Actual Bigfoot Photos

Actual Bigfoot Photos

We’ve come across many different sites that have provided actual Bigfoot photos from their databases.

We’ll be the first to admit that not all of these websites are that clever and therefore not all of the photos found were that impressive either!

We’ve decided to create this article around the Bigfoot photos that caught our attention so that we could share them with you….

Patterson-Gimlin Film

We published an article covering this video earlier this week so if you want to watch the real live footage simply visit it by clicking this link – Patterson-Gimlin film. If you look below you will see a famous picture that I’m sure 99% of you will be familiar with:

Patterson-Gimlin Film

It’s the iconic picture of Bigfoot that rules the cryptozoology world! I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have tried to debunk this video and prove it to be a fake. Within the last decade it was claimed that the footage finally was proven to be staged but within two years that claim became thinner and thinner until it was actually debunked!

Even on his deathbed Patterson stuck to his guns and claimed the video was 100% real – what do you think?

The White Bigfoot – Don Keating 

Although it’s quite a distant photo I still think Don Keating’s capture from 1992 is an important addition to the cryptozoology files. This is mainly down to the fact Don was a known Bigfoot researcher and a straight shooter on the subject – he is a trusted source!

Don Keating actual Bigfoot photo

Keating claimed that the incident allowed him to deduce that the creature was able to cover 28 ft in 1.55 seconds, it could cover this 28 ft with just four steps and it was approximately 8 ft tall!

The Zach Hamilton Picture 

Zach Hamilton actual Bigfoot photoUnfortunately we were only able to get hold of a reasonably small version of this picture.

Out of all the actual Bigfoot photos we’ve come across this one seems to be the most rugged and believable.

It was taken way back in the 50’s in Deschutes County, Oregon by a man named Zach Hamilton.

He was pretty shaken up when he took the photo to be developed claiming that the strange beast had actually stalked him for miles.

I like this photo as it seems ‘right’ in every sense – it’s distant and it’s a hurried photo that seems very organic overall.

Annette Crews Hillside Picture

I’ve come across this picture a few times now but it doesn’t seem to get the same attention that most of the other famous snaps do! Personally I don’t really know why – maybe it’s because the actual creature is so distant in it?

Annette Crews Hillside Picture

It was taken in 1993 when Annette thought she spotted a bear making it’s way down the hillside. She quickly pulled out her camera to see if she could get a snap of this majestic creature but quickly realized it was walking on two legs!

Unfortunately the camera seems to have had a pretty lousy zoom but there are reports that she took two photos to show the movement of the creature walking down the hill!

Noah Wiley’s Photo

I thought I’d include this photo as it’s been doing the rounds on YouTube recently. It’s actually a still taken from the YouTube video which was filmed by student Noah Wiley.

Noah Wiley's Bigfoot Still

I quite like this ( so called ) evidence as it shows the subject running on all fours. Noah claims that the creature was at least 9 foot tall!

If you have any opinions on the subject of actual Bigfoot photos or if you have any links to photos you think would interest us please leave them in the comment section below 🙂


  1. I was a little kid when i first heard the bigfoot stories, and i remember laughing at those who believed it. But maybe it is me who is really skeptic with all theses aliens and bigfoot stuff.

    By now we have like 7,5 billion people living on earth, the sighting locations have been searched like 1000 times and nothing found. Where do they live, what do they eat, where do they hide their excrement.

    Surely someone must of stumbled across a corpse by now? Why don’t we have the biological proof that this creature exists…maybe we’ll never get it?

    I still believe that they are just a clowns who wear the gorilla suit to scare some random people..but that’s just me at the end of the day!

    What do you think?

    • Hi Andero,

      What do I think about this subject? Well I’m a geek and I’ve always known that there is no smoke without fire!

      I do believe that ‘clowns’ are dressing up and acting out a part – especially with the birth of YouTube, but I also believe we as humans have missed the boat many, many, times before.

      Could a creature like this evade detection from us on a daily basis – without doubt!

      I’ve always been a believer at heart…

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