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Atrocious is one of the new breed of scary Spanish movies that has surfaced over the last decade or so and it’s made quite a few waves in the horror community. It’s one of those ‘love it or hate it’ movies that divides opinion.

Personally I think the negative views on this film are from people that cannot get along with subtitles. Some audiences turn off a film as soon as they realize it is not in English – it’s their loss…….

Spain Rocks at Found Footage!

Most of the successful scary Spanish movies tend to be in the Found Footage style…….and that’s alright with me!!!

Ever since the release of REC in 2007 the scary Spanish movies scene has been taken very seriously. The Spanish film industry isn’t exactly loaded with money which is probably why they do these Found Footage horrors so well – they can be produced on a shoe string!


Back to the film! Atrocious is a story about two teenagers who go for a break with their family to their summer holiday home. It’s basically a ghost story but with one tremendous twist in it ( which I shall NOT be unveiling in this review! )

As with most foreign films I was a little dubious about the standard of acting to begin with. I think mannerisms are hard to judge when you are constantly looking down at subtitles. Within ten minutes of the film my mind was put at rest – the family characters could all act reasonably well!

The cool thing about scary Spanish movies is they usually take their influence from American or British horror so it’s easy to take to them. This was no different really as the forest Labyrinth around the summer home made for great ‘Blair Witch’ styled scenes.


The atmosphere was a little slow to build in this film – much like Willow Creek the film was quite slow in gathering pace. I don’t seem to mind this in found footage films though – it’s kind of forgivable.

Most Found Footage horrors rely on fast paced and shocking endings – Atrocious was one of these films!  The atmosphere was pretty normal and relaxed for the first 45 minutes of the film and then the story really took off.

It wasn’t the longest of films either – 75 minutes in all! But this definitely worked in it’s favor as the producers did not drag on the ‘dark night’ scenes. There’s nothing worse than a ten minute long scene filmed through a camera darting nervously in every direction ( like you’ll find in the Slender Man Movie Windigo ).

Camera Work And Overall Look

Yeah, I thought the whole thing looked pretty solid and professional overall!  The camcorder shots were pretty clear and the film was well cut – I also thought the Spanish garden Labyrinth was a lovely unique setting for the main parts of the film to be shot.

Everything seemed well thought out and well executed – nothing low budget about it that I noticed!


Now I’m not saying this is one of the best Found Footage horrors that I have seen because it is far from it. I will say that the film has had some criticism I do not think it deserved.

I am a fan of this film and I don’t really understand the people who have given it poor reviews online. I guess some people just don’t ‘get’ scary Spanish movies or Found Footage as a genre!

I would recommend any visitor to this site that enjoys horror to watch this film – it will not change your life but you will enjoy it! There are some frightening moments in the film and a great twist to boot! If you have any opinions on this film or scary Spanish movies in general then please leave them in the comment section below 🙂



  1. Really on point review. People who nag about subtitles are missing out I don’t mind them one bit! Atrocious had an “A” quality setting being primarily the labyrinth. Things started out creepy from the broken glass which the characters found on the floor. Also I would really recommend “Devil’s Pass” based on a true story but with fictional remake.

    • I totally agree mate – subtitles keep the film in it’s original domain! After all English is not the only language on the planet! ‘Devil’s Pass’ is one for my notebook and I will be reviewing it shortly – thanks for the heads up and the comment. Look forward to seeing you again!

  2. Love your review 🙂 Horror movies are my favorite and this looks very good – I don’t really know how I missed it…I watch every horror film that comes out!!!! (or so I thought!)

    I usually like the way Found Footage horror’s have that slow sort of build up to the climax – I think it’s this build that sorta turns people off but I find it very exciting!

    Don’t mind subtitles either – I’m from a European country originally so foreign languages to English are fine with me!!!!

    I’m really curious to see what this twist is about – looks like I’m hitting Putlocker tonight to see if I can track this film down!

    Great review and a great site – I will become a regular!


    • Hiya Cristina – great to meet ya! 🙂

      I also like those sort of builds as long as they are done in the right manner – sometimes you get awful indie pieces of s##t that build and build…to nothing in the end!

      Subtitles are fine but they do sometimes detract from what’s happening on the big screen – but there’s nothing you can do about that at the end of the day (except for dubbing which usually ends up being dreadful!).

      Yeah I think you’ll definitely find this one on Putlocker – just use the search bar they have embedded on the site.

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