Bury ( 2014 ) – Go Pro Helmet Mounts


Bury ( 2014 ) - Go Pro Helmet Mounts

​It’s that time of the month again when we cover a Found Footage effort that seems to have dipped under the radar and gone pretty much unnoticed.

Bury is a 2014 horror release written by James Cooper and directed by Stefan Haverkamp. It is shot entirely through Go Pro helmet mounts attached to the heads of Six hipsters from Brooklyn.

Was it a hidden gem or was there a reason behind it being so overlooked by the horror community…

WTF Did I Just Watch! 

Well it certainly wasn’t a hidden gem as you can probably gather from the heading above! To be honest with you the film was a complete scatty mess that just so happened to have a brilliant ending.

That’s right – I sat through about 70 minutes of amateurish nonsense just to arrive at a five minute climax that was pretty cool!

I really don’t know where to go with this review from here as the film digs up new emotions in me. On one hand I couldn’t stop laughing at the poor screenplay and general direction whilst on the other hand I loved the shock factor of the ending!

This was a very strange Found Footage experience…

The Plot

We have a group of six ( very unlikable ) hipsters from Brooklyn who are off on a weekend trip to the woods. For some unknown reason they decide to capture the trip in a POV fashion by each attaching a Go Pro camera to their heads.

When they arrive at their rented destination they find it has no WiFi and their cell phones get no signal ( surprise, surprise! ). They are a little disappointed by this as they were wanting to upload their Go Pro shots to the web as the weekend progressed.

But they don’t let this fact get them down – they continue with their weekend adventures with the view to uploading their footage when they return home.

Everything seems to be set up for a memorable weekend until one of the group suddenly vanishes without a trace. It just so happens that this group member is the designated driver and the car keys have disappeared with him.

Are they really alone in these picturesque woods or is something sinister lurking in it’s dark corners…


The film is unintentionally a very messy and scatty experience. I could be kind and say the director ( Stefan Haverkamp ) was aiming for this effect but I doubt this was a planned outcome.

The initial scenes were a proper drag to get through then all of a sudden we are confronted with a sort of ‘rope whip’ sound. This rather basic sound is then followed by one of our group members being dragged through the woods ( shot through the POV of the head cam of course ).

We then jump back into the messy sort of social atmosphere the film creates around this group and get stuck there a while longer.

The missing group member’s girlfriend seems to be the only one who is truly distressed by the disappearing act. The others seem a little put off by it but nothing more – the whole thing reeks of plot holes and shabby script ideas.


This turned out to be one of those films that you start watching and get stuck waiting for something worthwhile to happen. You’re gutted you chose to watch the film but at the same time you don’t want to stop halfway through.

The film suffers terribly from those stupid ‘Found Footage Decisions’ that leave you shouting at the screen. Why isn’t the door locked when you KNOW something is outside? Why are you out in the dark alone when you KNOW something terrible is lurking out there? Why are you all having a discussion in the middle of the woods when you have a safe haven of a forest villa not more than twenty yards away?

After sitting through this Found Footage catastrophe we end up at a climax that is really quite memorable. I think the entire film budget was blown on these final several minutes!

I’m not going to sit here and recommend watching this film as I’d probably lose all credibility and most of the regulars to this site!

What I will say is that the film ends up being a memorable Found Footage offering due to a handful of pretty cool moments during it’s climax.

Whether you want to sit through it or not is completely up to you…




    • Yeah it was alright Tim, I just felt it depended on the climax a little too much! It felt like it could of been squashed into 30 minutes instead of dragging it out over an hour. Not bad overall though!

    • Yeah the endings great John but the rest of the film suffered from being a little bit of a drag – they could of done a lot more with the plot they had created.

      • Yeah, they should do a rewrite and shoot this all over again or something. They waysted the opportunity somehow.

  1. I hated this one. Boring, bad progression, bad choices from characters. I agree though, the only interesting shots for me were the sudden dragging and buried alive scenes. 95% stupid 5% cool

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