Black Hope Curse Haunting – Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist?

Black Hope Curse Haunting - Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist?

Have you ever wondered where they got the idea for the 1982 Poltergeist movie? I’ll take a wild guess (and it is just a guess!) that the Black Hope curse haunting had something to do with it!

Consider the article below and see if you can find any similarities – my guess is you’ll be rather surprised…….

A New Housing Estate

In the early 1980’s a new housing estate was just being finished off in the Newport area of Houston, Texas. A couple named Sam and Judith Haney were more than impressed with the new houses and decided to purchase one for the family.

Black Hope Curse Haunting - the street in Newport

The house was their dream home and they decided to bump up the facilities by including a new swimming pool in the back yard.

As they went about arranging the construction an elderly African American man turned up on their front porch and claimed they were about to dig up a load of human remains.

Sam didn’t take to much notice of this old man and put the strange story down to the fact he was probably a little ‘weak in the head’ with age. They carried on with the construction…


Sure enough within a couple of days they had uncovered two bodies in the area they were digging. Horrified, the couple contacted an elderly man who had worked in the area as a gravedigger in his youth – his name was Jasper Norton.

Dead Bodies

Norton told the Haney’s that their home and the surrounding houses were built on top of an old cemetery called Black Hope. He also mentioned that the majority of the people who had been buried there lived their lives as slaves.

Apparently over 60 people had been buried in this graveyard – the final burial being sometime in 1939. Norton was also able to identify the two bodies that the Haney’s had dug up – they were a couple of slaves that had died in the 1930’s named Betty and Charlie Thomas.

Strange Goings on….

It wasn’t long before the strange activity started in their house with distant voices and doors being opened and closed (even when they were locked!).

The strange events got so bad the Haney’s decided to hold a neighborhood meeting to find out what the other residents thought about it all.

Strange Goings On

They were not that surprised to find out that the other members of this estate were also experiencing paranormal activity and were at their wits end in trying to contain it!

The type of incidents ranged from water taps and electrical products being turned off and on to actual apparitions appearing in their homes!

Enough is Enough!

The Haney’s decided that this Black Hope haunting had gone far enough – they decided to take the developers of the estate project to court.

They decided to sue the developer for not disclosing that their home was built over a cemetery and they won – they were awarded $142,000 by the jury.

Unfortunately the judge overturned this decision and claimed that the developers could not be liable for such a claim. They were then ordered to splash out $50,000 in court costs.

The Black Hope curse haunting had taken it’s toll on the Haney’s and their health was starting to suffer. Now they had a new worry added to the equation with this huge court dept. They threw the towel in and filed for bankruptcy and left their graveyard home for good.

They Were Not Alone…

The Haney’s were not the only ones to feel the full effect of the Black Hope haunting. Right across the street from their house lived Ben and Jean Williams with their young granddaughter (Carli).

They claimed that the house was freezing cold all through the year – it didn’t matter what season they were in! Toilets began flushing themselves and they constantly felt like someone or something was watching them.

Before long sink holes in the shape of graves began popping up all over their yard and no matter what they tried – they could not get rid of them!

Jean had been a dab hand with breeding and growing plants but inside this house nothing would grow – it would only wither and die!

One day as they were inspecting the grave shaped sinkholes they discovered strange arrow markings on a nearby tree pointing towards the ground. They found a local man who claimed that he put the markings on the tree many years back to indicate where he had buried his two sisters.

The paranormal activity got worse and the Black Hope curse haunting started to creep through their family tree. Within a year six members of their extended family were diagnosed with various forms of cancer – three of them died!

The Dig

The Black Hope haunting was beginning to wear away at Jean and in a fit of rage one day she decided to dig down into one of the sinkholes to gather evidence from the graveyard below.

She hadn’t got far into the dig before she felt a severe bout of exhaustion hit her – her daughter (Tina) took over the dig. Within thirty minutes Tina had collapsed in a strange fit and was dead within two days.

Ben and Jean Williams were convinced their daughters death was down to the Black Hope haunting. Riddled with grief they packed up and within days had left the house never to return.

The Next Generation

The Black Hope curse seemed to stop when Ben and Jean Williams left the estate for good. Everyone who has lived in the houses since have had no encounters with the paranormal.

Why did the Black Hope curse haunting decide to pick on these two families and why did it end so abruptly when they left?

Was it all down to desecration of slave graves or was it something a lot less sinister than that?

If you have any further information or thoughts on the Black Hope curse haunting we would love to hear from you. Please leave any contributions in the comment section below!


  1. Wow! This was a very interesting and chilling article to read. I strongly believe that the haunting had everything to do with the homes being built over an old cemetery. It’s really hard to believe, however that no one else in that neighborhood was ever haunted. Maybe someone blessed the land and the lives below are now at peace?

    Unfortunately, with the way real estate development is these days, I’m sure more and more homes are being built on top of old graveyards. I know where I live, homes are built upon landfills, which I believe could cause many issues with drinking water.

    • Yep they’ll build them anywhere these days Melani – as long as they keep the money coming in!

      I’d hate to think that my home was built on top of something like that – they must have been in a terrible position when they found out.

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