Cage Dive (2017) – Movie Review

Cage Dive (2017) - Movie Review

I think I’m going to have to call this guy my ‘head researcher’ from now on – Howard S (not 100% sure about his surname but I think it’s Schuntermann – tell me if I’m wrong in the comment section below Howard!).

Anyway, this guy continually pops up here throwing new Found Footage titles at me and it seriously helps the process move along…this is another option he surfaced with a few days ago – Cage Dive.

It’s actually the third offering from the Open Water franchise but I feel it should stand on it’s own due to it’s Found Footage roots.

I’m actually a fan of the first two movies, well the first one at least, the second was a little bit pants in places.

I was born in the summer of ’75 so I’m a typical boy-product of Star Wars, Raiders of The Lost Ark and Jaws.

Being around when Jaws was first released can only lead to one thing – being shit-scared of sharks.

I can remember being too scared to get in the bath after watching it the first time…I was also brought up on the south coast of Wales so the beach was about 10 meters away from my front door (so fuck swimming in that sea until I was about 14 and had (slightly) more sense about me!).

For me sharks will always work in a horror film – period.

So all of a sudden Howard pops up with a Found Footage film, with a decent enough budget, based on sharks…

Bring it on!

The Plot

Three friends filming an audition tape for an extreme reality show, take part in shark cage diving, only to be left in great white infested waters, turning their recording into life and death.

People Just Don’t ‘Get’ Found Footage

Well they don’t, do they?

Here’s a little statement that Found Footage haters should take on board, and should probably know already…

If you don’t like the genre don’t fucking watch films from it!

This is a good Found Footage title – there’s no getting away from it – yet it’s probably doomed to suffer from a low box office rating due to the reviews I’ve seen covering it online (except this one of course!).

At the time of writing this, Cage Dive has a rating of 4.3 from 343 votes on IMDb – which is fucking baffling considering shite like Twilight has a slightly higher score of 5.2.

Okay, name and shame time – the first review I came across on IMDb was from someone I presume to be called Kurtis (I’ll leave out his surname in case I end up getting sued!)…

Just bad from start to finish

I don’t leave a lot of reviews but I felt compelled to help others to not waste their time on this stinker. Found footage movies have been worn out over the years and this is no different than any of the other terrible films to come out in this genre. Do yourself a favour and move along as watching this car crash of a movie will probably make you dumber.”

I’m pretty much lost for words in this one – I think we watched different films.

But, at the end of the day everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…no matter how bad that opinion is.

I just thought I’d better point out that about 80% of the written reviews I’ve read covering Cage Dive online are negative, and unfair to be honest.


Well, you’ve got sharks and a Found Footage movie – it’s like Christmas day in my book!

They could have quite easily stuffed up the special effects surrounding the Great White killing machines…but they didn’t – it was extremely well done.

The acting side of things was not bad at all, which was a relief. The three main characters were believable…although a little bit irritating throughout the first half an hour of the film.

The cinematography, effects etc, were all spot on in my book. Nothing look fabricated and it all worked well through the camcorder lens.

The only gripe I had with the movie was one particular scene with a flare, don’t want to give away any spoilers, but you’ll know what I’m on about when you watch the film for yourself (that stupid bitch should of gone overboard long before she tugged that chord…).

It seems as though director Gerald Rascionato hasn’t yet received the credit he deserves for this film – I enjoyed it.



  1. I didn’t like this movie. For 3 reasons: the acting sucked, the flare gun scene (which was the stupidest scene in a movie ever) and then the fist-fight in the water scene (seriously?). 3.5/10

  2. In ‘Megan is Missing’ we are sad that Megan was never found

    In ‘Cave Dive’, we are sad that Megan wasn’t fed to the sharks on the first day…

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