ArchaeologiKal ( 2012 ) – Found Footage Horror Short

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It’s pretty hard to know where to start with this Found Footage offering as it was sort of crammed into a 25 minute time slot.

There seems to be more than a few of these shorter new found footage movies cropping up online (YouTube in particular) and I cannot decide whether it is a good or bad thing…


So the film starts typically enough with the cameraman pulling up outside an airport to pick up a friend (well they seem to know each other so I’m taking the initiative and pinning them down as mates!).

The camera work was the first thing to hit me in this film – pretty good! A lot of the new Found Footage movies are shot on relatively cheap camcorders and edited pretty poorly but this was very clean.

The initial acting with the these two characters was pretty good – there was no reason to think things were going to go downhill.

As I sat there listening to one of the guys giving an narrative to the camera about energy vortex’s I got a little excited…………

Good Things, Bad Things, Average Things!

By the end of this guy’s narrative there was the slight sound of alarm bells going off in my head……..things were starting to sound a little naff in places.

We’d covered energy vortex’s and there was also a mention of a Manitou (no idea how to spell it but that’s the best I could do with a little research!).

I was always aware that this was a totally independent film like a lot of new Found Footage movies on the web at the moment.

This wasn’t really a good thing as I started to look harder for things that seemed wrong in the film…….I didn’t have to look to hard!

Now, if I was going to assemble a team to travel into the jungle to find a so-called energy vortex I would not pick a pot head and a biker.

It was blatantly obvious that the two guides were friends of the director and neither had ever been near a jungle!!

It’s an unwritten law now that new Found Footage movies can use any relative or friend of a friend as long as they can walk and manage to scream ‘Where are you?’.

There was a little girlfriend who was taken along for the ride as well (no pun intended!). Turns out this little ethnic girl had more sense than the rest of them put together ‘we need to go….now!’. Did they listen to her? Nope!

Glaringly Obvious Flaws

Yeah the film had a lot of flaws but it’s hard for me to point them out without creating a spoiler situation. I usually try my best to support these types of new Found Footage movies with no budget whatsoever, but at times this became really hard.

The acting started out pretty decent but by the halfway point was really not good. The story seemed to be travelling way to fast – due to the length of the film. This meant that it was hard for the film to create it’s own atmosphere.

The dark scenes at night around the camp were where the film tried to scare us, but did it manage it……no, not really!

It was one of those Found Footage movies where people disappeared one at a time (a la Blair Witch) which was fine but not once did I feel anything for any of the characters that ‘copped it’.

Something For Nothing

At the end of the day this was a completely free offering on YouTube and someone had put effort into it. When you get something for nothing you shouldn’t really complain but for the sake of this review I have to be honest.

It was very average and not very exciting – it needed a lot more. I hope the directors and actors stick at it and try to improve on this as they nearly got some of the elements right.

As far as new Found Footage movies go this was the lower end I’m afraid and it shouldn’t be making any waves online (don’t expect a viral hit!). Nice try guys but short of the mark!



  1. Hey Chris,

    cool article you got here. I think that your reviews are pretty honest and objective. I have seen this short film too and I almost thought the exact same thing as you, you did a pretty good job with this ArchaeologiKal review.

    I know that you already reviewed a lot of cams, but I wanted to ask you personally. Which camera is the best for found footage films?

    I want to create a film and of course I also want to film by night. Is there one camera you really think is the “holy grail” lol, of cameras?

    Would be really cool to chat with you!


    • Well ANY camera really Pierre – the more ‘consumer’ the camera the more realistic the film ( in most cases! ). Even an iPhone camera would do the job! 🙂

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