Bucks County Massacre ( 2010 ) – Evil Forest Creatures

Bucks County Massacre ( 2010 ) - Evil Forest Creatures

​Sometimes I get a little pained by films that have all the promise in the world but fail miserably. Enter Bucks County Massacre – a Found Footage film about evil forest creatures that attack a twenty-something birthday party…


For some unknown reason this Found Footage effort decided to start out in exactly the same manner as the much more superior Cloverfield – we are at a party being held for a guy in his twenties (I forget the exact age of this guy but it’s really not that important!).

This is fine in itself, after all – if you’re gonna take influence it’s best to take it off the big hitters!

The problem arises when you do a really poor job of stealing this idea. I thought it would make sense to steal an idea….then make it better!

Here they seem to have stolen an idea and made it worse…

The Party

So we are at some guy’s party in his twenties and the whole affair seems to be moving along quite nicely. We already know that this lot are doomed due to the caption at the start of the movie that ends with this:

“The public release of “The Bucks County Massacre” is done with the express consent of the families of the victims and all authorities involved in this case. It is the hope of all involved that this truthful rendering of the events will bring forth new witnesses or information that will allow for this case to finally be closed.”

So it’s a pretty safe bet to think that this lot are worm food – so let’s concentrate on the party…

It goes on for to long! Sorry to say but it does. The acting is really quite decent and the interactions are equally as impressive – it all seems very realistic. So why did they decide to let the party drone on for so long.

I felt a closeness to the characters after the first 20 minutes and that’s where the cut off point should of been!

Instead of this the characters are drunkenly thrown in our faces for ages before anything decent happens. By this point I had dramatically fallen out with a majority of the dull, pretentious American fools. I had no sympathy for them and couldn’t give a s**t if they died or not.

Evil Forest Creatures

So eventually we get to the evil forest creatures that tear up these rather irritating party goers. I say ‘creatures’ as I’m still unsure if there was more than one of them or not – the film failed to tackle this aspect!

People start disappearing from the party group after they venture out into the surrounding forest. You’d be surprised at how many people decide to go INTO the forest after they realize there is something out there ripping people apart.

Some sort of mutant, vampire thingy is out in the forest and it now has a taste for them. It corners them in the house where the party was being held and goes about kicking ass.


The acting overall was not a bad effort – this made it even more infuriating when the movie starts to let itself down.

The friends seem to work well together and have good chemistry – when panic ensues they show believable terror.

The only downside to the casting and acting was the inclusion of the parents/relatives being interviewed at certain points. Where did they find these people?

They may well of been friends of the director or the producer…they couldn’t act!

A shame nobody pointed this out to the filmmakers as the movie did not need these scenes and would of been so much better without them.


We’ve got some good actors here with a decent idea/story that is delivered in a less than satisfactory way.

All to often I come across Found Footage efforts that fail in this way – why is this?

The last twenty minutes are good and I quite enjoyed them but the run up made me cringe on more than one occasion. Stupid decisions, pretentious characters and more personal information than we need to know.

This could of been an excellent addition to the Found Footage genre but it simply isn’t. The idea of evil forest creatures attacking a party is a good one…but only if tackled in the correct manner.


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