Always Watching (2015) – Marble Hornets Movie

Always Watching (2015) - Marble Hornets Movie

Awesome start to the week guys – I pay a quick visit to Solarmovie and stumble across the new Marble Hornets movie!

I had heard rumors that it was in production but I had no real idea of when it was actually going to be released. Let’s take a closer look at the finished article…

Marble Hornets Project

This Marble Hornets project is centered around a whole new set of characters but it is based in the same ‘world’ as the YouTube mythology. It seemed to give the creators a solid platform to evolve The Operator character and take him away from the Slender Man link that so many people make.

The tone and overall aesthetic of the film is highly similar to that of the web series but this little beauty is reinforced with professional actors.

It all blends together to create a truly fascinating Found Footage experience…

The Plot

A local news crew is stuck with the rather tedious job of reporting on recent home foreclosures. One of the homes they encounter has a series of strange symbols printed on the walls of it’s dark basement.

As they attempt to figure out the meaning behind these strange paintings they come across a box of old DV tapes left by the previous owners.

The camera operator ( Chris Marquette ) decides to take the tapes home and investigate the contents. The family events that make up the home movies seem to show a strange slender figure in various background shots.

The news crew decide to look into the roots of this stranger but do not count on him showing up and stalking them. They quickly realize they can only see the figure while looking through the lens of a camera.

Who is this strange slender figure and why does he not appear to the naked eye?

Marble Hornets Movie

This type of thing was ALWAYS going to work on the big screen – I’m surprised it took as long as it did to get there!

They’ve managed to take the creepiness out of the web series and inject it into a much more solid and rounded foundation. Director James Moran does a awesome job of keeping the tone tense throughout, and there’s a genuine sense of danger whenever The Operator appears onscreen.


Definitely 100% worth the wait in my book, it’s just a shame so many Found Footage haters will miss out on this experience through ignorance!

It seems like any sort of Slender Man character was born for the Found Footage style of filming. I really don’t think he could work out on screen any other way!

The film is backed up by excellent performances from Jake McDorman, Chris Marquette and Alexandra Breckenridge. They work extremely well together and bring a worthwhile sense of realism to proceedings.

I like the way that the creators of this franchise ignore the chance to elaborate on the character of The Operator. By the time the credits begin to roll, we know absolutely nothing new about this strange entity.

I feel that this is the way things should stay – Slender Man should have no real background and we should all be making our own minds up on where he originates from ( and what his true purpose is ).

A thoroughly enjoyable Found Footage ride that could well bring on a hat full of sequels. Fans of the YouTube channel WILL NOT be disappointed with this offering.

Not to be missed!!!




  1. Totally disagree. I’m a huge fan of the series and even hired the creators to come to an event where I live. I was so excited when I saw that this movie was finally out.

    My problem (and I wrote a review as well) was that it always seemed too perfect. The actors looked “too perfect”. The camera was always just in the right place at the right time. I had moments before the story really got going that I didn’t understand why the camera was rolling.

    I also felt that by the third act was starting, the scares came at a predictable rhythm that you could set your clock to.

    For me, the very beginning and the very ending were the only worthwhile moments. The rest, I found myself a little bored.

    • Hmmm, I thought I’d give you the platform to voice your opinion although I cannot agree with it. Most Found Footage efforts suffer from unrealistic camera views and holes related to that – that’s part of the recipe I’m afraid!

      This was certainly a more Hollywood-targeted Marble Hornets offering but that was always going to be the case – money talks and the more success you see the more green you draw in! The creators have hit a certain level now and I doubt very much they’d step back to using Sony Vegas to edit their films on ( which they did for the entire YouTube Series ).

      Still, opinions are opinions and we are glad you stopped by and left your’s Ryan!
      Look forward to speaking to you again soon 🙂

    • Hi Wingman.

      No in most cases we do not link directly to movies as Google frowns upon this ( they think we are affiliating the film sites in question ). We review ’em and let the public know if they stink or not. The rest is up to you and a simple Google search 🙂

  2. In 1964 (im giving my age away here,there was a legendary concert in Long Beach,California called The T.A.M.I. show(now on dvd). It featured(young and in their primes)Lesley Gore,Gerry & The PacemakersChuck Berry,Jan & Dean,The Beach Boys,Marvin Gaye,Diana Ross & The Supremes,Smokey Robinson & The Miracles,The Rolling Stones and James Brown!!!! James Brown put on a legendary performance dancing and thrilling the crowd(ala Micheal Jackson would later)and The Rolling stones(no slouch either)closed the show.By the time poor Mick took the stage the crowd was emotionally spent from James Brown.Years later Mick was asked by former Beach Boy Brian Wilson,what he remembered about the late James Brown.Mick replied”you never want to follow his act,he’s a tough act to follow”.Ok,let me tie up this analogy..Marble Hornets has a loyal following(like Ryan)and for good reason,as one reviewer wrote on Amazon”its found footage gold”!!!!! I loved it,just loved it(confusing??yes,thank god for rewind)but I loved it. Now we come to Always Watching. I liked it also..Did I like it as much as Marble Hornet???Hell No!!! But just like James Brown and the Stones,it had a tough act to follow. Heres what I did really like about Always Watching,The Operator was in your face!!!!! This was a aggressive Operator.ha-ha!!! I do think that found footage fans should watch this(because its pretty good).and Marble Hornets fans(like myself and others)should also. Its a whole new atmosphere so just try not to compare,just enjoy a pretty good found footage film.

    • Hey Tim,

      Yeah I loved the way the operator was given a more ‘Hollywood’ platform in this movie – it seemed like he deserved it! I also liked the way they stayed away from any explanations again – we still have no real idea why he does the thing he does and what he is. The original short-entry format of Marble Hornets on YouTube would never of worked on the big screen so they pretty much had to go for the more traditional route. They’ll probably end up with a whole new generation of fans now which is a masterclass of a move.
      P.S. I was quietly informed last week that another Marble Hornets movie is already in production – they plan to keep on expanding the universe by the looks of it!

  3. I really enjoyed this movie as well! I still don’t think it was as good as the Marble Hornets series, but it’s a must-watch for fans. I really wish it was released in theaters, though.

  4. I wasn’t aware of the fact that this was a sequel, but now I gotta find out more. Great performance from Marty the dog btw.

  5. Very disturbing movie, I’d give it a B+. REALLY slow paced IMO, but when it gets going, it GETS GOING. The characters were well developed and it really put you on the edge of your seat once it gets to the second half, I loved the feeling the movie gave that the characters were never really safe, that was scary as Hell.

    • Yep, really enjoyed this one myself Will. Apparently a lot of die hard Marble Hornets fans disliked this but they need to move on…much like the franchise has!

  6. Hey Chris! I managed to find this on Chiller On Demand and I remembered you reviewing this, so I decided to check it out. The beginning introduction with the characters was a little iffy to me, and I was waiting to get to the the main point with the tapes, but as soon as that got going I was intrigued! I felt bad for Milo, because he was suffering on his own from the Slenderman which only he could see for a while, and I almost felt like I was seeing everything first hand. I thought it was well worth my time and one of the better Triple F’s on the Slenderman out there.

    • Sorry for the delay Christine – this comment somehow ended up in the website spam folder (WordPress glitch yet again!). Glad you enjoyed this one – I had a real good time watching it myself! 🙂

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