Asylum: The Lost Footage ( 2013 ) – Movie Review


Asylum: The Lost Footage (2013)

I’ve been putting this review off for about two months now due to the fact I needed to view it again. My first experience with it revolved around complete boredom but I felt there must be something in it I was missing.

Did I miss anything?


I can safely say that this is without doubt one of the most boring Found Footage efforts out there at the moment. I’m astounded at the fact that a film company thought ‘Wow…this has promise’ and actually released it!

I get the feeling that somebody, somewhere along the line, lost their job!

The Plot

The film follows a group of amateur ghost hunters that went missing after they journeyed into an abandoned mental Asylum ( now where have I heard that before? ).

They are on the lookout for the legendary ‘Lady in White’ who is said to haunt the deserted medical corridors.

They disappear without a trace and the asylum is listed for demolition. When the workmen arrive to carry out the demolition they stumble across footage covering the ghost hunter’s final hours.

Kind of begs the question ‘How come the police missed this footage when they searched the building?’.

Sinking Slowly…

Directed by Dan T. Hall, Asylum: The Lost Footage is probably one of the most pointless Found Footage offerings I have come across.

I have no idea why Mr. Hall decided to join this awesome horror genre and I have no idea why his friends Chose not to tell him that this was shit!

It’s not that often I come across a Found Footage film that sinks so slowly into an abyss of nothingness. I felt quite guilty as I sat there trying to keep my eyes open – I knew the review that followed was going to be a low point to my week.


I don’t really want to blab on about how bad this film was because that’s not really the idea behind this site. I started it up to highlight the talent within the genre – this was an unfortunate bystander to the talent.

The cinematography was dreadful, the plot was near enough non-existent, the scare factor was…well, there was no scare factor really!

The one saving grace ( if you can call it that ) was the line up of actors – they came out of this mess unscathed and hopefully it won’t effect the remainder of their careers.

I realize that my reviews are normally a lot more ‘in depth’ than this but I couldn’t face digging any deeper into this film.

I’m pretty much lost for words on why it was even made in the first place!





  1. Oh god! Why did I not listen to you!
    I decided (unwisely) to watch this movie anyway. Utter crap!!

    • LOL – another one bites the dust! Yeah this is awful on every level. I almost feel sorry for you sitting through it but I did try and warn you…

  2. I’m all fro freedom of thought and making up your own mind – but I’ll he heading the message here and giving this one a wide berth! 😀

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