American Descent (2014) – Movie Review

American Descent (2014) - Movie Review

American Descent is a Canadian Found Footage offering that was released back on the 17th of October, 2014. My initial research on the film seemed to indicate that it managed to get released as a full feature movie that received minor coverage from a few movie news corners (looking back they were probably all Canadian outlets!).

It’s written and directed by Brooks Hunter and filmed on location in Ottawa, Ontario.

If I’m honest with you – this was a complete shot in the dark for me as I’d never heard anything about it’s release before stumbling across it on Putlocker. So was is nice surprise?

No, not really…

The Plot

The film takes place in 2014 (go figure!) when a group of teenagers receive a mysterious unlabelled DVD from a U.S. Army base in Afghanistan containing a footage of a strange woman tied to a tree. The footage also contains a clue to where they will find this rather unfortunate female.

One clue leads to another…and the teenagers soon begin to realize that a complete f##king psycho is behind the DVD and the trail of clues they are now following…

You Are So Stupid You Deserve to DIE! 

All movies need some sort of character drive to succeed. You can get away with the odd character being a complete dick here and there…but when the collective cast is as thick as shit you really are going to struggle.

This was a shame really – American Descent is an original Found Footage idea which in turn gives us an original Found Footage plot.

Unfortunately every character it puts on-screen has the IQ of a goldfish at best – self preservation is not on the top of their list…at any point throughout this film.

What could of been a fresh and interesting Found Footage direction ends up being nothing more than an advert for how brain dead the majority of modern teenagers are.

Yes, I’m afraid every character in this movie was so piss-stupid that they deserved to die…and this sort of killed off any hope it had of working in the correct way.


Okay, this was certainly a very interesting idea, and director/writer Brooks Hunter (who actually had help with the writing side of things from Robert Menzies and Maggie Newton) deserves a little credit for trying something different.

But good ideas need to be nurtured from start to finish – you just can’t plant them and hope they will grow.

The film seems to float it’s way from start to finish on a sea of human stupidity. Even the dumbest of dumb f##ks out there would have thought ‘Hell No’ after watching the initial DVD and pegged it straight down the nearest police station.

Unfortunately the Canadian filmmakers involved in this setup seem to have little to no confidence in their own country. Sure, the movie is filmed in Ottawa but it desperately tries to be American instead of Canadian – why, I’ll never know?

But the killer punch for this film ended up being the antagonist’s motivations – they didn’t really make any sense whatsoever. I actually quite enjoyed the climax/ending to the movie but I was also left scratching my head and asking the question ‘why?’.

New ideas in the Found Footage genre should always be applauded so I’ll give this film a half-hearted round of applause. But that’s where the positives end…

Could of been good…but it wasn’t.

SIDE NOTE: The trailer to the film and most of the film bios out there seem to be dead set on giving the game away before you’ve even watched the film. Try to avoid them and you may get a little more enjoyment out of this film than I did!.



  1. Although this movie definitely has its moments it lands on the bottom part on the list of ff movies I’ve seen lately. Nice little site you have here, mate. I enjoyed it.

    • Hey Danny, well I’m glad you like the site! 🙂
      Yeah this isn’t exactly a classic FF film is it – it could of been a lot better with a little more thought…

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