Apocalyptic ( 2014 ) – Prophecy Horror Movie


Apocalyptic ( 2014 ) - Prophecy Horror Movie

After about thirty minutes of my traditional weekly ‘film scan’ of the web I stumbled upon Apocalyptic – a Australian prophecy horror movie set up in the Found Footage style ( obviously! ).

I got comfortable, sat back and let the cult wash over me…

On The Right Path

The film itself made a grand effort of staying on the right path but it was unfortunately hindered by it’s dwindling budget and a poor casting decision.

It had some really nice touches and the atmosphere kept me interested throughout but at times the independent filmmaking level really showed through!

The Plot

The movie starts off with an Australian journalist and her film crew attending an AA-type meeting for addicts. They are there to shoot a short program/documentary on the recovering addicts within the group.

The meeting seems to be rather straightforward until a new member begins to tell ‘his story’. He claims that he is a runaway from an active cult that lives out in the Australian bush.

The female reporter knows she’s onto something big and decides to contact the cult/group to ask their permission to film a documentary…they accept.

When the crew arrive at the cult’s location they notice that it is a very small religious gathering with no male members other than the leader, Michael.

The group seem really happy with their lives at first and there is no real reason to think that anything suspicious is going on.

But as the film progresses Micheal begins to reveal himself as a Jim Jones-type guy who seems to have a dark plan in place for his followers…

The Good & The Bad

There were some very good parts to this film but there were also some pretty bad parts as well.

I felt it came close to being a very good found footage effort but kept on missing the mark by inches.

There was a smooth ad-libbed style to the script and acting in parts – I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not. I found it added something to the film and made the conversations a little more believable.

Most of the actors pulled off this fumbling style of acting except Michael – I felt the director missed the boat when it came to picking an actor to play this part!

Michael should of been the dominant, dark, center of this story but I’m afraid the English guy they picked to play him was very flaky at best. If they had managed to pick an actor with more screen presence to play this part, the film would of been ,much, much better.

The cinematography and general camera work was pretty impressive in parts – I loved the nice foggy setting of the deep countryside which certainly added something to the overall creepiness of the film.


This was not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination but I feel it missed a trick by allowing the lead character to be played by such a dour actor.

The most important character in a prophecy horror movie is always going to be the cult leader – you NEED to get this casting right!

I don’t want to be cruel to the actor that played Michael but he really didn’t seem up to the job. It was strange that all the other characters were extremely well cast except for him!

It’s not the most original of films – The Sacrament and Children of Sorrow have already walked this ‘cult leader’ path but it did offer a few new angles.

If you are a fan of this horror genre ( which you probably are if you are reading this review! ) I would definitely recommend giving this Australian Found Footage a go.

It’s isn’t great but it’s only 72 minutes long and it manages to keep you entertained throughout…

Not a bad effort…but could of been better!




    • Yeah I quite enjoyed this myself. It didn’t have much money behind it but it still seemed to do the hard things right. Not a bad movie at all Tim!

  1. I understand the cult leader’s character was supposed to be kind of, innocent/devious (if that makes any sense) but I agree, the Sarcament (different yet similar i know) had a cult leader that was righteous but at the same time, had a cold/fearful atmosphere about him, Michael in this movie just seemed a bit…..like a babbling fool, overall i really enjoyed the movie

    • Hello once again Sammy! Yeah this was pretty much a ‘poor man’s’ Sacrament but still enjoyable nonetheless! Thanks for using the site and taking the time to interact with us 🙂

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