Atrocity ( 2015 ) – Police Stock Footage


Atrocity ( 2015 ) - Police Stock Footage

I decided to give Atrocity a go last night even though I was fully aware it was a very low budget horror release. It’s a story that follows police stock footage of a teenage ‘jolly up’ that goes seriously wrong…

Great Performances Ruined

Unfortunately this Found Footage effort was built on good actors being backed up by absolutely dreadful actors.

It’s as if the director hit the jackpot with several actors but then made up the numbers by pulling in first-time actors off the street!

The sad thing is that the story line to the film is very bold and original for the Found Footage genre. Unfortunately the execution was not up to standard.

The Plot

Our story begins with one of several friends ( Zack ) finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a rather shady character.

He gathers together a group of friends armed with video cameras with a view to busting his girlfriend whilst ‘in the act’ so to speak!

Zack and his mates get pumped full of pills and beer then jump in the car to ambush his unsuspecting girlfriend. When they arrive at her house the surprise is on them as his girlfriend ( and her best mate ) have actually set up Zack.

They hit the group of boys with new revolutions nobody saw coming and things start to get pretty messy…

The Technological Horror Genre

This start to the film is all filmed in the Found Footage style but it then changes a little to a more modern technological format.

The remainder of the film is shown through snippets of police stock footage set several years later. It’s a bold move that could have worked out if they managed to find a decent actor to play the main police detective.

As I mentioned earlier, the story and the way the footage is laid out is really quite clever but some absolutely dreadful actors let the whole thing down.

The main group of friends seem to have been portrayed by pretty competent actors but the surrounding cast had me in stitches laughing at times!

I ended up feeling a little sorry for the director ( Jeff S. Chimenti ) as he obviously spent way to much of the budget on the first portion of the film. This seems to have forced him into hiring any part-time barman actor to fill in the remaining roles.

Police Stock Footage

I am in no doubt that this film could of worked if the pool of actors had been stronger and the script had been more polished.

As it stands, this film has some pretty cringe-worthy scenes backed up by some of the most cardboard acting I have come across in this genre.

The cinematography seemed to be quite effective throughout the first section of the film then it descends into the ‘unrealistic zone’ for the second half of the film. Many times I was left thinking – “hang on…who’s supposed to be shooting this?”.

I have to give the picture some love due to the fact they were trying something unique and original for once – far to many Found Footage films stick to the same story lines ( asylums, exorcisms, dark forests… ).

But overall this was a bit of a failure and there’s no getting away from the lack of quality actors ( trust me – some of these actors were incredibly bad! ).

Lots of great ideas that unfortunately get lost in the overall project – I’m afraid I can’t really recommend this one!




  1. Agreed..you guys can pass on this one. Good plot,but bad actors and then plot just got a little to confusing.

    • Yeah it was a bit of a mashed-up plot overall, not helped by some extraordinarily bad actors. The sort of film that gives FF a bit of a bad name.

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