Alien Encounter ( Found Footage ) – True Alien Encounters?

true alien encounters

I’ve only just finished watching this film so I thought I’d do the review quickly when the whole process is still fresh in my mind! First off – I’m not used to reviewing films that are split up into six separate parts so this was a new one on me!

Thankfully as far as true alien encounters on YouTube go – this was not a waste of time!

Low Low Budget

Yes, right from the first scene where I was treated to a rather irritating teenager talking into his camera I got the feeling that this cost nothing to make. That’s alright though – a lot of decent films start off this way. The film was a proper low budget effort but please don’t let that put you off – it had plenty to offer!

Acting Needs a Warm up

As I mentioned the first character we are introduced to is a really annoying teenager who I didn’t take to one bit. His first encounter is with a rather miserable driver of a car and the chemistry between the two was a bit strained to say the least.

The initial acting was not good, not good at all I’m afraid – but a lot of these indie flicks need time to get going. The camera work seemed decent and the audio was average – there was still hope!

They pick various friends up along their car journey and the acting started to gel a little more – the company of four worked well together and seemed a lot more believable.

Towards the end of this first ‘tape’ there had been no true alien encounters to speak of but I was a lot more comfortable with the four boys as a group.

Another Forest!

What would true alien encounters be without a dark forest eh? What would 50% of Found Footage films be without a forest for that matter? Well it’s tried and tested but it does work well – there is something about being stuck in a forest with a camcorder and an entity that works every time!

So they’re in a forest having a little camping trip ( naturally ) and we see a little deeper into each of the characters. The film improves drastically at this point and all of them seem warmed up and ready to give 100% on screen.

Loud and Out of The Blue!

The first of the alien encounters comes about when they are all sitting in the tent having a lad’s conversation. It was a loud and proud sound that really made me jump ( good work boys! ). From this point in we know we are in a Found Footage film and things really start to take off……

The Third Tape 

By the time we get to the third tape all the actors are on top form except for the dickhead on camera – I thought he was the weak point throughout this film. I think they put him BEHIND the camera for a reason. He was not that believable and he had that spoiled teenager attitude to him.

First Contact

I’ll try not to delve to deeply into the alien encounters because I do not want to spoil the experience for future audiences. The first contact with a hunched ‘creature’ in the dark was pretty good and all closer contacts the film had to offer were good to!

The sound effects that went along with the creature seemed to be really well thought out and had a creepiness about them that fit. A lot of the online films that cover true alien encounters don’t make any sort of effort when it comes to the actual aliens – this was different!


The more the alien made an appearance the more impressive the film became. Don’t get me wrong – there were so many holes in this film I don’t know where to start but it was entertaining……..and that’s what counts.

Why did Danny act like a bit of a retard throughout the film? Why did one of the true alien encounters result in the alien dancing in the middle of the road? These are the types of questions that will never get answered!

If you are looking for simple entertainment in an independent Found Footage horror film then this is definitely for you. The nervous acting skills of the boys improved tenfold as the film progressed and they became quite believable at times.

The split ten minute sections of the film were a little bit of a pain but a necessary evil I was willing to sit through. Not a bad effort boys – it would be nice to see what you can do with a bit of funding behind you!



    • Hey Tim!
      Yeah the title was Alien Encounter – I watched it several months ago now. On YouTube I usually type in the keyword “Found Footage” or “Found Footage Full Movie” and go from there. It’s how I found this one ( mind you there’s a lot of crap on there you have to track through first! ).

    • Hi Amy!
      No this is a total indie offering discovered on YouTube – I believe the year of release was 2013 ( or maybe 2012…I forget! ). Decent attempt at Found Footage by a group of filmmaking students from what I remember. It’s pretty much a zero budget release.

  1. Awesome, thanks for that!! Have you heard any rumors regarding The Gracefield Incident or it’s potential release? Figured I’d ask, since you seem to be as much of a found footage fiend as me! I have literally been watching at least 1 each night, and I’m just about tapped out, so I need some fresh offerings… Preferably, free, online offerings, but, anyway…. Love the site, use it like my own personal FF Rolodex, and have it pinned to the home screen of all of my devices. Especially love when a good, virtually unknown indie flicks pops onto the radar. Keep them coming! Xo✌

    • Hi Amy,
      I’ve heard of the name but I’m yet to come across a copy of it ( unfortunately! ). Nice to hear you use the site so frequently, I’m amazed at the amount of FF freaks like me out there – I’ve met thousands since I started this website up 🙂
      It’s growing by the day!

  2. …. I can’t find it on YouTube, or anywhere! If possible, can you share the link or guide me/us in the right direction? Thanks, again, lol.

    • Hi Amy, just seen this message! I’ve just got up so I’ll have a look in a bit – it might have been taken down for copyright purposes ( a lot of indie producers get caught out on YouTube these days! ).

  3. Hey. I believe I found it. It seems to be segmented into separate parts though (Check the playlist)

  4. I might have seen this movie somewhere. I definitely remember it but not with much detail….

    It was, as you said, a low budget movie with acting which is not a top-notch – one with same kind of visuals. But it was definitely not a waste of time. I think I probably came across it on one of those free film streaming sites – you know the ones right?

    I also love these kind of amateur style horror movies, the ones like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

    • Hello once again Tyler – didn’t I speak to you earlier in the comment section of the Zero Day review?

      Anyway – great to see you back here so soon! Yeah this was okay – not great but not bad either…considering it was a total indie effort. I’m hoping it’s still out there somewhere as last time I searched for it online I couldn’t find it….

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