” People Of Earth ” , I found it on Vimeo I think because it may have been made by the same people as ” I Am Alone ” , but I’m not 100% sure. It’s only about 5-8 minutes long , but I think it was worth the watch.

    • Yep I’m back in the real world after a Christmas binge (it’s a Welsh thing!) 🙂

  144. HA !!!! A Welsh thing? Im fucked every single day of the year , that’s no excuse , I’m still kinda drunk now , I’m certainly stoned and there’s a few other substances in my system that I am not going to mention online , sooooo its a New York thing too !!!! LOL Plus I didnt start on christmas and rally thru New Years , I started in ’89 and rallied till new years 2018 !!! I been finding a few new FF films that I have tried to list as I watch them , but my brain has been a bit scrambled the last week too, so Ill try and get my shit together as well . That list sounds like a great idea , just point me in the right direction when you do it. Oh yeah , I did have a question, what putlocker. site do you use now that .is is no good anymore? I hope you got a chance to use the one I told you my playlist is on too, its my main site , but I also use solar,pubfilm and tinkle as my back ups.

    • I use a proxy on watchfree(dot)to Dave – it won’t work as a direct link in the UK but I think you can access it directly in the US!!!

  145. Oh boy Chris , I gots a bone 2 pick with you buddy…, remember the list I sent you a few weeks back of all the FF films that im searching 4 but cant find? Well I checked the site you just told me is the new putlocker (watchfree.to) and I found 3 of the movies on my list.. problem is ! called ghost magnet was watchable , but there were 2 others that didn’t have good links but they were still there ” Memorium” & “Rulers of Darkness”. I thought you had a crew of people on the site that might be able to find the movies on the list or at least you might have checked the site you use on the reg to check.? your slackin on me brother, lol , you want me to take over the site for you for a bit? LOL , just kiddin bro I’m literally a computer retard & am luck i can remember my sign in for facebook , if I used the nazi commy site in the first place .

    • Oh yeah they’re on there – but the links will be dead. Unfortunately the sites that hold the older films get rid of everything that isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster after about a year! It’s best to keep going back to them to see if a new link has been included. Older Found Footage films never really have a chance – they only have a shelf-life of about 12 months. There’s a couple I’ve been searching for that will never reappear…

  146. I know , it sux , like I said I got lucky meeting an uploader or 2 who want to remain anonymous for obvious reasons , by they were soooo fuckin cool with me that they went on a search for me and uploaded a ton to primewire for me in a 2 week period. I actually just borrowed someone’s amazon fire stick for a week that is supposedly jailbroken or some shit but I can’t figure the thing out for the life of me , but I figured with the stick Id be able to find a bunch of FF that I hadn’t found yet , but the thing just confuses the hell outta me.

    • Ah the Jailbroken kit – I had to download a torrent eBook to get my head around that, along with cracking programs etc (I probably shouldn’t say that on here – end up with the Feds up my ass!). Yeah I’ve heard Amazon are holding onto a lot of FF films in their database.

  147. Had time to watch a few new f.f. movies off of watchfree.to. “The Horror” was the first and I thought it was pretty good. Solid acting and seemed professionally done. Then I watched The 5th Kind and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I need to watch it again maybe. It certainly wasn’t awful. Then I watched Unlisted Owner. That was a tough one. I thought the characters were all numb nuts. I did watch the whole thing however. But that’s because I’m addicted to found footage.

    • Hmmm I’m interested in ‘The Horror’ – don’t think I’ve encountered that yet. I tried watching the 5th kind but Putlocker only seemed to have one stream of it…that didn’t work for me!

  148. Hello Bro!
    It’s been a while since I messaged you but that’s mainly because I can’t remember your email. I just watched a few new FF and I thought I’d share:
    1. Paranormal Farm
    2. Devil’s Trail
    Paranormal Farm was surprisingly good. Devil’s Trail is about The Jersey Devil and its alright. If you get time.
    Fellow FF enthusiasts;c

    • Hiya!

      I’ve actually been looking for Paranormal Farm for about a week now and no luck – doesn’t seem to have come online to the streaming sites yet…
      Devil’s Trail was pretty average wasn’t it?

  149. HEY Bro,
    been offline for a minute , just got my PS4 back from repairs , so been binge gaming 20 hours aday , I gotta catch back up on some FF

    • Ah a gamer eh? I used to be myself but my eldest son’s pinched the Xbox One off me these days – he’s into the new COD Zombies setup!

  150. Yeah bro , love my PS4 , Ive been a playstation guy since the original, I actually thought that the Sega dreamcast was gonna be the future at one point but , I was WRONG , lol so I’ve stuck with sony the whole ride, even though damn near every single time and every next gen system crapped out on my 2 week to a month after the warranty ran out like fucking clockwork!! I loved the last zombie game “Dying Light ” It was fucking crazy , but ” The Last Of Us” will always be #1 to me , although its sequel is due out this year , so I’m sure it will be equally as good. Right now I’m playing “Assassins Creed Origins”. Anyhow , back to the subject of Found Footage . I saw that you just listed the film ” Living Among Us” and I was wondering if you have found somewhere to watch it yet ? It sounds like a definite winner.

    • I remember the Dreamcast – didn’t last long did it!
      I know what you mean about the crap-out – I bought three Xbox 360’s in the end (they kept on shitting the bed with those three red lights popping up!).
      Dying Light was pretty cool – I like the ‘open world’ games. I was an Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout guy myself – love the Bethesda games.

  151. Hello! Longtime lurker of your website and huge found footage fan as well! Figured I’d start recommending movies I come across that I haven’t seen you review yet. Just recently got the chance to watch a film called The Devil’s Well. Starts off as somewhat of a documentary turned into found footage. Doesn’t introduce anything new but it was a decent film with some strong acting!
    I’ll start checking in here to recommend any new movies I find!

    • Hello Arianna – nice to meet you! 🙂

      I haven’t actually heard of The Devil’s Well yet, so this is pretty cool news – I’ll get on it this week and see if I can find a streaming copy online!
      Cheers for that!!!

  152. Ahoy there matey. Besides a few average found footage movies I’ve seen, I can’t really recommend one but what I did find is a solid if not classic horror movie the other night. Filmed in the U.K. and Scandinavia the movie is called “The Ritual”. Brand new and for some reason it’s on Netflix but it’s also on Putlocker and Sockshare. I hate giving detailed plot descriptions because it gives so much away. I’d suggest watching the trailer but here goes anyway. A group of friends decide to go on a hike in Scandinavia for their yearly ritual but after a slight accident they have to change their trek into the deep dark woods in order to cut the hike short. Not soon after they enter the woods they start finding evidence of some ominous unknown prey leaving behind gory animal carcasses. They even find one gutted and hanging high in a tree. Then night falls and they become aware that something might be hunting them. Ok. So this is a bare bones plot summary. There actually is more plot and mystery surrounding this film but I can’t bring myself to give shit away. Acting is great and even better film direction. I watched it 3 nights in a row if that tells you how much I liked it. When you get a chance you should definitely check it!

    • Ah great minds think alike Howard – watched it about a month back and enjoyed every minute of it! The UK-based horrors are really rolling it in over the last few years – I know I’m slightly biased but I always know I’m in for an interesting ride when I find a new one. ‘The Ritual’ seems to have slipped under the box office radar – but it’s one of the best horrors I seen this year so far!

  153. Hey there! I couldn’t remember whether or not you’ve done a review of WNUF Halloween Special. Thought I’d recommend it in case you’ve never seen it! It’s set up as a vhs recorded news broadcast during Halloween. I know you’re not a huge fan of found footage comedy but the horror elements that this movie has are done pretty well. Worth checking out if you haven’t already!

    • Now that rings a bell…but I can’t remember much about it!
      I’ll have to dig into that one a bit this weekend (BTW – watched that ‘Devil’s Well’ last night, not bad overall!)

  154. Hey Chris, Haven’t messaged you in a year or so. Hope all is well!
    Wanted to give you a heads up on one of the best FF faux documentaries I’ve ever seen. The trailer looked so good that I went ahead and rented it on a whim. “Fake Blood” is the title. I thought that I just didn’t like these types of movies anymore due to the last year of duds but after this one and the suggestion of “Helltown” in the comments, I’m back aboard! Hope to hear of some more greats soon.

    • Hey Randy – How’s tricks?
      That sounds like a new one on me, I’ll be looking into it this week (where did you find it?)

      • Hey Chris, It’s definitely worth locating. It’s a damn near game changer for FF. Found it on Amazon.

        • Nice one Randy – the link gets taken out by the moderation system unfortunately (it doesn’t like Amazon for some reason!), but I’ve copied and pasted it here – looking forward to this one! 🙂

          • If you never got around to it, definitely put it at the top of the list. It’s another dry season or so it seems but Fake Blood delivers.

  155. Hi Chris. Heres a great little film and its found on Netflix right now. Alien Abduction (2014 film).

    • Hi there Stewart – that sounds familiar, especially from 2014…I’ll look into it this week but I have a feeling I’ve watched it at some point (I had a quick check and I don’t see it up here yet mind!)

  156. Chris! My found footage friend! I feel like I may be cheating on found footage movies since my last post to you was about a non f.f. film and here I am again today to tell you about another great horror movie that has nothing to do with the subject matter found here. In 2013 a horror movie trilogy came out called, “All Hallows Eve” and it’s a very effective horror movie. Rarely do I feel fear while watching any movie but somehow the director, Damien Leone, was really good at scary set pieces and he created a character, Art the clown that is easily the scariest fucking clown in any movie I’ve seen. He is silent and has no prejudice towards who kills. Brrrrrr. He’s polarizing. Now the same director has gone and made a movie with his Art the clown killer and it is nothing short of horrifying. Horrifying like being in a sinking ship that’s surrounded by great white sharks. There. I warned people. If you aren’t a true horror deviant like Chris or myself I’d advice stearing clear of this one. Alright. It’s Friday afternoon and I need to find a found footage film tonight or I may starve death

    • Yeah I remember that fucking clown – I HATE clowns! Not a bad film at all that one, I’m sure I also watched a sequel to it a couple of years back…

  157. Hey Chris. I was the one that hassled you to watch Helltown and even sent a link that I hope worked. Though I understand you watched it on another platform. I have a question about the big list of found footage that Dave sent you and you put it up. Could you or Dave, (if you read this) tell me how to access them? I’m at a point where I have only f.f. movies that I have already seen multiple times. I’m desperate! Thanks!

    • Wow that’s a biggie Howard – I basically grab a title from the list and go through Putlocker (or a Putlocker proxy site) and search for it. Some of the titles on the list were not 100% Found Footage though unfortunately…

    • Hey Howard , Im back in the loop & Id love to try & help ,&yeah Im sorry Im a year late ,lol

  158. I just read my comments and your reply and realized I never gave you the title of that Art the clown flick. It’s called “Terrifier”. Sorry about that!

    • Cheers Howard – I just re-read the comments above myself! (I’m getting confused these days – so many comments on here to reply to I forget what conversation’s what!!!!!)

  159. Randomly I thought last night that I’d text you in the comments section and declare 3 movies that I think deserve the label of classic found footage films. What got me thinking was rewatching “The Bay” and realizing how incredible it really is. That is one that I want to shout out as a classic. I mean if anyone can sit through the whole thing without being affected and disturbed then I’d probably suggest some medications. Number two is just so legitimately scary that it deserves classic status on that fact alone. “The Possession Of Michael King” is an underrated gem that practically had me shitting my pants. Number 3 has been a favorite of mine for awhile now and I’m still hoping for a sequel to come out to the found footage movie “Afflicted”. It has to be the best human transformation movie I’ve ever seen. That the filmmakers created a type of vampire superhero is just awesome and I want more. Obviously there are so many other f.f. films that are deserving of a classic label. “The Taking Of Deborah Logan” is high up there as well. I could go on but I took up enough space.

    • Sorry for the delay Howard!
      I was actually going to watch Afflicted again this week – when I first watched it, it was only in a web-rip format…now it’s available in HD on all the sites! Excellent movie.

  160. I tried to send you something about the alien movie you’re trying to remember the name of and boy was it long. I tried sending it but the bastard captcha screwed me. I think? In other words if you got it… cool. If not just ignore this. The alien movie in the dessert I thought could possibly be, 51, that had college buddies going to make a doc in Las Vegas. If I remember right there was the main dude and his friends that just happened to be the hottest girls ever randomly put on film. There is also The Phoenix Lights which also had a bunch of friends this time with dune buggies in the dessert. Also the film is cut with a military deep throat being interviewed who is giving up all the secrets. He smoked a lot. Then there was that crazy cult guy who built himself a defensive hut in the middle of the dessert who ultimately gets blamed for everything. Of course they’re are a bunch more. 2016s Conspiracy Theory where nothing happened. I have more in my brain if you’re still looking.

    • Hey Howard – good to hear from you!
      The film actually ended up being that slightly camp Report 51 – the Italian one in English – I put it up on the site today HERE
      It actually didn’t end up being as good as I remembered (that’s always the way), with some pretty confusing plot directions. But it had some great FX scenes all the same!

  161. What an awful week and worse weekend I had. Terrible. I could of filmed my own personal found footage film. Anyway. I was surprised to see that other people liked Survive The Hollow Shoals besides myself. Not the best but I thought it plenty entertaining. Enough so that I watched multiple times already. That’s not why I’m here though. I was wondering if you had seen The Legend Of The 5ive yet? I thought it was good. Well done all around. Little of anything new but I thought it was effective enough to keep me watching. Oh. Also it was filmed in the UK. It randomly enough reminded me of The Stone Tape! If you can remember that TV movie made in the UK back in the 70s.

    • You know, I can’t remember if I ended up watching The Legend of The 5ive Howard – I know the name but I can’t place the plot! I’ll have to try checking it out again this week and see if it rings a bell…

  162. Ran into another found footage on Sockshare. It’s called The Plan. Unfortunately I can’t say what I thought because I started it late night when I had to be up at 6am the next day. I cut it short since 1 hour of sleep sounded horrifying to me at 3am but I’m going to watch again tonight

    • Hey Howard – I started watching that one myself the other night…but it looked kinda shit after about 5 minutes!
      I’m gonna wait and see what your thoughts are on it before I jump in (I’m a coward!) 🙂

  163. Hey Brawd!
    It´s been a while. New Job – less time and a little laziness for writing in english 🙂

    Hope everything is just fine. I was visiting your site plenty times and everytime i was like ” next time i´ll get my rotten butt up and write something”

    Now here i am and got a small list of some ff efforts you may not know (i highly doubt it)
    Let´s look togeteher :

    – Vampires ( kinda belgian version of Living Among Us, shot way before LAU)

    – 84 Charlie Mopic (A camera team accompanied a Seal Team? during the vietnam war )

    And last but not least:
    The poughkeepsie tapes ( so evil….i bet you know this crazy flick)

    Well as i said, a short list 🙂
    Maybe there is something you didnt watch before.

    I got to hit the bed now.
    Getting up early is something i really really dislike 😀
    I tried to stop by soon. Take care!



    • Hey Noel – good to hear from you!

      I like the sound of that 84 Charlie Mopic – I’ve heard of it before but I don’t think I’ve ever got round to watching it. Vampires rings a bell – but again, I don’t know whether I ever got around to watching it!

      Two for the list this week! 🙂

  164. Holy cowshit! Did you see, “The Devil’s Doorway” yet? If no. See it man. I ain’t saying nothing but… wow. Awesome. Just awesome.

    • LOL yeah – the review is up on the site (published it about two hours ago!).

  165. Hi, I just came across your site and I love ff! Is this a site just for reviews or is there a section where we can actually watch these films?

    • The site is mainly reviews Bunny, but there is a free Found Footage section located in the top tab/header of the site ‘FREE FOUND FOOTAGE CINEMA SECTION’ 🙂

  166. I thought I may lose it soon if my eyeballs didn’t get some new found footage soon. Gonjiam: Hauanted Asylum is a found footage flick I’ve been really wanting to check out but it being found footage and from South Korea I sure as shit wasn’t going to hold my breath. My prayers were answered several hours ago. Gonjiam is on sockshare and it’s new to me. I watched it. If you haven’t you got to. I mean yes the title says it all and ho hum on the plot but it is fully entertaining and no long drawn out beginning. Plus it gets darn right scary.

    • Nice one Howard, I received a tidal wave of messages a couple of weeks back covering this film – and it didn’t disappoint! Actually got the review up on here today 🙂

  167. Add “A Girl Like Her (2015)” to your backlog. It’s a found footage drama, and many people liked it.

    • I’m sure I’ve watched that…but forgotten to put it up on the site! I’ll have to look into it again…

  168. Can somebody PLEASE tell me where I can find “The Lucifer Effect”!!!!!!??? Ive been searching forever and cant find it anywhere! Ive heard so many different stories about when it was released, that it hasnt been released, what year it came out, etc.. I guess there was alot of contravarcey (sorry about the bad spelling) about paranormal things happening to everyone involved with the making of the movie, that cops confuscated (sp) the footage they had for evidence.. HELP!!!

  169. If you haven’t seen Butterfly Kisses you should. Like soon as possible and don’t blnk.

    • Hiya Howard,

      I’ve got a list of about 40 FF films here that I’ve watched but not yet put up on the site. Butterfly Kisses is mentioned on it…but I can’t remember shit about watching it, so I think I’ll go through it again this weekend!
      Nice one for reminding me. 🙂

  170. Hey Chris. So I gues there has been a brief pickup of found footage movies lately. Let’s see. There’s Buttrfly Kisses that I already wrote to you about. Char Man I watched a few nights ago and have to watch again since I cant remember the last half in hour. Thank god it’s Friday today so I can stay up late without worrying about work the next day. Tonight I’m going to watch, “Real Cases Of Shadow People the Sarah McCormick story” holy crap that’s a long ass title. It’s getting surprisingly good reviews. IMDB gave it a 7.4. I may try to fit in, “Remote Viewing” as well tonight. Another one is called UK18. I’m holding off on that o e since I know nothing about it. I have to recommend a movie to you as well that’s not found footage but is what I thought to be the best movie I have seen in years . It’s easily one of my favorite films ever. It’s called “Mandy”. It came out 2018. Chris I’m telling you, you can’t not watch this movie. No one does films like this. If I could send you a trailer I would but I’m not going to mess it up by trying to give you a half ass description of one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

    • There is he is – Howard returns!
      One of the few headcases that has the same horror fascination as me! 🙂

      I’ve gone through Butterfly Kisses and Char man (last week). There’s one called ‘Victims’ on Amazon at the moment which you may like, due to it being completely unique. About a man being filmed kidnapped and accused of being a child killer. Anyway – it’s British and it’s quite interesting, although a little too long.

  171. Yo Chris !! Long time brotha , I haven’t commented here for just over a yearish , but u can be sure Ive been visiting almost every week. Just recently tho Ive had a bit of drama in our little FF world & I thought you’d find it interesting or at least a bit entertaining. I thought that you would be interested since its about someone who we’ve spoke about in the past & is involved with the genre but is kinda a douche who abuses his position . Once I see your response ( last time we chatted it took a few days to receive posts) ,Ill spill the tea & we’ll all have a great story for the day. Oh yeah btw , my list of flicks have grown by 200+ but unfortunately I lost my written list , but the first few hundred are still listed above here on your site SWEET !!!

    • Hey Dave!

      There’s been a slight problem with the security on the comment sections of the site, and I’m getting a short delay on the messages that come through (and they’re scattered all over the place!). Seems to be working again fine now (the tech guys have been involved).

      Who’s this guy you’re on about? I’m curious now…

  172. Great to be back Chris !! So heres the Tea….. Im spilling it !! Lol . So let me start by saying Im not a social media guy , I dont have a Twitter account , no instagram , I do have a Facebook page , but I dont use it 4 anything except for PMing 2 family members and the only other thing I used it for was a Found Footage page, but just over a week ago a few members & I were discussing 2 or 3 different movies on about 2 or 3 posts another person asks where they can watch them *(All 3 posts went very similar ) , so I say “I watched it on Tinkle” , the person thanks me & we move on like any other time. About an hour or less later I have a new notification on each post I was replying on from a guy named Michael Steinberg , this name meant nothing to me @ the time, his reply to every post was identical saying something very close to, ” By you watching found footage movies on pirate illegal sites hurts the actors , directors and the industry as a whole.” At this point I thought we were having a friendly back & forth so I respond with ” We all know that given a random 20 found footage films 1 or 2 will be great 2 or 3 more will be good the last 15 will be fucking trash, but as lovers of the genre most of us will sit thru those horrible 15 movies even after we know how bad they are 5 minutes in.” That comment got a few likes immediately , so I continued with another comment , ” Maybe if all of the FFF were put out on the POV Horror channels for Roku more people would be paying for a subscription to them, but the problem is I have a few Roku Tvs & the first thing I did was subscribe to those 2 channels , 1 is free & the other is like $4 a month , problem is theres only 15 movies on them and Ive already seen all but 2 of them & I watched those 2 the 1st day with the first free week, whoever runs those channels should have 100’s of titles and make it a big deal when there a new movie premiering etc.” WELL 1 hour later I was blocked from the page 100% I cant even view it. Come to find out a day or so later………..

  173. …..Michael Steinberg Esq. runs the Found footage movies page on Facebook & that very same Michael Steinberg Esq also is the guy who runs/owns the Found Footage Critic page!! Then to add abit of insult to injury , a few days later I go to my Roku POV Horror channel ( Which is run by Found footage critic ) Is doing a Saturday night New movie premier night ! After I just gave him the advice /Idea , he robs it & blocks me from the only thing I do on Facebook . Funny tho , hes still taking the money off my credit card, LoL . Thats my story about a real crybaby thief in the heart of the Found footage world …. Sorry that was 2 parts and so long , but I wanted to give you the whole story so people know what a shady 2 face little bitchboy is working against us all. And remember for every FFF that someone watched 4 free, they will always spread the word about the film to a larger group inturn selling copies for the movie . FYI Chris : Edit what you feel needs editing. & Thanks 4 listening 🙂

    • Yeah his website is what’s called an ‘affiliate funnel’, which means it’s setup to catch people and direct them to his channel. The guy probably doesn’t even like Found Footage, just realises that there’s a lot of money to be made out of it!

      I can’t be fucked to make money that way, I only make income off the adverts on this site really, which suits me (and the visitors) fine. If I started trying to rope in affiliate products I’d soon lose the thousands of visitors I get here a day.

      To be honest, I don’t think he even watches the films he covers there (as most of the reviews don’t ‘fit’ the film at all!).

  174. First off Chris, thank you for not editing ANY off what I wrote. Secondly , as per our conversations here publicly & privately I know you are a real dude & who loves and values the genre , this other guy is just an industry guy feeding from the Blair witches tit when he realized the $$ that could be made from it. The only regret I had when sending you my comment (aside from it being overly extensive ) is that I had to paraphrase since I was blocked. There were a couple of other points I made on the FB page that really hit home & were liked &agreed on by many other users, so if any1 infiltrates the page ( Found footage movies ) & the comments wered removed , please feel free to snd them here as a reply. Now that ,thats over Ill try and get back into commenting regularly HERE with all the new fff Ive seen since last years list. Keep up the good work bro. FYI. This message is coming up every time I try and post dozens of times and Idk what finally allows it to go thru ” You are submitting to quickly please wait a few seconds ._._._._._”

    • I didn’t realise he had a Facebook page going as well, but it’s no surprise really, Facebook marketing is a big part of affiliate marketing after all!

      Yeah the security system on this site sometimes kicks in on the comment section, which is a real pain in the ass, because most of the time it gets things wrong! It was updated about 6 months ago and ever since it’s been overly strict with comments.

  175. Its so fucked that he had theballs to tell me Im ripping off the genre I love while his whole life & business model is to eat off the backs of the people who actually care about the genre as a whole. Sorry , that was my last comment about this leach , it has offically taken up to much of my time & now yours , its people like him that really make the world a worse place. On 2 new issues , I was wondering , is there any plans for your page to have a drop down with a list of FFF sent in by us users to share & compare with each other to help find movies some of us may not be aware of or know about , I thought I recalled chatting with you about it around a year ago? Keep up the good work my Cymryic brother. OH SHIT , I almost 4got , I saw a FFF last night that I somehow missed years ago or maybe I had just completely forgotten , its called “Beyond the Pole” , it was well written great acting and done in docu/mokumentary form. My test is to tell my wife or a friend its real & on PBS or BBC & let them think its real , if they cant tell the difference than it gets a A+ from me hands down , this film passed that test 100% . I think “Savageland” was right there as well, anyway check it , fun little ride & definitely worth the watch . PEACE

    • Hey Dave – that’s a new title on me (I think). What site did you find it on?

  176. Tinklepad & a few others , google it too bro I just checked & it popped right up. Also I just watched Frazier park recut, pretty good flick.

  177. Tinklepad & a few others , google it too bro I just checked & it popped right up. Also I just watched Frazier park recut, pretty good watch . BTW Chris , This pop up message saying that Im entering my message/info to quickly and to wait and or try again has gotten to the point of utter frustration that I’ve just given up and not sending the message a few times, and Im sure Im not the only one. I hope this is something that can be fixed, just now ( & Im sure this isn’t the last try) Im on my 18th attempt to deliver this particular post, Im going to keep trying till it works so u are aware of the problem , normally I would have given up at my 5th attempt . Good luck bro

    • Hey Dave, it looks like it’s a problem your end somewhere – the comment section seems to be working for everyone else. Have you tried clearing out your browser cache? The site uses cookies, and if it sees too many cookies in your browser it may be stopping you from posting due to it’s spam parameters.

      BTW never heard of Tinklepad – will look into that site tonight (also never heard of Frazier Park!).

  178. Chris! Have you checked out any of these? Night Shot is French with English subtitles and may be what I consider a true red blooded found footage film. There are no cuts in the film. Instead of a paranormal research group we have some urban explorers taking on, what might be one of the best locations I’ve seen, a huge hospital in France that was forcibly taken by the Nazis during WWII. Of course the nazis made it more experimental by using patients as research test examples. So the place is soaked in innocent blood. Another one I saw recently is called, Webcast which I really liked a lot but definitely need to see again. This one has it all. Ghosts. Murderers. Witchcraft and an ending that’s very far out. The best thing about this one is that there are so many twists and turns that I never saw coming. Ok. This next one I’m sure other people have written to you about by now. Or you’ve probably seen it already. The Fear Footage which at first I was nervous about because the acting seemed shady but before I knew it I was way totally engaged and it actually scared me some. Now that’s saying a lot. Last is Heilstatten. Far from perfect and pretty much followed the standard teens in an abandoned building plot but it’s done with flare and good money was put into this film. Definitely worth a watch.

    • Hey Howard mate!

      I watched Heilstatten the other day and The Fear Footage was covered on the site about a year back (I got a screener sent to me if I remember correctly!). I did try and search out that Night Shot last night but I couldn’t find it on any of my ‘regular’ film sites – will have to try again tonight with a broader search!!!

  179. Yo Howard & Chris , Ive seen 3 of them & I was literary putting Heilstatten on 1 minute ago & decided to check in here first since its been awhile ( the technical issue I was having was beyond annoying) , I watched Fear Footage last week & was definitely a hidden gem! The acting wasn’t the best & the plot was a little sloppy , but the perfectly timed jump scares made up for it 10fold , also the “monsters” & special fx looked GREAT , in most other fff if they dare to include a monster ,creature , etc. ALOT of the time it looks mad cheesy or cheap , but they did not dissapoint. Each one looked really well done, from the creepy clown to the satanic demon, to all of what was left of Megans family . RECOMMENDED

  180. Hello from your insane Boston friend. So I was thinking, “hm Chris can’t find Night Shot. Maybe I should tell him it’s on prime? I have NO idea if you can get this where you live but we got something called Tubi. Maybe you know about. In case you don’t it’s definitely worth checking if you can get it. It’s kind of like Netflix except it’s totally free. The only downfall is there are two commercial breaks but each break is either one or two commercials and that’s it. No more then that. The movies are not edited. The special think about Tubi is horror selection is stellar. They got more found footage flicks to rent than cable and Netflix’s combined. The found footage flick is on Tubi right now. As well as the remastered Poughkeepsie Tapes. Paranormal Demons, which I’m starting to like a lot now. Cold Ground, the French classic. I call it a classic because it is. Area 51. Hunting the Legend. The unfolding, great classy English found footage done with style but I know you know that already. Black Water Vampire. The Bay. The Devil Inside. Open Water 3 Cage Dive. I could go on because they have a ton more. I hope you can get Tubi! Tonight I’m going to watch Devil’s Night which was done 2017 but was released recently. I caught trailer and it looks promising. Boy. I hope I can send this to you. Captcha hates me

    • Hey Howard man!

      Na the GDPR over here do not like the look of Tubi at all, even their landing page is saying that they’re trying to comply with European laws but no banana!
      Shame really ‘cos the site looks pretty cool. Same with Night Shot – nowhere on the UK Prime unfortunately!
      Devil’s Night sounds like a new one on me, will try out Shockshare etc tonight and look for it.

  181. Just watched maybe the best FF I’ve seen all year. It’s a good mix of everything. Go in blind and you won’t regret it. “Victor’s History” via AmazonPrime.

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