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horror movies in Europe

Whenever I come across horror movies in Europe I usually hear the sound of tiny alarm bells ringing inside my head. I don’t know why this is as there are some awesome European horror examples out there! Anyway I was not that excited about Back From Hell but I knew I was going to have to review it at some point for this site……


Most of the horror movies in Europe I come across are subtitled or dubbed – personally I prefer the subtitles as dubbed movies really suck ass! I went about locating this movie online and initially I had no luck – I don’t really want to pay to watch movies so I try every other possible avenue first!

I was eventually in luck – I found it on Putlocker ( a site I AM NOT promoting here so get back off your high horse! ). I sat down and was still a little daunted by the prospect – horror movies in Europe fail to get me going big time!

To my surprise the whole film was in English language! All the actors seemed like Europeans but they were speaking my native tongue ( big bonus! ).

So straight away I was aware that this movie was aimed at the western world as a whole – surely that’s a good sign right?

Surprise Turns to Astonishment! 

The first thing to hit me was the wardrobe of this film – who the **** decided on what the male characters were going to wear? There was a English guy in the back seat of the car along with a foreign guy ( no idea what country ) in the front who looked like they were taking style tips off Willy Wonka!

This is the problem with some of the horror movies in Europe – the crossover of cultures sometimes hits you straight in the face! I can forgive the European guy’s dress sense but the English guy – come on!

The whole conversation of this first scene in the car seemed to be based around women’s breasts – boys will be boys! The problem was these guys didn’t fit the ‘lads having fun’ category – they didn’t really fit any category!


So the opening scene pretty much sucked then all of a sudden I’m plunged into a confusing title sequence – shouldn’t this have come before the first scene?

Anyway  – let’s make this as short as possible ( cos I don’t want to be stuck on this review longer than I have to be! ). They arrive at a pretty impressive monastery where there is a single priest in charge. He seems a little nervous but then again so would I being stuck in this film!

I cannot remember at any point being told what these group of tossers are doing there! They just sort of arrive and I’m left trying to figure out why? The broken English is pretty difficult to understand at times and I was constantly turning the volume up and then quickly back down again.

Good Old Ouija 

If I’m honest I was getting close to turning this off when all of a sudden they get a Ouija board out – there was hope after all!

After a reasonably freaky Ouija session the film starts to pick up a bit and the Found Footage Horror starts to kick in. Later that night you get to witness a little possession flavor to the film – shit is going down with this Andrew character!!!

All of a sudden good old George is next ( I only remember the names as I was writing them down as I was watching the film – the characters were really not that memorable! ). So we’ve got Andrew and George zoning out and acting a little ‘Linda Blair’ and it’s all down to this Ouija board session…..

Car Battery, Exorcism, We’re all Gonna Die! 

I was starting to remember why I tried my best to stay away from horror movies in Europe. The ideas were pretty good at times but there was no money there to carry them through – the budget was to low!

So they all realize they are in the shite and decide to get out of there – problem is the car battery’s flat ( surprise, surprise! ). George is really worse for ware so they decide to get the priest to perform an exorcism on him.

All through this very poor version of ‘The Exorcist’ the possessed George is looking at the pregnant female member of the group. Now I’m no rocket scientist but I would have got her the **** out of there first!


It’s pretty hard for me to go any further with this review without throwing a spoiler so I’m going to hold off a little. They do include a few extreme horror scenes in the film which do spice it up a bit but overall……I was a little underwhelmed by it all.

A lot of horror movies in Europe tend to have a good amount of marketing thrown in with them and this seems to have happened again here. The front cover of the film had a possessed girl climbing the walls with a priest set in the background behind her – I don’t remember seeing this scene ( or anything close to it! ) in the film!


It gives it a go…….but it fails! The priest ends up being a dickhead who won’t tell them what is happening, I had no idea what was happening and the cast didn’t seem to know what was happening either!

Some of the poor acting was down to the fact that these guys were not really fluent in English – I can forgive this but surely it would of been more effective with subtitles?

There were a few glaring technical errors as well – the car battery was dead so how the hell did the car start up again near the end of the film?

I don’t want to be cruel because I love the Found Footage genre but the only part of this film that was memorable was the twist right at the end! You might well enjoy this film but I suspect the majority of you won’t……….

Not all horror movies in Europe reach the same level that Atrocious did!


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