Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes – Bigfoot Dead Body Found

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes - Bigfoot Dead Body Found

Would you be willing to shell out $75,000 to investigate the claims of a Bigfoot dead body found by a mad mountain man? A group of amateur documentary makers thought it was a fair deal and a Found Footage horror film was born…

Roger Patterson And Robert Gimlin

I have now watched three Found Footage films based on the Bigfoot legend and it kind of feels ironic every single time. Most fans out there would nail The Blair Witch Project as the birth of ‘real’ Found Footage but maybe they’re off the mark a little.

In 1967 Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed the shaky amateur footage that has gripped the world ever since. The Bigfoot they claimed to have caught on film that day has shaped the way Hollywood perceives the beast ever since – was this 1967 cryptozoology evidence the first ever Found Footage production?

Bigfoot Dead Body Found

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes explores the idea of a Bigfoot dead body found by a Northern California mountain man. This individual goes by the name of Carl Drybeck and he is a little intense to say the least.

Mr. Drybeck manages to convince a group of independent filmmakers to cough up $75,000 for the honor of filming the unveiling of this rare find.

A character named Sean is the head of this merry band of filmmakers and he is accompanied by Daryl the cameraman, his ex bird Robyn and the rather geeky Kevin the audio engineer.

The film tends to follow the typical Found Footage blueprint but there are a lot of original and unique twists thrown in at it’s ending. We get to know the likable team of filmmakers led by the over-ambitious Sean. We have the rather mental mountain man who keeps warning the group of the dangers and then suffering ridicule in return.

For the best part of 50 minutes or so I would say there was nothing really that original about the film at all. It was much like the other Bigfoot Found Footage films I had covered – at first I was slightly disappointed.

Corey Grant

I have read many reviews slating the director of this film ( Corey Grant ) but I don’t really understand why? Some websites think the ending was naff, other reviewers feel the Bigfoot/creature was not featured enough whilst others plainly hate Found Footage.

Grant has done a great job of getting rid of the random camera movement that we have come to accept with found footage films. He has subtly gone out of his way to create something a little more watchable for the audience.

The location of the film is Bigfoot country in Humboldt County, California – a perfect setting for independent cinematography. The woods and the cabins used provide a very eerie feel throughout proceedings.

If I’m honest I really can’t see what certain people’s problem is with Corey Grant’s first Found Footage effort – it seems to tick every box on the checklist!


A slow moving film but one that builds up to an original ending – don’t all films in this genre work best this way?

The actors are talented enough and the characters are likable enough – I thought Frank Ashmore was very memorable playing Carl Drybeck the nutcase mountain man.

The story was a little plastic and unoriginal to begin with but all that changes nearer the end section of the film. I wish I could go into that aspect a little further but I don’t want to hit any spoiler alerts.

The film does an excellent job of not letting you know if the film crew have been led down the garden path. Was a Bigfoot dead body found by Carl Drybeck or is he simply out to make a fortune through a hoax?

I would definitely recommend ignoring the negative reviews and giving this Found Footage horror a go. It’s not the best example this genre has to offer but it is highly enjoyable.




  1. Gotta be honest, I struggled with this one. It never really managed to grab my interest. It was the first Bigfoot FF movie I’d watched; the cast were good – especially Ashmore, as you say – but at the end I was left feeling just ‘Meh’.

  2. I liked this film, not as good as Exists! I do love a Bigfoot found footage film though!

    • Yeah I still quite like it myself Amy, thought it was very original at the time of it’s release!

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