Amber Alert ( 2012 ) – Child Abduction Video


Amber Alert ( 2012 ) - Child Abduction Video

I first came across this child abduction video about three years ago and I have to say I pretty much enjoyed it from start to finish. At the time it was a brand new release and the online critics hadn’t yet got their greasy hands on it.

I revisited the film this week for the purposes of this film review but I was pretty shocked by some of the treatment it had received off online movie critics ( I use that term as loosely as possible! ).

Sure, it had plenty of holes in it but it was original and quite fast paced – I thought it stood out from the crowd without really trying.

But it seems like I’m the ONLY one who felt this way – then again, I’ve always been a little different!

Lets take a closer look at Amber Alert…

The Plot

So, the film takes place on October 4, 2009 when two best friends ( Nathan “Nate” Riley and Samantha “Sam” Green ) are on a road trip to somewhere called Camelback Mountain in Phoenix ( somewhere in America – check Google Earth or something! ).

They are travelling to this location to finish off shooting a bit of footage for a reality show they are trying to get on.

They have Sam’s younger brother in the back seat of the car ( Caleb ) and he is the one who is in possession of the camcorder.

Halfway through the journey they notice an Amber Alert for a Honda car and Nate claims to have spotted this car, They phone the pigs, sorry police, but they are informed that it will take at least 15 minutes for them to get to their destination.

The three youngsters decide to follow the car instead…

The Child Abduction Video

The film’s premise is immediately engaging and it does a good job of keeping the thrills in tact throughout the duration of the story.

I think they played the ‘originality card’ really well here and knew they were onto a winner from the start. The whole idea of child abduction is creepy enough even before you add the Found Footage element to it.

The only problem I experienced with this style of thrill ride was the fact the plot was pretty much laid out in front of me from a very early point. There was no real room for any twists and turns in the action.

But the realism of the scenario made this film a quite enjoyable experience from my point of view – it gave out a unique Found Footage perspective ( no pun intended! ).


Yeah it’s got plenty of holes and yeah many of the character decisions are pretty idiotic – but it works!

The plot is very much a ‘one trick pony’ but it manages to keep the viewer enthralled from start to finish ( well it did for me anyway! ).

The biggest downside to the film had to be the initial bickering between the Nate and Sam characters. They were at each other’s throats for long periods after the suspect car was first spotted and this did get a little draining on the ears.

But overall I enjoyed it – not a classic by and stretch of the imagination but totally original and unique.

Well worth an hour and twenty minutes of your time ( if you like Found Footage! ).




  1. You’re no longer alone, Chris – i enjoy this very much as well! As a matter of fact, this has been in my FF top10 for a while now and there are many aspects that earned my respect, specially when it comes down to a more “improvised” approach to dialogue and acting and a natural feeling to the whole atmosphere and the way things happen… I really love this, totally underrated if you ask me… Thanks for writing about this one! [ ]’s

  2. Nope you’re not alone. If people reviewed this harshly, they have no idea what makes a good movie – one that makes you actually feel what it sets out to. This is a solid B or even B plus movie, if you ask me.

    Lemme guess, without even reading it, the review sounded like this:
    “So the whole FF thing – didn’t ‘Ware Blitch’ already do this to death twenty years ago? I hate this type of film, so I’m going in totally unbiased. To be ho-nest, the camera work made me sick. And Captain America wasn’t in it, so i was like – WHAT? Where’s Captain America?! Where’s the see-gee-eye? Where’s Anne Hathaway’s boobs, even? The answer is, sadly, not in this terrible movie that Ive discovered was not even made by Marvel, for gawd sake! Die, found-footage genre! DIE!”

    • LOL you’ve definitely won the ‘comment of the day’ competition there modji 🙂

      • I just share your tiredness of those reviews LOL. I can deal with hand-held style, and ppl who can’t shouldn’t review FF.

  3. I think we may have watched this film on the same night (or quite close), which is a bit of a coincidence, because it’s what drove me to push further in looking for found-footage films.

    A lot of the commenters on Netflix also mentioned the bickering to be a big point of annoyance. But, I enjoyed it, oddly enough. They were annoying, but in a way that made the scene feel very realistic.

    • I agree with you Joe – the bickering was annoying but it was also realistic. After all, bickering isn’t supposed to be nice to listen to – it’s supposed to get on your nerves 🙂

  4. I’ve got to say the bickering almost had me stopping this film short, but I decided to ride it out. Unfortunately for me they’re bickering and acting overall ruined the movie for me, however the plot was decent enough, and the whole thing felt pretty real. I know it’s low budget and all but the characters were just infuriating to me at certain points.

    • Yeah the bickering seems to be a popular complaint for this film Kevin – it did go a little over the top at times!

  5. This would have been a lot better of a FF movie if the three kids weren’t complete and utter morons. Respect for doing what they did, but without thinking anything through they were dead the moment they decided to pull over with the car. First of all, who walks into a strangers house and finds loaded guns and doesn’t pick them all up? Samantha led them both to their death rather than letting the police do their job. Which by the way, kudos to the Arizona state police for failing miserably. Unreal.

    • LOL yeah that’s what makes 99% of Found Footage films work I’m afraid – f##king stupid decisions by the lead characters! 🙂

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