Bigfoot at Millcreek (2017) – Movie Review

Bigfoot at Millcreek (2017) - Movie Review

So, I finally came around to reviewing this film last night (I’d put it on the back burner for reasons that will become obvious to you), when I realised that I couldn’t remember much of it from it’s first viewing.

This kinda fucked me right off because I knew I was less than impressed the first time around…and now I had to experience it all over again!

I also did a little bit of research into the movie late last night, and it turns out that the makers are currently in the process of filming two sequels…which I find a little bit baffling due to this first offering being timid at best?

So, I’ve sat through it twice…and this is what I’ve come up with…

The Plot

Three film students from California travel to Utah to seek out the phenomenal forest creature known as Bigfoot (go figure!).

Still Waiting…

I’m afraid I have to report that I’m pretty much still waiting for something to happen in this film. It had the traditional Found Footage climax, but it also had the more common nonsense for 60 minutes before ANYTHING remotely interesting happened.

On top of all that they seemed to pull off the cardinal sin of cryptozoology subjects in the Found Footage genre – they don’t allow you to see anything of the creature itself (or they couldn’t afford to let you see anything of it!).

A hairy hand, a foot stomping past the downed camera – anything to give us a taste of the beast itself in action…

But no, nothing.

I’m actually still struggling with the thought of this being part of a trilogy…because fuck all really happens in this first instalment (what are the other two going to be based on??).


Okay, I saw a statement from another film critic on this film, and I kinda think it covers it perfectly (so I’ll pinch it and use it here!)…

“If you don’t like found footage films you won’t like this, if however you do like found footage films you erm…….still won’t like this.”

That just about covers the film perfectly, from my point of view (and his, obviously).

The movie seems to grab and use as many ‘Found Footage Forest’ cliches as it can get it’s hands on, and those of us that regularly watch this genre, will pick up on them straight away.

What about the level of acting?

Did that manage to save the day somewhat?

Nope, not really.

I’ll try and be as nice as I can here, but the performances were pretty stale, and more often than not you can tell they ‘settled’ for the longer scenes instead of working to get them perfect.


Well, I’ve seen worse…but this certainly had nothing to write home about.

So maybe the plot offered something fresh or new?

Nope, not really…just the same old, same old, in regards to the hairy freak!

So you’re sort of left wondering why they made the movie in the first place, and good luck with that.

Then…you’re sort of left wondering why they are making two sequels to the project…when one was bad enough!

At the end of the day I have sat through A LOT worse than this, but that doesn’t stop it from being a disappointing experience. I sort of get the feeling that this ‘trilogy’ is going to be a money grabbing exercise from cheap viewing on Amazon Prime (you know the types of films I’m on about there!).

Just an overall disappointing feeling with this film I’m afraid. A few of you may like it…but most of you won’t.


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