Aliens Created Humans Theory – Where Did We Come From?

A group of researchers from the Human Genome Project have apparently shed light on the aliens created humans theory. They worked for a full 13 years until they came to the dramatic conclusion – 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA comes from extraterrestrial life forms.

The non-coding sequences have been known as junk DNA for many years now and scientists were baffled as to what their actual function was. Now certain scientists are convinced that this junk DNA is not from our planet – it is alien!

People’s Perception 

There are a lot of different takes on the aliens created humans theory and they seemed to have gathered pace since this latest DNA discovery. People have their own view on what this means – there are also a lot of non-believers still out there!

Every piece of information seems to undercut the next but there are pretty impressive explanations out there…..

A pretty awesome video isn’t it? The idea/theory of our DNA being encoded with messages from an alien race pretty much ticks all the boxes ( for me anyway! )

As you can probably tell I am a believer – I find it all to easy to throw the big bang theory at an argument! Have you ever asked a scientist what actually banged against what?


Aliens Created Humans TheoryI always found the argument between religious people and the people that digest all things Darwin a little tired at times.

To be brutally honest I never went along with the idea of evolution per say – it had to many holes. At the same time I saw the damage that religion was doing to the world and that gave me an empty feeling inside…

It appears that you are only allowed to believe in one or the other – I disagree!

The video you just watched gives an interesting take on evolution and it’s one I’d like to point out here – it claims that evolution plays a big part in the aliens created humans theory.

They base this on the idea that aliens somehow programmed our DNA molecules so that they would introduce knowledge when we reached a certain level of intelligence. So all of man’s accomplishments ( especially over the last couple of centuries ) were actually a reward for us developing to a certain level.

The DNA Language

It’s the DNA language of the aliens created humans theory that fascinates so many people ( including me! ). DNA was first identified in the late 1860s by Swiss chemist Friedrich Miescher. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that DNA was really ‘understood’ to a point and this information seemed to snowball.

It snowballed to the point where we knew DNA was a coding – a language of sorts. Did you take note of this quote from the video above:

“The quantum of information in our human DNA is roughly comparably equal to 12 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica.”

Is it just me or does that indicate that this language will always be slightly out of reach to most scientists out there?

What kind of knowledge or command requests could this type of language contain? How much of it do we really understand and how much of it actually scares the **** outta scientists that are paid to look into it?

Would the majority of them actually let us know if they found something more concrete or would it be locked away due to fear of mass panic? Has this already happened?

The Aliens Created Humans Theory

History does a quite impressive job of showing us what we want to know but at the same time leaving us to decide. The link between humans and aliens is not exactly a new link – this has been going on for some time.

The Chariots of The Gods was released way back in 1970 and it still stands up straight even to this day. You are always going to have skeptics and this is a good thing – they sometimes help the cause without even knowing it ( ignorance can be effective! ).

There are a ton of interesting points to Erich Von Daniken’s book as long as you don’t take him as putting forth speculations as fact without proof.

I think we have finally come to the point where we would be near enough stupid to believe we are the only intelligent life form out there. I also think we have come to the point where we are near enough certain that other life forms know about us.

If they know about us then wouldn’t it be safe to say they are far more advanced than us?


  1. Hello Chris,

    While I found the article you wrote well put together and thought out, I think you can tell, I am not a believer in the alien theory. I think in the absence of hard evidence other than what is supposedly suppressed by governments, this will always be a fiercely debated topic. 

    There was an interview of Neil Armstrong many years ago where they asked him of his belief in aliens and he replied stating that we have explored only x amount of light years from our planet and have yet to find life. So if there is life out there, they make really good neighbors.

    Thanks for you for your article.


    • No problems Rich…but you really should read the articles that Armstrong appeared in when he indicated that they saw alien life when they landed on the moon…

      Just a thought! 

  2. The universe is so big it’s very hard to imagine we are the only “intelligent” life form out there. If there are other life forms out there and they know about us and are actually keeping to themselves makes them highly intelligent.

    The way the world is going I don’t think we as a people would be a great influence on them at the moment. 🙂

    • No I agree Linda – I don’t think they’d stay here very long with our track records!

  3. Oh dear, really?! I have not heard about this theory but will not say that I don’t believe so. Will the truth cause mass panic? Personally, I doubt so. What is there to fear? We are still humans after all.

    This is a very interesting read. First time I’ve come across such article.

    • Hi Sharon – well I’m glad you enjoyed reading our work! 

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on it. 

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