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You’ve probably already guessed by now that I’m a little bit of a geek – sad but true! Although Found Footage horror is my main weakness I generally love anything to do with the paranormal.

Where did this come from???

I have no idea really!

My father was one of those dad’s that liked to let me watch horror movies with him when I was at a young age ( behind my mother’s back of course! ).

Looking back I think he found it hilarious watching the pure terror slink it’s way across my face but at the end of the day it was something we could both do together ( beats going fishing! ).

So I set this site up to mainly cover reviews of Found Footage horror flicks but what’s the point of just stopping there?

A website should never be a finished article and should constantly be evolving and improving…

So I decided to include this section of the site to cover just about anything paranormal in nature. I love researching the latest reports on a daily basis so why not share them with my fellow ‘geeks’ here!

Anyway check out the categories BELOW and feel free to leave your opinions on any of the subjects we cover within the articles 🙂


Ghost Sightings And Paranormal Activity


 UFO Sightings And Close Encounters


Cryptozoology Articles


The Unexplained




    • Haha you like I take it?

      I’m working on adding more article to this section as I also own a popular ‘unexplained mysteries’ website (Real Unexplained Mysteries dot com). That means the content is already there, just need to rewrite them so they are unique and post them here…

  1. Hey Bro 😉
    I´m really interested in mysteries and paranormal stuff. Can´t get enough of it. Hopefully you got something i dont know yet.

    Anyway how is your health? Is the Killer Virus spreading out?
    Get well soon! 😉

  2. Oh I like this idea.. I have been Ghost Hunting on & off since 1999 and hopefully going back to it next month. I have also seen 2 UFO’s (Not claiming its aliens at all). May I make a suggestion and ask if we can have the ability to add pictures to our comments? Obviously to can Mod whats posted so no one can post anything stupid.

    • That’s not a bad idea Stewart – I’ll look into the website theme and see if I can throw some coding in for images!

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