A Night in The Woods ( 2011 ) – Dartmoor Myths


A Night in The Woods ( 2011 ) - Dartmoor Myths

2011 release A night in The Woods is a British Found Footage horror based on ​Dartmoor myths and legends. I had been putting this one off for a while due to a bad review I read on it several months ago.

Turns out I should of made my own mind up on the film – it wasn’t that bad after all!

An Apology

First things first, I should offer an apology for the lack of activity on this site over the last seven days or so. My nine-year-old son managed to bring Satan’s virus back from school with him last weekend and completely wiped out the household.

I’ve been so ill I could barely string together two sentences so I avoided the laptop until I was fully recovered.

Anyway, back to the film…

I was really surprised to see that American actor Scoot McNairy had somehow been signed up to play a lead role in this film.

Scoot gave an awesome performance in Monsters and just recently I noticed him play a part in the epic 12 Years a Slave.

It was a bold move by the filmmakers and it worked out really well – all three of the main characters worked off Scoot and put in memorable performances.

I think the acting was very much the key to this film. It was kind of like a British Blair Witch Project so I wasn’t really holding out much hope on the entertainment front.

Turns out it didn’t really rely on the horror that much as it’s plot centered more on the drama between the three main characters.

The Plot

The movie follows Kerry and her boyfriend Brody as they go camping in the woods ( Dartmoor ). Kerry decides to bring her ‘cousin’ Leo along with them. Just before they reach their destination they decide to stop off in a local pub for a swift pint of beer ( and why not! ).

In this local pub the group of three get told about an ancient Dartmoor myth that should really put them off the idea of camping. It involves an entity in the woods that carves crosses into people’s foreheads and kills them!

The three decide to ignore this stupid local legend and set out to the woods to set up camp for the night.

Brody is one of those guys that insists on taking a camera with him wherever he goes so the film is shot through a couple of handhelds in his possession.

Dartmoor Myths And Legends

The review that put me off watching this film complained about it being a bit of a ‘jumbled mess of a horror’ but I totally disagree.

Most online reviewers complain about the Found Footage genre being stuck inside the same old ideas – at least this one was original!

Sure, the entity in the woods tormenting a group made up of two males and a female isn’t exactly original but the surrounding story was. It centers on the jealousy and the claustrophobia created by the three main characters and it does this very well.


I actually forgot I was watching a horror movie until about 40 minutes into the film. If you are looking for a Grave Encounters type thrill ride then it’s best you avoid this unique offering.

It is well written, well acted and has impressive cinematography throughout. It is based on a long build to the supernatural element so be prepared to sit through a fair bit of drama first.

This drama was cleverly put together and it really helped with the character development. Good characters evoke feelings in us and create an atmosphere – Found Footage cannot work without this atmosphere.

It’s not a Hollywood blockbuster so don’t expect CGI and carefully placed monsters darting past the camera. It’s a relatively low budget indie offering that relies on good, solid acting and deep subplots.

Forget the low IMDb ratings and the piss poor horror reviewers out there – they don’t understand Found Footage on the best of days. This is well worth your time if you enjoy this awesome genre…

An enjoyable and original Found Footage flick!



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