Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs

In this article we will be looking at the astronauts who have seen UFOs and have been told by their peers to keep quiet on the subject.

Now I LOVE this subject matter as it highlights to me the undeniable truth behind the existence of aliens.

Think about it for a minute……what do retired astronauts possibly have to gain by lying to us?

Are these men after the limelight (again!)?

Would the US government send unhinged men into space?

These men are not just American heroes they are heroes for all mankind! They have been where 99.9% of us will never go, they have been where man was not supposed to go!

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs – Major Gordon Cooper

Our friend Cooper was the last man to actually fly in space on his own (how freaky must that of been?). On May 15, 1963 he traveled into space in a Mercury Capsule for a 22 orbit journey around the world.

On his final orbit Cooper alerted his ground control that he had spotted an object ahead of him with a green glow to it. The object was heading straight towards his capsule at a very high speed.

His ground control and tracking were based in Australia and they also picked up the strange object. There was also a national broadcast company that was following Cooper’s flight in space and they were made aware of the UFO sighting.

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs - Major Gordon Cooper

When the astronaut landed the broadcast company was quickly cornered and told straight that they were not to ask Cooper ANYTHING about the strange object he had encountered.

Now out of all the astronauts who have encountered UFOs I like this guy the most – he seems to have the balls to stand fully behind his convictions.

He told the world that this was not his first encounter with UFOs – he also had encounters as a F-86 Sabrejet pilot over Europe a decade before the space encounter!

Major Gordon Cooper has gone on record in an interview claiming that he and all astronauts are basically sworn to secrecy when it comes to UFO encounters. He also claimed that every day the NASA radars pick up UFOs of all shapes and sizes – it’s nothing new!

Major Gordon Cooper admits at the end of the day it is all about fear! The powers that be will never admit to what millions of us already know due to the panic it may cause.

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs – Donald Slayton

Now Donald Slayton is another one of the astronauts who have seen UFOs but his sighting did not come in space. In 1951 he was testing a P-51 fighter and he came across what looked like a kite in the sky.

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs - Donald Slayton

It didn’t take him that long to figure out that kites generally don’t fly that high so he went in for a closer look. When he actually got a little closer the object began to look more and more like some sort of twisted weather balloon about three feet wide.

He slotted in right behind it and it became clear what he was looking at….

The object was a perfect saucer shape and it was starting to pull away from him at great speed. Slayton was not about to let this UFO get away from him so he started after the vessel at speeds of around 300 miles an hour.

After a short pursuit the object just shifted gear and sped off into the distance at a 45 degree angle – it was nowhere to be seen!

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs – Neil Armstrong And Edwin Aldrin

The name Neil Armstrong is famous to us all for obvious reasons but what if I told you his famous moon landing was not as straightforward as it seemed?

He claims that aliens actually have a base on the moon and that famous landing was cut short due to the fact they were not made welcome.

During the transmission one of the astronauts is heard to be describing a bright light inside one of the moon’s craters. All of a sudden the transmission was cut to silence!

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs - Neil Armstrong And Edwin Aldrin

Many years later a former NASA worker called Otto Binder claimed that people outside of the organization had managed to pick up the remainder of the conversation between astronauts and NASA.

These radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities claim the conversation centered around huge alien spacecraft being lined up on the opposite side of a crater. They were sat perched there watching the astronauts!

There are interviews with Armstrong many years later where he admits to the encounter and also says he cannot go into further detail. He said he relayed his sightings at once to mission control but the message was never heard by the public.

Just The Tip of The Iceberg

These are just a handful of the astronauts who have seen UFOs – they are in my book the most credible witnesses!

If you are still doubtful about all of this try a simple search online and see what Google throws back….you will be very surprised!

The truth is out there – but how much of it we will get to hear is anyone’s guess……..


  1. Know idea what aliens could possibly want from us. But if aliens wanted to wipe us off the face of the planet I have no doubt they could do that with the technology available.

    UFO sightings aren’t just limited to astronauts either, so I think aliens do exist and know we’re here. But I’m not sure they need to come down and visit us. Who knows what will happen when people visit Mars in the coming decades.

    • Yep, who knows? Of course UFO sightings don’t just happen in space but this article is strictly covering the famous astronaut sightings Darren. It would be great if we could finally get people to Mars though…

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