Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2015) – Movie Review


It seems like Eastern Europe is getting to grips with the Found Footage genre and taking it by storm at the moment – today I have yet another offering, but this time from Romania!

Last week I was contacted by an acquaintance of József Gallai (Moth and A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex) regarding a film named Be My Cat: A Film for Anne.

His name is Adrian Tofei and he is a actor/director who put this Found Footage offering together back in 2015.

As you all know by now, I try to get the new ‘indie’ titles up on this site as often as possible, so I was pretty stoked when Adrian handed me access to a screener of his movie.

On top of that, it was pretty good too!

The Plot

This is the third time I’ve tried to summarize this plot so I’ve decided I’ll keep it short and sweet – the first two attempts got messy and fell victim to my delete button!

The movie follows a Romanian flimmaker named Adrian who is desperately trying to convince Anne Hathaway to star in his upcoming project.

He decides to put a demo reel together to show the Hollywood starlet how talented he is and what he can do for her career.

Unfortunately, Adrian is not exactly a balanced human being…


The Found Footage genre is extremely indie-friendly due to the fact it can survive on one or two ‘correct’ elements and evolve from there. It’s something that’s always drawn me into this corner of the horror sector.

In the case of Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, it’s the level of convincing performances that are put up on screen leading to rather chilling (and gripping) realism throughout.

There weren’t that many actors throughout the film’s duration, which is usually the case with Found Footage journeys, but everyone who was placed on screen seemed to want to be there!

Simply put – the actors all bought into Tofei’s vision and gave it their all.

This enthusiasm provides the movie with strong foundations to build upon – in this case it’s definitely the key between success and failure!


I really was surprised by this film…in a good way! When I first realized what the plot was aiming at I was more than a little disappointed…but that disappointment soon dispersed as I saw the ‘idea’ in action.

The lead role of the film is played by Tofei himself and you can just tell that he is putting everything into this performance.

I think his main character only lasts about ten minutes or so before evolving into the twisted nutcase we follow through the main body of the film.

I did feel that the ranting sessions that the character of Adrian goes through got a bit much at times but now when I look back, I realize why they are there and what they mean to the film’s direction.

I also feel that Tofei managed to somehow get the pace of the plot spot on – the film didn’t really drag at any point and it didn’t have to rely on violence throughout.

The film was constantly given an injection of fluid realism due to the amount of scenes that are captured on the streets of Romania.

Whenever the genre manages to get these types of scenes right it reinforces the natural ‘footage’ element – it helps the whole idea ‘stick’.

Finally, the film is wrapped up in a surprisingly high level of cinematography – Tofei has not missed a trick with the camera work and the finished article looks very impressive on-screen.

If you are tired of the Hollywood-based haunted forests or asylums then Be My Cat: A Film for Anne should definitely be on your list. I wouldn’t call it a classic but it certainly is a unique and enjoyable experience!


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