Bad Ben (2016) – Movie Review

Bad Ben (2016) - Movie Review

Apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks – there literally haven’t been enough hours in the day, and working online for a living takes ALL of them up!

Anyway, got a load of new films to get up on here this month, so let’s start with a little blinder…

Bad Ben was introduced to me about 3 months ago, but at the time it was doing the Amazon and Netfilx rounds.

Those of you familiar with this site will know that I am as tight as a duck’s ass…and I don’t like paying to watch movies…which is a bit rich…considering I run a movie blog…

So the film was out there, but I was struggling to get a copy (without paying!) – even the torrent sites were dry on it.

Long story short – one of the Putlocker sites finally loaded this bad boy up a few weeks back so it was time to chill out fully and hit play.

It was good…

The Plot

Tom Riley thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime when he bought a house below market value at a Sheriff’s sale. He invested every penny he had with the plan of flipping the home for a profit.

Once he owned it, however, he noticed strange happenings, all of which were captured on 21 Surveillance Cameras located throughout the home inside and out. At first he thought people were breaking in, but he soon realized he was dealing with something Paranormal.

It’s Amazing What $300 Can Get You These Days…

Why $300 I hear you ask?

Well, director Nigel Bach (who also stars in the film), put this inventive and enjoyable piece of Found Footage together on an incredibly low $300 budget.

When I think about the crap I’ve sat through in this genre that’s hit the $1,000,000 dollar mark, it really hits home hard…

Found Footage doesn’t need a big budget to work – never has…and never will.

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of this movie feels a lot more realistic than it’s Hollywood counterparts. It has a gritty freshness to it that can only come from an indie setup.

Something has managed to ‘click into place’ with this film and it’s really hard to put your finger in what that is?

The effects are pretty lousy, the acting is decent…but nothing to write home about, that character is a bit of a whinging pain in the ass, and the cinematography is decent without being memorable…

But it all works out perfectly (in my humble opinion anyway!).


I’ll start out with the one negative this film left me with – the ending.

Now, this is not the end of the world, in fact – 99% of Found Footage movies have a ‘What the fuck?’ ending to them – it’s the way of the genre.

This muddled conclusion to the film only bugged me due to the fact that the rest of the film was so enjoyable, so as I say – it’s not the end of the world.

I’m afraid that Nigel Bach left the film feeling unfinished with this ending, I’m in no doubt he meant to aim for this…but I found it a little infuriating.

Anyway, we can all live with that, right?

The unique flow of this film meant that the tension ratcheted up nicely. Sometimes I get a bit pissed off with the dreaded ‘Found Footage Build’ offered by a large majority of the titles out there.

You know the ones – you sit there for 60 minutes knowing full well it’s coming…and it does…in a 5 minute slot at the end of the film.

Some films in this genre work really well like this – others don’t.

Bad Ben delivers some of the ‘goodies’ early on in the film – you don’t have to wait that long before the shit starts hitting the fan…I like this.

Overall a tidy little Found Footage film with all the right ingredients to help it work – a surprisingly good addition to the genre.



  1. Glad you liked this film, I watched it on Amazon and liked it too, although my wife didn’t. She’s a harsher critic than I. Check out the prequel as well!

      • The prequel is called Steelmanville Road and is on Amazon. Another one that I enjoyed, but my wife didn’t 🙂

        • Nice one Craig – I’ll be all over that at some point next week. Off down South (Wales) for the weekend so I’ll hit it up when I get back! 🙂

  2. I liked the way he reacts when he found out whats actual going on.
    The “flute-parts” were nice and the side story about his “life”
    The ending was a lìttle bit lame.

    • Yep the ending sorta left me a little bit cold as well. I think I need to sit through it again and get my angles right on the climax.

    • Yeah I keep meaning to watch it myself, ever since it was mentioned here. This week I think!!!

  3. There’s like 4 movies out now connected to the same Ben “universe”. I’m gonna start watching them today.

    • Yeah there are…but they ain’t as good as Bad Ben I’m afraid (far from it!).
      I’ll get them up here on the site (eventually!)

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