Blue Microphones Nessie Review

Blue Microphones Nessie ReviewProduct: Blue Microphones NESSIE Adaptive USB Microphone

Subject: Blue Microphones Nessie Review

Manufacturer: Blue Microphones

Price:  $89.99 ( Retail )

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

Nessie, from Blue Microphones, is an adaptive USB microphone that delivers crisp and clear results while taking the effort out of recording.

The following unique combination of professional features allows this Blue Nessie USB mic to produce quality refined audio, in real-time, as you record…

  • An adjustable head with unidirectional recording. Simply direct the microphone’s head toward the source of the sound, and begin recording.
  • A zero-latency headphone jack with a volume dial. The zero-latency eliminates delay while allowing you to monitor the volume levels of what you are recording.
  • A touch-sensitive mute button with a mute-status indicator. Tap or slide your finger across the button, and mute is engaged. A pulsing glow on the microphone stand shall indicate the mute status.
  • Three flexible recording modes. A voice-mode for singing or recording basic audio, a music-mode for recording instruments and a raw-mode for experimenting with your own audio editing. Use the switch behind the microphone stem to move between the various modes.
  • Built-in studio-grade Pop Filter and Shock Mount. To help reduce harsh “plosives” and disruptive surface vibrations while you are recording.
  • On-board adaptive studio processing. This will apply professional grade “EQ”, “De-Esser” and “Level Control” to instantly polish and refine your audio as you record.
  • Windows and Mac compatibility. A plug-and-play USB cable ensuring seamless compatibility across different operating systems.

The Good & The Bad

To help ease you into this Blue Microphones Nessie review, we also broke down the “Pros & Cons” into small digestible sections. Each section covers an important aspect of the Blue Nessie USB mic.

The Pros:

  • It’s extremely portable. Nessie weighs in at a meagre 1.4lbs with 3.75”x 3.75” x 11.25” maximum dimensions, at full extension. Therefore, for those who like to travel light, this is definitely the right microphone for you. It will comfortably fit into small spaces allowing you to carry it with you if the need arises.
  • It is of good quality and has an appealing design. In terms of aesthetic appeal, Nessie is up there with a number of other high-end microphones. It has a slick and sexy look to it with quite a few quality finishing touches. For instance, it has a convenient rubber ring underneath the stand, preventing the microphone from moving while you adjust the volume. The microphone is predominantly made of metal, with a front and back metal grill, while the stand and neck are both plastic. So, even though the microphone is not of superior quality, it still looks good and stands out for a microphone in this price range.
  • It features multiple flexible recording modes. The Nessie also comes with an easy-to-use switch, at the back, allowing you to toggle between 3 available recording modes depending on your needs. You can either pick the voice-mode meant for direct recording of tasks involving vocals or the music-mode meant for recording your instruments as you play. You can also settle on the raw-mode that does away with presets, and allows you to do your own audio editing.
  • It comes with a built-in pop filter ensuring better quality sound. As you make audio recordings, certain letters in the alphabet tend to produce ‘explosive’ sounds. These are referred to as “plosives”. The basic “plosives” in English are t, k, and p (voiceless) and d, g, and b (voiced). This microphone features an in-built pop filter that does a very good job of eliminating these irritating explosive sounds.
  • It has an added internal Shock Mount to cater for rogue vibrations. Most professional grade microphones come fitted with an internal Shock Mount. The main job of a Shock Mount is to eliminate any and all vibrations generated by the surface that your microphone rests on. For instance, during normal use, most laptop fans create inaudible surface vibrations. The work of the Shock Mount is to counteract these vibrations so that they don’t feature in the audio recording. Nessie conveniently includes a built-in Shock Mount for just this purpose. Unfortunately, the Nessie Shock Mount doesn’t do a very good job when it encounters louder/larger vibrations. But, this can easily be countered by placing your microphone on a different surface to reduce the vibration transfer.
  • It does a good job of rejecting off-axis sounds. The Nessie also comes with a serpentine adjustable head with a custom-tuned cardioid condenser capsule. As a result, this specifically allows for unidirectional sound recording. That means, you need to face the microphone directly for optimum sound recording. That’s where the adjustable head comes into play. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it also allows for the microphone to block out unwanted sounds from your surroundings.
  • It has real-time adaptability and audio refining. This microphone also features an on-board adaptive studio processor built into the base of the microphone. This gives Nessie a major advantage in audio processing and refining. As you record, Nessie automatically adjusts to your volume and surroundings giving you even, quality sound. Additionally, Nessie refines your audio by applying professional grade features like “EQ”, “De-Esser” and “Level Control” in real-time.
  • It comes fitted with a headphone jack plus a volume dial. Unlike most microphones in this price range, Nessie comes with a headphone jack. Coupled with the volume dial on the base, the headphone jack allows you to monitor your volume levels while you record.

The Cons:

  • The physical design would benefit from an adjustable height and sturdier serpentine head.

Who is This Microphone For?

The Nessie can be put to good use by various individuals ranging from amateur to professional. For instance:

  • Recording artists and vocalists.
  • Amateur and professional instrumentalists.
  • Voice-over artists.
  • Audio book narrators.
  • Podcast and YouTube video creators.
  • Radio talk-show hosts.


We hope that this Blue Microphones Nessie review has helped highlight the obvious advantage that it has over other microphones in the same price range. It may be built a little lightweight, but this beautiful microphone goes above and beyond in providing quality audio with very little hassle on your end.

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We hope you enjoyed our Blue Nessie review and if you have any questions about the microphone or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment in the section below.


  1. Is this the Lochness Monster of Microphones?

    I kid, I kid.

    I would say this is an expensive microphone but for the quality it provides its actually quite affordable and I know they can actually range in the 4 to 5 hundreds for a really top notch microphone…

    So at 89.99 this would be a solid buy for a mic.

    Great Review.!

    • Cheers Chris!

      Yeah it’s an awesome choice when it comes to mics in this price bracket – Blue Microphones really know what they are doing when it comes to USB mics. 🙂

  2. Hey, Chris! Great review on the Nessie. Do you have any experience recording acoustic instruments, or only voice over? I would like to know if you can compare it to the AT2020USB, which seems to be in the same price range. I have heard that is a great mic as well.

    • Yes I am a guitar player so I’ve recorded acoustic lines many times through this mic – it’s excellent for both guitar and vocal lines! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this interesting review. Looks like a nifty little micro phone to have and what I like about it is that it is light weight.

    I also like that it has various settings that you can use for either singing, voice over or making videos. It also has a cute look to it, just a pity that you can’t adjust up or down.

    • No problem Michel, glad you like the look of the mic – good luck with it! 🙂

  4. I think the Blue microphone would be a good addition to my other mics. I mostly use them for live broadcasts and Youtube videos. I liked the mute button and pop filter, they are both very useful when live recording. Do you recommend this mic for live broadcasts or another model? Thanks!

    • I recommend this mic for just about anything Michel – the quality is excellent for the price!

  5. This review is great with the details of the microphones capabilities. I am just getting into looking at doing youtube videos, and I’m researching the equipment I may need or would like to have.

    The pros of this microphone far out way any cons and for my purposes the microphone design is probably not a con at all. The pop filter sounds like a feature I should have for sure.

    I see your website you have some other posts I should look into for my research to get equip properly.

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