Bigfoot County ( 2012 ) – Scary Sasquatch Stories


Bigfoot County ( 2012 ) - Scary Sasquatch Stories

Bigfoot County ( or as it was initially known Siskiyou County ) is yet another one of the scary Sasquatch stories that has made it’s way into the Found Footage genre.

I think I’ve actually watched this film three times now in an attempt to finally make my mind up on it. At first I was a little disappointed, then I enjoyed the second viewing, now I can’t really make my mind up one way or the other…

Strange Bigfoot Stories

I don’t know what it is about Bigfoot and the Found Footage genre – the subject has all the correct ingredients to work EVERY time. Unfortunately, the initial offerings were very much hit and miss.

I liked The Lost Coast Tapes even though it got absolutely slated by nearly every critic available online. Hunting The Legend then turned out to be one of the most disappointing efforts I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully recent efforts like Exists and Willow Creek have put a little thought and effort into proceedings…and they both worked out well.

I think I’d probably place Bigfoot County somewhere between the disappointment of Hunting The Legend and the enjoyment of Willow Creek. It often entertains but it also let’s itself down…

The Plot

Siskiyou County, California has the most reported Bigfoot sightings in the world. In August of 2009, a documentary filmmaker and two friends went to investigate these alleged sightings.

They never returned…

I know that’s a relatively short bit of plot coverage but let’s be honest – what else do you expect from me?

This plot has been covered many times before and the way things are going it will be covered many times again!

All you need to know is…

  • Bigfoot
  • Dark Forest
  • Tent
  • Documentary Film Crew
  • Death & Footage

It would be a waste of my time and yours to elaborate on this any further!

Scary Sasquatch Stories

As you may of picked up by my tone of review thus far, I’m a little tired of trying to find something new to say about the Bigfoot subject.

This was certainly not a bad film and it introduced a few new and inventive ideas that took really well.

The film starts off with a infamous 911 call in which a frantic man describes an apparent Bigfoot encounter. I was really interested in this call so I checked online to find out more about it.

Turns out that this call does in fact exist outside the movie so adding it to the initial scenes was quite an interesting and bold move. The film definitely tried to offer something different than it’s counterparts at the time ( remember this was a 2012 release – the same year as The Lost Coast Tapes was released ).


I spent long periods of this movie thoroughly enjoying the moment and the rest of the time a little ‘on the fence’ with proceedings.

I felt it STILL relied a little too heavily on shaky shots of the floor when running, the promise of a glimpse of something and the camera rolling when it really shouldn’t be.

The truly clever Found Footage films find a realistic and believable way to keep the camera rolling. This didn’t.

The plot was a bit of a saving grace as it developed well throughout and the characters were pretty strong. I didn’t have a problem with the acting at all.

I sincerely hope this review doesn’t put people off watching the film because Found Footage freaks ( like me! ) will definitely take something from it. Unfortunately two blinding Bigfoot efforts were released over the last 16 months ( Exists & Willow Creek ) and they have left this movie in the dust.

Definitely NOT a bad film but it seems a little dated at best now.



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