Allagash Alien Abduction

Allagash Alien Abduction - The Four Men Involved

I always think that UFO encounters hold more weight by the amount of witnesses that are involved. I often wonder what these people have to gain by lying or creating a hoax and then following it up?

The Allagash alien abduction involved four witnesses who were about to start their respective careers – they had nothing to gain by lying and everything to lose….

The Incident

If you’re anything like me then your geography may be a little lacking at times. So I’ll start this article off with a short and sweet explanation on The Allagash Waterway.

The Allagash Waterway is made up of various different lakes/canals that join together and is very picturesque. It is located within the mountain range of Maine in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

The story of the Allagash alien abduction starts when four student artists decided to take a relaxing trip to the area to let off some steam. The group was made up of two brothers (Jack and Jim Weiner) and two close friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz – they had met when studying art.

August 1976

The Allagash alien abduction incident took place in August 1976 when the four friends arrived at one of the lakes to go canoeing. They constructed a large fire on the shoreline to indicate where their camp was and off they went into the water!

They were attempting some fishing over the side of the canoes but they were having very little luck. After a while they all noticed a light over the trees not far from their location. It was way too bright to be a star and it seemed very close to the tree line.

tree line UFO

They were amazed at the floating object’s ability to change colors as it hovered back and forth and side to side. They estimated that the object was at least 80 feet in diameter.

It moved slowly across the tree line until Charlie Foltz decided to signal to it with his flashlight. The object at once changed it’s direction and started moving towards the canoes.


It was one of those moments where friends are left thinking ‘what the **** did he do that for?’.

They all looked at one another then in a blind panic paddled back towards the camp as fast as possible.

They didn’t make it back to the bank – a hollow light engulfed them and the next thing they remember is being back on the shoreline in the campsite again!

a hollow light engulfed them

Charlie Foltz pointed his flashlight at the object again (will he never learn?) but this time it paid no attention and just rose into the night sky……then disappeared!

Lost Time

All four men were in a state of shock when they looked around the campsite. The fire that they had built was now nothing more than a smoldering heap – how was this possible?

They had lost hours out of the night and none of them knew how – they quietly packed up their camping gear and left the river bank.

The Aftermath

It wasn’t long before the Allagash alien abduction started to have a profound effect and these four art students. Jack Weiner was the first to start having nightmares. He was plagued by night terrors involving strange creatures with long necks and really over-sized heads.

In his dreams he saw himself laying on a table being examined by these strange creatures as his three counterparts sat in a trance on a nearby stool – unable to move!

The aftermath of the alien encounter

It wasn’t long before the other three men started experiencing similar dreams of beings with lidless, glowing eyes and insect-like four fingered hands.

Jim Weiner knew something very strange was happening to the group and in 1988 he decided to take part in a UFO conference hosted by Raymond Fowler.

After the conference was over he decided to have a private word with Raymond Fowler about the Allagash abduction. Fowler was very happy to have found a report with four witnesses – he immediately signed the men up for regressive hypnosis.

The hypnosis sessions did not disappoint as the results determined that the four men had indeed been abducted and subjected to humiliating tests.


All four of the men’s description of the alien’s and their craft were consistent with one another. They were all able to draw exactly what they remembered because of their background in the art world.

They penned many diagrams of the Allagash alien abduction including the examining room and the medical instruments used on them.

Chuck Rak seemed to be able to recall the most and claimed that the strange room was much like that of a vet’s surgery with a silver table placed in the middle of it. He also believed the aliens used some sort of mind security when examining them as he was unable to picture their faces properly – he said it was as if they had tuned out this image like a fuzzy radio channel!

They all underwent psychiatric evaluations and all four of them were deemed mentally stable. They also passed every lie detector test that was put in front of them.

The events of the Allagash alien abduction are still considered a mystery as all results point to something extraterrestrial happening that night on the lake.

Do you have any thoughts on the Allagash abduction? Do you have any theories on what happened to these four men on that fateful night? If so please get involved in the discussion by using the comment section below…..


  1. this was for real? very interesting story and very well written article. i am fascinated of this kind of stories …
    I have a site about time travel and I found this event very strange. So , do you really believe aliens exist?
    I do believe we are not alone in the universe ,but also some believe aliens are humans from the future. I don’t know.What do you think?
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more 🙂

    • Hi there Christina,

      The simplest answer I have is that I am a believer in everything I write (wow that sounds big-headed doesn’t it LOL). No, I’ve always had an open mind and I’ve always believed in this type of thing.

      There are billions of planets out there that we have no idea about yet as a human race – to think that we are the only intelligent life form is ridiculous really – we are not alone, and I think authorities already know this and are covering up the truth.

      But nothing stays covered up forever…

      Great speaking with you – thanks for visiting and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the article! 🙂

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