Alien Valley (2012) – Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon

Alien Valley (2012) - Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon

I’m often amazed by the amount of Found Footage films I find on these ( pretty much illegal ) film streaming sites. They seem to have a lot more tolerance to the genre than the big players like Netfilx and Amazon Prime.

I know how irritating they are with their dodgy malware infested pop ups but there’s no getting away from the fact that they often find rare beauties.

Late last night I stumbled upon Alien Valley on one of the many Putlocker sites out there. It’s a Found Footage effort based on the UFO cattle mutilation phenomenon.

Once again I had heard nothing about it beforehand and after a quick search online I realized that nobody had bothered to review it yet…even though the film was actually released back in 2012!

All these factors seemed to point towards the film being a bit of a wet fart but I still had to find out more…

The Plot

The film follows the cast and crew of one of those paranormal reality TV shows as they investigate cattle mutilations in Colorado’s rural San Luis Valley.

This is obviously a bad move on their behalf as they all seem to disappear within a three day filming period.

The show’s former producer, mutilation experts, UFO eye-witnesses and a couple of fervent skeptics shift through the found footage in an attempt find out the truth behind their disappearance.

Waiting For The Fall

To be honest with you, I spent most of the first half of this film waiting for it to fall flat on it’s face. Everything seemed to point to a bad film experience when I initially hit the play button.

I’d never heard of the production company, the opening credits seemed like they were put together by a teenager ( they were also off-center for some reason! ) and the soundtrack was pretty lame.

But the more the film progressed the more I began to realize that I might of jumped the gun a bit – I was kinda enjoying it!


I have no real idea why critics have decided against reviewing this title – maybe this is a re-release due to the film doing so poorly the first time around?

I even went through the IMDb archives and found that only 17 people had rated the movie ( at 4.9 at the time of writing this ). Not one of these viewers had taken the time to actually write a review on the site though!

The most surprising factor in all this is that the movie is actually quite good!

It’s not a classic by any stretch of the imagination but it had me captivated for long periods of it’s duration.

The cinematography was pretty good, the cast were more than strong enough pull off the plot and it was paced really well.

As far as originality goes – I think we all know that this type of thing has been done MANY times before! But this was by no means the worst alien-based Found Footage title I’d seen – it certainly managed to keep up with some of the bigger budget offerings ( at times! ).

The only drawback to the film was the close up effects on the alien itself. At a distance they nailed the alien perfectly with those quick glimpse shots and fuzzy camera views.

Unfortunately the budget showed through on the close up shots – in particular the obligatory ‘alien arm’.

Most of these films have the ‘arm shot’ poking in around doors trying to be shut or reaching down from barn lofts. Unfortunately the director of this film seems to have popped out to Toys ‘R’ Us and purchased a $10 alien suit for these shots!

Thankfully we only get to glimpse that fake grey plastic arm on a couple of occasions so it doesn’t really manage to ruin the overall film experience.

Overall Alien Valley was a pretty surprising experience and even a little enjoyable at times. When you think about it, IMDb reviewers tend to give Found Footage films extremely low ratings so 4.9 isn’t that bad really is it?

It’s not a new idea and there are better films out there…but I would definitely give it a go if I was you!

Average yet enjoyable.

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    • Hi Lucas,
      I found this movie on Putlocker a while back. Try a Google search with the movie name and year (2012) and it should pop up on the first page of results.

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