Alone With Her ( 2006 ) – Dangerous Obsession Movie

A very enjoyable dangerous obsession movie

​I wasn’t having much luck last night in finding anything decent to review – I came across a few paranormal indie flicks but all of them failed to impress (switched off after ten minutes – awful!). By chance I spotted Alone With Her on a film review site and I thought I would give it a try. It was labelled a dangerous obsession movie and that didn’t really fill me with much confidence! I was in the mood for something satanic but due to lack of choice I gave this film a go……..

A Unique Dangerous Obsession Movie

The idea of a dangerous obsession movie filmed in a Found Footage style is a lot harder to pull off than you may think. This was obvious through the first quarter of an hour of the movie. I was sat there thinking ‘oh god am I gonna have to watch this guy stalk this girl for an hour and a half?’.

It turns out that was not the case and the film was quite brave and unique in it’s delivery….

The Start

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a movie by the first few frames of it’s introduction. This dangerous obsession movie started off with a real quote from David Wiseman from the US Department of Justice:

“Every minute, 3 people become victims of stalking in the US. What concerns us most is that recent technology has created a golden age for predators to track an terrorize. Hidden video cameras, microphones and other spy equipment can be purchased for next to nothing and are available through the internet and retail stores everywhere…..to everyone”

It was quite a unique and thought provoking way to begin the film and it sort of brought a little ‘quality feel’ to proceedings.

The Peeping Tom

The whole movie is based around the lead character Doug (played brilliantly by Colin Hanks) setting up hidden cameras and spying on an unfortunate victim. Now it could of been really boring but as I mentioned the film did start to ‘think outside the box’ after a while!

Now Doug is not the type of guy you want to take home to meet your parents – the start of the film let’s us know he’s a bit of an unstable character. We view the film the same way he does through the secret security cameras he has set up inside his subject’s house.

It sounds pretty boring but this is an essential part of the film. It shows us how Doug gets the information needed to charm his subject when they meet…..

Yes……They Do Meet!

This is where our dangerous obsession movie comes into it’s own. Doug decides to subtly introduce himself at a coffee shop and makes a point of being there whenever she is – a false ‘chance meeting’ if you like!

Considering he has been listening in to all of her conversations and watching her he is able to convince her that they have the same common interests. A friendship begins…….

Clever Build up

At first the character of Doug seems pretty placid and you actually feel sorry for him a little bit. But as the meetings increase in frequency the nighttime spying sessions begin to paint a dangerous picture.

Our victim has two love interests – Doug and the ‘Hollywood pretty boy’ you find in most films. Doug is aware of this and as he witnesses his competition get ahead of him in the race he begins to show his ‘dislodged side’.

It’s hard to go into any further detail on the plot as I really don’t want to ruin the experience for any of you! The film was really decent and a worthy addition to the Found Footage genre.


This dangerous obsession movie was certainly one of a kind and I’m glad I stumbled across it last night. Colin Hanks does an excellent job of portraying the creepy sides of our main character Doug and the Mexican actress Ana Talancón makes an excellent victim.

Once the rather tame start to the film is over it begins to pick up pace and builds up really well to a decent ending. I got the feeling that this dangerous obsession movie had a good amount of backing when it was being made. The camera work and the quality of the actors was a big telling point.

It all combined to make an excellent Found Footage experience that I found very unique. The story was good, the presentation was good and it kept you engrossed.

If you have any views on this dangerous obsession movie, good or bad, then please leave them in the comment section below (but please don’t spam – we will locate and remove it!).



  1. I’ve never actually seen this one but it sounds awesome. I agree with you about the start. Very clever and certainly attention-grabbing! I might have to give this a try someday!

    • You’ll love it – creepy as hell with decent actors. It’s out for free online now so give it a try! Cheers for stopping by!

  2. My own imagination started filling in my own theories as to how Doug is going to…’dispatch’ his romantic rival. I have to give this one a watch.
    Found footage films are supposed to have that low budget indie feel but that’s never an excuse to slack on your production budget, so I already have high hopes for this film. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations

    • Great to hear Ryan (and welcome to the site!).

      You should enjoy this one – it’s a solid Found Footage journey with a decent build throughout. It’s a good watch! 🙂

  3. Loved this movie.. I did read somewhere there was an alternate ending.. Would you happen to know??

    • No I don’t know Nikki, but I’d love to see it if there is one floating about out there!!!! 🙂

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