Black Water Vampire (2014) – Movie Review

Black Water Vampire (2014) - Movie Review

The coolest thing about running this site is that I always have an excuse to watch Found Footage films – I even attempt to call it ‘work’ at times!

I try my best to locate as many films in the genre as possible and then stuff them in – there’s no real method to my madness.

This often results in me forgetting what title’s I’ve enjoyed so I end up with a rather scrappy list…yet another reason to watch even more Found Footage!

I picked Black Water Vampire off this list the other night as I often see it getting shat on by ‘big shot’ film critics. I first watched it about a year ago but I couldn’t remember it being that bad.

Turns out it was quite the opposite…and I loved every minute of it ( I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never really agree with these so-called critics! ).

The Plot

The film follows a group of intrepid filmmakers setting out to make a documentary on the so-called Black Water killings.

These killings have been going on every 10 years for the past 40…and nobody knows why ( I do! I do! ). The victims of these scheduled killings all seem to carry some sort of strange bite marks on their necks.

Local recluse Raymond Banks has been convicted of the crimes and is now on death row but our documentary makers believe him to be innocent.

They have gained info that points to Raymond giving up a confession after a grueling 16 hour interrogation – the police apparently had no physical evidence to back this up!

So in typical Found Footage fashion they grab their cameras and head off into the snowy mountains to investigate the murder sites. I bet their mobile phones won’t work right?

Badly Scripted?

I’ve come across numerous reviews online that claim that this movie was badly scripted and should be thrown on the fire as a result…

But isn’t that the case with most films in this genre?

I have to be honest here – even the super-successful Found Footage titles have their fair share of cringe-worthy moments!

It’s all about the way the actors are allowed to improvise in some scenes – this is essential due to the ‘real time’ filming technique used paint the movie’s picture.

Personally, I really didn’t think this film suffered due to the script – these types of characters will always provide bizarre banter and behave in an altogether unrealistic manner throughout the movie!


This seems to be yet another Found Footage title that has had quite a rough time of it – at the time of writing this it has a 4.1 rating on IMDb out of 550 users!

In my opinion that’s bullshit – if you don’t like Found Footage why don’t you just turn it off after 5 minutes and try something with Adam Sandler in it?

But no…people who hate the genre actually sit through the film and then end up slating it on open film forums ( much like IMDb ).

If there was one drawback to the film I would say it was probably the lack of that ‘something out there’ feeling.

The first half of the film carried a lot of mystery and a pretty cool atmosphere was created by it. Unfortunately we get to see the ‘video nasties’ pretty early on in the movie and this sort of took away some of the tension.

Don’t get me wrong – I liked the freaky little biters on-screen…but maybe they should of been saved for the last ten minutes or so?

Still, the film worked for me over the two occasions I’ve now sat through it!

Was it cliched…yes!

Were the vampires ripped off at least ten other films…yes!

Did I end up shouting “why are you still filming?” at the screen…yes!

Did any of this matter?


If you like Found Footage I’d say you’ll probably enjoy this little bite-flick!

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  1. Heh,thanks for the review, Chris.Will check this one out.Seems like a good 2AM watch.
    As for imdb and ranters..what can one say? I tried getting more friends to watch some average/good(in my opinion) ff movies..but somehow,they don’t want to get immersed in the story the same way i do. oh well.F’em

  2. Chris, yet again I agree with you!!! I loved this one. Instead of picking out whatever didn’t work I’ll say the overall it was really good. The storyline was satisfying for me at least.

    • Yeah this one was enjoyable in my book – watched it about three times now and loved every viewing!

  3. Chris:
    Another Bill Oberst, Jr. film. He is a very busy horror actor according to his IMDB page. I can see why. He is awesome!

    • Yeah he’s got ‘something’ about him, hasn’t he Celine?
      Sometimes he gets cast in a stinker, but more often than not he makes a movie worthwhile (he actually commented on one of the reviews on this site…but I can’t remember what film it was!)

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