Bounty (2009) – Movie Review

Bounty (2009) - Movie Review


EDIT 26/06/2019 – I had to throw this in here as in the article below I do give some shit to Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. Well today she actually died at 51 and I feel a bit of a c##t for doing so. I don’t want to change the article, what I typed is what I typed, so I live with that. Anyway rest in peace Beth (here’s to hoping you didn’t read the article!!!). 


Well at last we’ve got something a little bit more positive for you – not groundbreaking…but watchable and enjoyable overall!

I have been flooded with messages over the last month pleading with me to get something good up on the site, which is understandable really, because a lot of worthless shit has had to be reviewed here recently.

But, I can only post about what’s in front of me…and the Found Footage genre is going from extremely bad to worse at the moment. As a matter of fact, I’ve actually started to turn movies off after 20 minutes and not bother putting them up on the site – it’s got that bad.

I’m the fucker that has to sit through this shit, time and time again, and my gas tank is running low.

But, Bounty does offer a little bit of relief, not much, as it’s not great, but it is watchable and it has it’s moments.

The Plot

A trio of bounty hunters in search of a fugitive find something more horrifying than they can imagine (Think “Dog The Bounty Hunter meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers”).

So Macho! 

I’m not a fan of Dog The Bounty Hunter. I’m one of those people that think he, and his short-ass tattoo-ridden son are as soft as shit. Seriously – they’re the type of steroid boys that you could probably floor with one punch.

And don’t even get me started on his haircut and his fat tank of a blonde wife…

The series (Dog) relies on a male macho type feel – both father and son gunned up like they are going into a jungle in Nam, never even coming close to drawing a weapon or a situation that may need a weapon.

The pair of them are macho twats – simple.

Two wankers that have found a way to make money through acting (and I underline ‘acting’) macho.

Well good luck to them.

Bounty does a quite majestic job of copying this Dog macho feel, and it really does work in it’s favour and even helps the plot evolve. When I look back at the film as a whole, it’s definitely the first half of it that makes the movie work (how often can you say that in this genre?).

They’ve tapped into the quite ridiculous macho vibe of Dog, and the actors, in particular Tom Proctor, have taken this vibe on board and made their characters shine with it.


Well the macho representation was never going to be enough really – so I was glad to see that the plot, and the screenplay, were pretty well put together. On top of that I couldn’t find fault in the pacing at all.

There wasn’t that much need for top quality cinematography, and the ‘monsters’ needed no makeup or effects whatsoever (you’ll see why when you watch it), so all they had to do was get the storyboard in line with the plot.

This they managed well.

It’s actually a bit of a lesson for the wannabe Found Footage directors out there, that have insulted us with their work over the last two years or so. Getting a plot right costs absolutely FUCK ALL at the end of the day. AND…if you get the plot right and your story flows – Bob’s your uncle!!!!

The three main characters in the movie are of a good professional level, but I’m afraid a handful of the ‘B Roll’ actors are pretty shit and unrealistic (this happens – I can live with it, so can you!).

As I mentioned earlier in the article – it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it is a refreshing change, and it is pretty fun to watch.

Give it a go! 🙂


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