Beckoning The Butcher (2014 ) – Ancient Blood Rituals


Beckoning The Butcher (2014 ) - Ancient Blood Rituals

I’ve recently noticed a big improvement in the quality of Aussie horror films in general. This was the reasoning behind me chasing down a free copy of Beckoning The Butcher last week.

It’s a Aussie Found Footage offering based on ancient blood rituals that can be found in the darker corners of the internet.

It seemed like a pretty interesting idea for a Found Footage film and I had encountered a handful of decent reviews on it.

But was it any good?

Nothing Original

Yeah, I’m afraid this decently put together indie film suffered from a severe lack of originality overall which was really disappointing.

The film goes down the same avenue as a lot of Found Footage flicks before it…

  • ​We have the quieter build up
  • We have plenty of night vision scenes
  • We have the tired phrase ‘Why are you still filming’
  • The Use of static cameras
  • We have plenty of the requisite shaky-cam running and screaming

​Now don’t get me wrong – this was not a bad film!

It just didn’t really live up to my expectations and because of this the whole experience was a little…dry?

The Plot

Damien E. Lipp plays Chris, a guy who spends most of his time hunting down ancient blood rituals on the internet.

He’s not a devil worshiper – far from it! He’s just a normal geek that runs a popular website on his exploits.

Him and his mates video their attempts of finding a ‘working’ ritual and then upload them to this website for the world to watch. The only problem is that he is running out of good material ( none of the rituals work basically! ).

So Chris’s brother goes looking on the ‘Deep Web’ for a few dodgy ideas for a new ritual – he comes back with one known as ‘Beckoning The Butcher’.

Chris takes on the ritual and decides to travel to a secluded house in the outback to perform it – he is accompanied by four of his mates.

The ritual goes off as a pretty damp squid until one of the female members of the group starts to feel a little unwell. They decide to play it safe and call it a night so that she can rest in one of the building’s bedrooms.

But the ritual was much more successful than the group first seemed to realize – something else is in the house with them…

Could of Been Great

The film definitely could of been much more than it turned out to be and this left me a little disappointed. There were some really good scenes and the actors were all very convincing – it should of amounted to more!

Atmosphere was not a problem – the indie cinematography and realism of the shoot was spot on.

The ideas the film offered in it’s build to the climax seemed much to old and tired to me. There was a lot of room for a couple of new angles to be thrown in there and this would of made the film stand out.

I enjoyed the film and I loved the atmosphere but it still lacked something ‘big’ or ‘worthwhile’.


This is definitely worth watching if you are a Found Footage fan – don’t let me take that away from you!

Despite the familiarity of it all, Beckoning the Butcher is by no means a poor example of the genre.

It offers a few really freaky scenes and there are plenty of ‘jump out of your seat’ scenes that should satisfy the horror masses.

The cinematography was spot on due to the location of the film – the house seemed to offer a sinister atmosphere that worked well throughout.

It’s not a CGI fest – this is one of those Found Footage efforts that had very little to invest in effects so it relies on quick glimpses of the lurking evil.

The film switches to the documentary approach at times and this seemed to fit in really well with the story overall. I reviewed another Aussie Found Footage that used this split documentary approach called The Tunnel ( a slightly better film if I’m honest! ).

It’s not going to become a classic in this genre but it is going to be on the watch list of many Found Footage fans…

Worth watching but it did have the potential to be better.




  1. I kinda liked this!! At least there were no l o n g boring walks thru hallways of mental hospitals lol. Ive seen much worse. I agree with you.if you get a chance.. watch it. Acting was ok..and had a very even pace of suspence and moderate action.Watching..Jennys House now.

    • Hi Tim,
      Yeah it wasn’t that bad overall – The budget held it back a little bit though ( unfortunately! ).

  2. I liked the idea to begin with, but this one doesn’t offer anything new. Still it was good for a few scares. Hope someone will make a FF movie called (and based on) The Elevator Experiment soon.

    • Yeah John, the film is pretty good overall but as you mentioned – it’s been done many times before and it’s probably a little tired by now. I’m afraid this often happens in the found footage industry – one filmmaker stumbles upon a great idea and then 100 others make a mess out of it after them!

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