Alien Outpost ( 2015 ) – Failed Footage


Alien Outpost ( 2015 )

I came across an online poster advertising this new Found Footage film before Christmas and ever since I’ve been ‘on pins’ waiting for a review copy. It looked like it had a decent enough budget behind it and it also looked quite unique.

I only managed to get about 10 minutes into the film before the feelings of disappointment started creeping in…

Failed Footage

I really have no solid idea on how the producers of this film messed it up so much – it is what my 9 year old son would call an ‘epic fail’.

On numerous occasions I was left wondering if I was really watching a Found Footage film. The camera angles seemed perfect most of the time taking any sort of authenticity and atmosphere out of the film.

Unfortunately my hopes of a decent budget based film were dashed when I first saw one of the aliens – it looked like a bad guy from the Power Rangers series!

The film could of been something special but I’m afraid it is nothing more than a forgettable mess.

The Plot

The film is shot as a documentary following a group of soldiers guarding one of the last working outposts built to counter the off-world insurgent forces in 2033

The film’s opening credits explain that Earth was invaded ten years before by a breed of aliens ( which are for some reason nicknamed ‘Heavies’ ). This band of aliens was finally defeated and they left the planet with their tails between their legs ( quite literally! ).

Unfortunately not all of these space creatures made it to the mother ship before it ran for The Milky Way – many of the aliens were left behind.

This resulted in various ‘alien outposts’ being set up worldwide in an attempt to clean up the remaining invaders.

This film concentrates on Outpost 37 which is set up in the middle of Afghanistan for some unknown reason. It’s full of your typical American Jar-head idiot soldiers who spend most of the movie being horrible to each other ( and then end up in floods of tears when one of them dies! ).

What a Mess!

As you can probably tell – I’m really not that impressed by this film as it does nothing except harm the Found Footage genre.

The initial stages of the film are spent getting to know the soldiers of Outpost 37. This proved to be a real drag as 99% of these characters were complete wankers.

I waited a LONG while for something of interest to happen and when it did I almost pissed myself laughing – who created the alien effects?

I’m not joking here – these creatures looked like a group of college students dressed up to go to a Halloween party! They were by far the worst aliens I have seen on the silver screen over the last decade.

Not only were they hilariously built – they couldn’t bloody shoot straight either!

On numerous occasions I witnessed one of these brutes miss it’s target or hit the floor from not more than 5 feet away – ridiculous.

Then there was the camera work – what happened there?

At times it was impossible to tell you were watching a Found Footage documentary. The two cameramen seemed to be everywhere – they were by far the greatest cameramen the world has ever seen!


No, no, no! This is not the direction Found Footage wants to ( or needs to ) go in!

The film was released by IFC Midnight who have managed some quite decent horror/science fiction releases over the last several years – what happened here?

I have the feeling they funded the director, Jabbar Raisani, realized the finished article was s##t and thought “hell let’s make some money back on it anyway!”.

Most of the actors were pretty decent enough but even they must of realized the crap they were involved with.

At times I thought the film was trying it’s best to follow the first hour or so of District 9 – but District 9 was a ground breaking science fiction effort and this was certainly NOT.

I heard on the grapevine that this is supposed to be the first installment of a trilogy series – give me strength!

I can’t see anyone funding Mr. Raisani’s next attempt after this explosive mess – it was a cardboard film.

Terrible script, no atmosphere, hilarious special effects and a poor story line – don’t bother wasting 90 minutes of your life on this one!




  1. Your review was right on!!! This movie had me fast forwarding throughout. Wow!! Found footage fans..listen to our gracious host and avoid this!!! Enjoy watching a snail crawl instead.

    • Yeah this was a real polished turd Tim – I was so looking forward to it. Apparently they are looking to make a trilogy out of it…

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