Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes ( 2011 ) – Movie Review


Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes ( 2011 )

Over the last decade I’ve had the misfortune of coming across numerous horror flicks released by The Asylum. They normally base themselves around piss poor mockbusters but every now and again they catch me ( and the general public ) out.

Well, they managed it again with a film I first watched about three years ago – Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes. I decided to give it another go on Saturday night because I couldn’t remember if it was worthwhile or not.

It was only on this second viewing that I caught the dreaded ‘Asylum’ film company logo at the end of the picture. Still, they have been responsible for a handful of average Found Footage efforts in the past so maybe this one was a hidden gem…

The Barefaced Lie

Before we go into the guts of the film I should point out that The Asylum have attempted to use a pretty pathetic lie to get this film more ‘coverage’.

When they released the movie they claimed they had uncovered actual video recordings of real possession victim Anneliese Michel ( Click HERE to read her full story ).

Why they chose to use this barefaced lie is completely beyond me – the quality of the footage gives the game away almost instantly.

Actually, the dude playing the local doctor with the super-dodgy accent was probably more of a give away within the first couple of minutes.

Still, it was a Found Footage offering even though they were trying to feed me bullshit. So I ignored the stupidity of the lie, sat back and let the film take me on it’s journey.

The Plot

I’ve left a link to the true story of Anneliese Michel above so this section is pretty much redundant for this review….

So lets skip it!!!!


Well first things first – this was not the worst Found Footage offering I have come across ( in fact I have sat through much poorer efforts ).

The problem with it is the lie they try to spin keeps catching itself out. Instead of sitting back and enjoying the experience I found myself scanning for obvious mistakes that highlight the lie.

They do use original audio from the exorcism that was actually recorded in the 70’s but this audio evidence is all over the internet ( YouTube in particular! ).

Whilst this audio is extremely disturbing it is nothing new and the majority of people watching this film would of come across it before.

If the film would have stuck to the more traditional template it would of worked out better. In most cases Found Footage films start off trying to convince viewers that they are watching a police evidence file – this usually has the desired effect so why not stick to it?

Anyway, dodgy film ‘hype’ aside, this wasn’t really that good! Some of the acting was pretty bad, as I mentioned earlier the false German accents made me cringe at times and some character decisions were just plain stupid.

I have seen worse…but this really had nothing new to offer the genre.

( P.S. I’m pretty sure that one of the three cameras they used to film this was High Definition. Sort of kills off the claim that it was actually filmed in the 70’s! ).




  1. Had this on DVD for nearly 3 years but been put off watching it judging from all the bad reviews…but your review here may sway my decision to watch it sometime this week. Can’t be as bad as The Vatican Exorcisms surely 😀

    • Oh god no, it’s nowhere near as bad as that Vatican crap ( that was a disgrace to the genre! )

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’ve been meaning to do this every time I read one of your reviews but keep getting caught up in the movies – thank you!! Thank you for providing a website that deals entirely in found footage and sorting through the crap to show us the good/great. My Mum and I are huge horror fans, for me particularly found footage, and your reviews have helped us enjoy a lot of great films we would not have known about/trusted otherwise. Keep fighting the good fight man, because it is greatly appreciated!!

    • Hi there Jade – nice to meet you 🙂
      Nice to hear you and your mum get so much use outta the site – it’s the reason we put it together in the first place!
      Come back and chat anytime…

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