Asylum Seekers Tapes – Scary Insane Asylum Movie

scary insane asylum movie

Today we will be looking at a scary insane asylum movie in the found footage format that seems to have slipped under the radar a little bit.

I watched Asylum Seekers Tapes late last night for the purpose of this review but I was unable to gather much information on it afterwards.

IMDb seemed to have no knowledge of it’s existence and the YouTube video description had been left blank (spooky eh!). The only information I have on the subject is that it was uploaded to YouTube on the 13th of April, 2013.

Putting an Effort in!

Right from the start of the film I was made aware that this was a insane asylum movie born out of effort. Instead of the standard ‘four actors throughout the film’ format of normal lower budget found footage this movie started off with a party scene.

Several actors sat around a dinner table discussing paranormal experiences from their lives. What surprised me even more was the fact that nearly all of these actors could indeed act!

The only qualm I had was with the older lady who played the mother of the household – wasn’t sure if she was a cross dresser or not and her voice freaked me out a little!

The characters seemed to interact well enough and there were not to many cheesy lines being thrown in. I was however a little confused by the Hookah pipe being passed around the table – it didn’t seem to fit one little bit!

Soundtrack on Found Footage……No Way!

Unfortunately the makers of this insane asylum movie have decided to use a gentle soundtrack in the background covering the start to the film!

I know they were all sitting around a dinner table and there were scene cut-backs to the main couple in love, but come on…….seriously!

Found Footage movies are probably the ONLY type of movies that do not need any sort of background music going on.

I mean this is supposed to be footage from a police department, found at the scene and all that………

Thankfully this music (which failed to add any sort of atmosphere!) was removed before any of the ‘juicy stuff’ started happening in the film!

Pretty Good When it Got Going

This particular Found Footage movie was a full length effort of 1:19:08 which was refreshing to see. When they actually got into the asylum itself the film did pick up and was quite enjoyable.

Now I’m not saying we’re hitting the levels of Grave Encounters here because the budget was pretty reserved at best – but it was pretty good!

The three characters who end up carrying out the investigation in the asylum were pretty believable and competent enough actors.

I will say that the character Shaun seemed to freak out way to much in the early stages of the investigation for no reason and then seemed to get calmer as the s**t hit the fan later on!!!

Nice Touches And Original Ideas

For a scary insane asylum movie in the found footage style to become popular it needs some originality pumped into it – there’s a lot of competition out there these days!

Thankfully the Asylum Seekers Tapes had a handful of nice touches – I especially liked the unnerving laughing bouts the characters went through and the fact the entities were actually coming through in cell phone text messages at one point!


I’m not gonna sit here and try to convince you that this was a great Found Footage asylum movie because to be blunt – it wasn’t!

The fact that I couldn’t find it listed (under the name Asylum Seekers Tapes) on IMDb was a little bit of a red flag.

The characters yet again seemed to travel deeper into the asylum after it becoming obvious that they were up for the chop unless they got out!

There were also a few long speeches that the movie could have definitely done without – one in particular regarding people’s shadows (very pretentious!).

Trying to create a decent scary insane asylum movie post-Grave Encounters is always going to be difficult so I’m surprised so many people try it!

This film did not lack effort and the filming was quite professional in parts. If you like Found Footage movies then I do suggest you give this film a chance. In parts it was pretty scary and the atmosphere left you a little on edge at best.

If you’re looking for a free Found Footage asylum movie and need to waste an hour and a half of your life, then this will do nicely!



    • They may well have changed the name of it since we reviewed this. I seem to remember a Greystone Park but there are so many asylum based movies in this genre it’s hard to keep up. At the time of watching ( and writing this review ) the film was titled ‘Asylum Seekers Tapes’.

  1. In America the film is called “Greystone Park” but in the UK, which is I’m guessing where you’re from, it’s known as “Asylum Tapes”. It didn’t dawn on me to check until you described the beginning dinner party scene, then I knew they were one in the same. There’s one huge thing though that you may have missed and find interesting. Out of everyone at the table, which you described as being actually good at acting, the father at the table is Academy Award Winning writer/director Oliver Stone. Normally you would never see a hollywood legend of his caliber in a low to mid budget found footage flick but he was because it was his son Sean Stone who wrote, directed, and starred in it. Btw I like your site, I’m a huge found footage fan and own the biggest collection of them I’ve ever seen in one place with over 200 all full length features, no shorts. Keep up the good work man!

    • Ah I didn’t really notice Oliver Stone in there Matt – so this was his son’s effort? He’s got a long way to go before he reaches his father’s heights I’m afraid…
      I actually found the film on YouTube under the title of ‘Asylum Seekers Tapes’. It’s still there ( I think! ).

  2. Hi Chris! Your website looks good with good information! I just read your post about ”Asylum Seekers” movie. I never seen this movie but from what you writing it dosent sound good to watch but in some places you might get scary. I will check the trailer and maybe will watch. I myself like pananormal movies.


  3. Hello Chris,

    I had no idea there was a whole genre of movies in the “found footage” category. The only one I had heard of was the Blair Witch Project I think it was called a number of years ago. Was that movie the start of this genre or was it perhaps just the first one to sort of break through into mainstream theaters?

    Pardon my lack of knowledge, but are there a lot of movies like this? I had no idea.

    I also see that you have a link about how to produce your own indie horror movie. Is this specific to that particular type of movie or would it be useful for anyone who wants to do their own indie movie in another genre?



    • Oh yes there are a LOT of movies in this genre Xin – check out the rest of the website and see what you think ( there are plenty to choose out of! )

  4. Hi Chris,
    Matt is correct, the film interests me precisely because of the emergence of this cinematic genius Oliver Stone, I did not know was that the son is the director and actor of this film, which incidentally it is one of those who fail to understand neither the beginning nor the end and as you say, it was a waste of time not only for the use of scenes that are not interconnected at any time but also by the misuse of it.
    thanks for the illustration of film.

  5. My first suggestion would be does this movie have a trailer because that would fantastic. Secondly this is a suggestion what if you did a video review ? There are two types of people ones that readers and the others that are visual consider starting YouTube channel upload your videos YouTube then you can just put your video reviews on your site and you might get additional traffic from people coming from YouTube .I say this because I am a visual person .good general review Here’s another thing maybe I missed it but I didn’t see a link of where you could.Go to watch the movie ?

    • LOL I only review the movies mate – the rest is up to you lot ( I do have a life outside this website! )

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